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    Jessie quickly climbed at tree to look threw the windows into the Great Hall. She saw no one or nothing inside. "Maybe at lunch..." she wondered out loud. Sliding down she scampered up to the doors and poked her head around the door. "Hello? anyone home?  Flippen'  blighter's , on my word of honour an'-" she stopped in mid sentence thinking about something, 'If  a bloomin' stoat came er' he would of  came to me, sah pish posh, just a blinkin' coward." She slipped inside dagger in paw as she searched.

  • Trok and Jake broke off to search the right side of the building and Rosen, along with Quarrel, took the left side.
        Trok and Jake slid their swords from their sheaths, Jake with his two broadswords and Trok with his claymour.
        "I wonder if he actually managed to get in." Jake mused. "I can't think of any imediate way into the building unless it's through the front door or the windows, but then again, the windows are too high…"

  • Jessie tucked her dagger back in and took out her bow and arrows stringing one on her longbow, she padded softly down to the kitchen. She took a quick scone but up it back as the the Frier looked at her.
         Jessie grinned, "Sorry, sah, I wasn't gonn' steal it…sah" she stood up strait and gave a saulte. "Permission to have a scone for a hungery squirrle, sah." She got a scone, "Much appriciated, sah!" she got the warning not to come in to the kitchens again to take a scone. "Right you are, sah, don't want to get my paws burnt...agian" she scampered off  before he could say anything. She licked up the scone from her paws and rembered what she was to do. "Blinkin' jolly, how could of I missed that?" she had figured that if the cook was ok then nothing bad happened. She made her way up the steps, slowly, tail strait up and on alert. Every hair was on end.

    ooc: rember there have to be other creatures in the building

  • Billu, a Dibbun squirrel had escaped bath time and was making his escape to hide in the rafters of cavern hole when he ran into Jessie. "Upsa, silly squrrly." He jiggled out as he jumped up and changed his expression into a mock scoul," Why don't yee watch were yur goin'."  he tried to walk past her without looking suspicious… best as a Dibbun can that is.

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  • OOC:  Never mind about "chara". I'm so stuppid when it comes to these kind of things.  (grabs a board and starts to walk in circles say "Eya jesu domine," wacks myself with the board, " Dona eyis requiem." WACK)

  • ooc: Chara is charater for short.

    ic: Jessie was taken by surprise and squeaked in surpise. As she looked down she saw the little squirrle and upon hearing and seeing his face she said, "Why ain't ya a little fella who bumps into other creatures with out a sorry?" She grins
    "Remides me of my sister." Saddness filled her as she rembered her sister was out somewere her tail and ears drooped in sadness.
        She blocked his escape and knelt infront of him looking him in the eye, "also where do ya think ya goin'?"

  • Billu put on his best impression fo looking inocent by shrugging up his shoulders, quivering his lip, and give a couple of big old puppidog eyes," We is only gona' go climb up atop da abbee to take choppof da bad crows uppa der." he tried again to push past.

  • "uppa da abby?" Jessie replied in dibbun language. "to take chopp of da bad crows? how ya getten' uppa thier?" Again Jessie blocked him.

  • Billu stood up strait and held his arms out perpendicular to his body to show his small muscles. " I be a gurt climbber.  Yoo coom watch I climb up intopa yoor head." He Backed up abit and then launched up and scrambled up the back of Jessie, "Um a easy climb. Silly beasty."
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  • Jessie chuckled, "You are a funny little fella ain't ya?" Jessie sat down on the ground and picked Billu up off of her back. "Now why do ya want to chase crows…"

    ic: I think I will have Help(RP for anyone) join this one but I have to make sure

  • "Cause they is bad slily beasty.  Why would I choppa off der tails ifn' dey where good beasties. Silly silly." He giggled as he squirrmed and tried to get free from Jessie's grasp.

  • She didn't let go but said to Billu, "Did you see any viermin in here?" she didn't expect Billu to reply.

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  • Billu spoke with a 'well du' tone."Only the meen cwows dat broke da window in da libruree.  I told you I was goin up der to choppa off der tailsis.

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