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    It was times like these were she wished she had her weapons on her. Just being out in the open, weaponless and defenseless wasn't a feeling that Fabiana wasn't used to. Knowing that when it would come to any fight, she would have to defend herself since the guards who serve no use nor come to her aid. Hand to hand combat wasn't something she had trained in when she was younger, she always preferred to avoid conflict, working from a distance and not at close range. Unlike Tessa who preferred fighting in close quarters. Fabiana also liked to find out information about the enemies she was always up against, figure out the strengths and weaknesses of her opponents. This time it had proven to be very difficult, just her location and lack of being around camp, made it hard to her to see the weak points of the slave encampment and possible escape routes. Including the lack of food and the hard work hasn't made it any easier.

    Fabiana hoped that maybe Breket would stay to his work about them finding work for the elite higher uppers, if just maybe if it was to happen, she could find the strength and courage to get out of her situation and save these poor souls from a horrible fate.  From what she had heard, working for the elite was better then being in the slave pen, but it was way more stirct and should have to watch herself.

    Just thinking of it made her angry. Her hand instinctively when to her side where she would keep her saxe knife. Fabiana clenched her fist, of course not she doesn't have it. That idiot of a slave trader though all her weapons were fine. Her recuve bow and arrows, her 4 throwing knives that she usually carried on her two on each boot and her beloved saxe knife. That rat pig had her stuff, and she vowed one day to get it back.
    Fabiana couldn't help but smile at the mouse next to her and they way he tried to get a conversation started. She kept focusing on her work, trying her hardest not to laugh. It felt weird, it was the first time in the longest time she actually could crack a smile.

    "Fabiana." she said looking at him, "You can call me Fabiana," she brushed her hair back behind her ear and smiled, her eyes lighting up for a breif moment and you could see for a few seconds, the real Fabiana Her brown eyes bright and warm, before they returned to their sad frightened look.

    "I"ll be fine..." she said, "Thanks-Thanks for asking. It just a bit-shocking to say the least." she trailed off, She glanced behind her at the guards to make sure that they didn't notice them talking together, "What do you think is out there? W-what could of caused so horrible..why did they die like..its." Fabiana stuggled to formulate words and sentences. She didn't even know what to think, all what has happened and that is happening was such an over whelming urge, she couldn't think at all. Is this what it feels like to be hopeless, to be scared out of her wits and not knowing what lies ahead?

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    Tera found a pair of young rat slavers, brothers, at one of the camp fires. They seemed fairly well skilled and eager to do something besides sit about, and she told them to met at her tent the next morning at daybreak. Some minutes later she ran into, quite literally, the fox Delgot Farblow. She invited him along on the mission. Having met him already, no matter how briefly, made her feel slightly better about the whole thing. Continuing on she met another female slaver, a slim and lithe weasel named Vitiros. They talked for several minutes until the cold drove Vitiros back to her tent, having agreed to meet outside Tera's tent the next morning.

    Tera hurried towards her own tent, intending to snatch a bite to eat before going out to find the last slaver she needed. It dawned on her that Venkas occupied the tent next to hers, and that might be as good a place as any to start. She paused by the tent, hallooing in a low voice, not wishing to disturb the occupants overly much.

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    Becoming a bit dazed as Venkas woke up in the morning, his two slaves were already awake and staring at Tera and had kept silent. Distrubed by the jingling of chains of Orson's and Oalt's feet which were bound outside. Venkas lifts up his head from his hay bed in his tent and met Tera's eye before laying it down again, grumbling.

    "What you want, ferret." He said a bit coldly.

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    Tera smiled toothily. "I've been assigned to a mission and require a crew of five. I've found four, and as chance may have it thought of you on my way to find the elusive fifth. Do you have any desire for a bit of work?"

    If Venkas accepts, she'll tell him that the rest of the crew in meeting outside her tent at daybreak. If not, she'll sigh and proceed on her way.

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    Venkas gave Tera a rather short lived raise of his upper eye, or what constituted as a eyebrow for the rat, and sneered. "Well, its probably less noisy then whats going on around here. Sure, I'll join ya. Just give me a moment or six." He laid himself back down and grumbled a bit more.

    Venkas would arrive a slight bit early, putting on his armor and sheathing his sword and would meet with the others outside of the tent, commanding his two slaves to stay put near the tent till he got back. Venkas had taken notice of what was happening to the camp, looking a bit surprised and commenting to the others. "I guess we aren't going north after'all. Heh."

  • This time three slaves were put to dig new graves to replace the filled ones. Much more tolerable job than dragging bodies but exhausting nevertheless. His long sleeved were hindering his work with a shovel, so he used  red cords, sewn in the sleeves' armholes, to tie the roomy piece of fabrics up to his upper-arms and out of the way. But fortunately this task let him work besides the mouse-maiden, since they were shoveling in the same spot.

    The golden-brown mouse tilted his head as if wanting to see Fabiana's face better, or rather, her smile when she was holding in her laughter. The reaction he had hoped for - it would be time for his early retirement if he failed to bring a smile on someone's face.
    "At last - a genuine smile!", he rejoiced happily  "I was wandering if you had lost it for good…" Though it appeared juts for a moment, it was something. It meant that at least mouse-maiden hadn't yet forgotten how to smile. Things like those were first to go when living in slavery.

    Then he bowed lightly, his paw making a small but elegant swing.
    "Steck Vennet, a wandering bard and entertainer - at your service" he introduced himself in turn. He usually did it more flashy manner, but he didn't wish to draw the guards attention to them. "Though I'm currently on a forced leave from  my chosen profession… Sadly, this place don't seem to appreciate the fine art of lyric poetry" Steck made a theatrical sigh as he put his foot on the shovel blade, needing to step on it couple of times before it finally dug into the soil. He sighed twice.
    "And  I won't change into a digger overnight, it seems… Well, that profession I'd gladly cross over from my must-try-list if I ever consider change of career."
    For a beast who was digging graves for the dead, Steck surely acted like he was turning around the cabbage patch. He was as relaxed as if he was having good conservation on his own backyard.

    When Fabina brought up the recent events, Steck interrupted his working for a moment.
    "It's a real mystery", the bard agreed scratching the back of his earlobe, expression thoughtful. "Quite puzzling in fact. Here we have a ghost or ghoul that goes in and out the camp without anyone noticing, causes horror beyond description and then just disappears into the woods… Just like a typical ghost would do, I'd say."

    "But strangely this so-called "wraith" isn't scared of rays of sun as… Well, as the corpse went missing its body-parts in the middle of bright day. Now, that sounds very unghost-like….  Don't take me wrong, usually I'm not a mouse who would make implications based on just assumptions, but I was in impression the wraiths are night-crawlers – if they even exists"

    Steck lift up an another shovelful of soil and tossed it over his shoulder.
    "So it could be a madbeast who enjoys the taste of other animal", that sounded the most logical explanation, though the guards seemed to prefer whispers of  ghost and curses, which made the atmosphere in this part of camp - especially around the pens - edgy.

    If it really was a cannibal, it was easy to see why it went for the slaves. Food jailed and chained together without means of escape? It would be a perfect place to have a dinner. But could just one madbeast kill two guards  - well, he just might if he got right element of surprise and the guards were scared witless... But to drag them both out to the woods? That require a considerable amount of strength. But the creature couldn't be too big if it had managed to crawl inside the pen through the hole… So was there more than one? Steck had given this a thought and two. And he had. His mind loved to solve mysteries.  But so many pieces were missing from the puzzle so it was difficult to make the picture whole.

    Steck tapped his chin. He was missing something here. He couldn't pin his finger on it, but he knew he was missing it. And there was another theory he had, but it was best to leave for a wait…And truth to be told, why he was even bothering think this so hard?
    'I should really put my priorities in order', he mentally noted himself. 'The first thing I'm  missing, is an opportunity get out of the pens…'

    They were about to move the empty cart back to the pens, ready start hauling remaining bodies to new grave site. It was when he heard Breket's voice – accompanying another, more charismatic  speaking dialect. Steck looked up from his work and saw with who the slaver-master was talking. None less than Reaven Braker,  the lord of the camp and the horde-beasts. Steck was actually surprised to see beast with that kind of status bothering to take a stroll around the slaves-pens. He pricked up his ears to hear what they were talking about -- And what he heard made him grin.

    It seemed like the missing thing had just represented itself before him -- Or then it would be just  a another bashing. Time to find out. 
    "Don't look now", he whispered from corner of his mouth to Fabiana. "But I might do something extremely stupid. Wish me luck"
    Sometimes you needed to take a leap of faith and trust in chance. Sometimes, when there was things be gained, you couldn't play it save.

    Steck pushed himself away from the cart and before anybeast could reacted to stop him, he leaped towards Reaven and Breket. Of course he didn't try to get too close - - he might be a tad reckless, but not stupid - but close enough to get their attention. And if that didn't do the trick, the mouse's next words probably did. 
    "M'lord", he addressed Reaven. "What if I can fix that riddle for you?" He said with a confident smile.

    The guard, who was supposed to watch the burial crew, was horrified however. He wasn't sure but it might be in his job description that he didn't let unwanted company - namely slaves - pop up to pester the camp's important beasts, especially not lord Raeven. He stepped to grab that impudent, vowing solemnly that if he was going to get punished for this, one particular slave had hell to pay…

    Steck felt the guard's paws grabbing him behind, grib hard as steel, ready to drag away. And probably beatb him tehere. But he kept his steadfast eyes on the two beasts - namely  on the Reaven. He hurried to add, since it seemed that his audience was going to be cut short:
    "You need to find out what kind of creature bothers the pens, yes? -- I can find it out for you. And I can do it without leaving from the shackles."

    OOC: To Scotish - Either Steck had something planned out or he's extremely stup -erhm, reckless. xD Feel free to either kick him or listen him out, both are fine by me. ^^ But of course I'd be thrilled about opportunity find out what eats the beats out there 8DD

    To T.J: What's your opinion if Fabiana gets dragged along to the "ghost-hunting"? 8D Coz' I was thinking to do just so!….Of course it depends wholly if Steck manages to persuade Reaven x) #

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    Reaven had stopped when he was approached by the slave rather quickly and actually stood back. Just as quickly the mouse was near Reaven, Breket angrily drew his sword. This was rather appropriate behavior, as a desperate slave was always willing to attempt assassination or worse, was hired for such a task. When the guard was taking the slave away, Reaven waved him off to stop, his sheer power of his voice and authority of his colors making him a beast whom could command.

    "I want to hear this out. The last thing I need is some foul thing crawling around the camp, dead or alive. Tell me, and tell me well, why I should devote you, a resource, to finding out about this curious turn of events without devoting a trained slaver, a expert tracker in their own right, to do the same job as you do? If you answer me poorly, you will regret this foolish action, slave.

    Breket looked furious and wide-eyed at the slave, clearly unhappy about this.

  • There were many kinds of horde lords. Lords who resorted to cunning and schemes. Leaders who held the power by fear and brutal force. Kings who ruled with cold stark tactics and precise planning… One could continue the listing forever, but right now Steck was more interested the fact if Reaven was horde leader of brutal force or too prideful for his own good or…

    'Intellect', Steck concluded as Reaven gestured the guard to halt. Or at least to that extent that the cat would hear him out. That was a good news –  you could reason with intellects. But Reaven wasn't joking when he said it has better be worth of his time, and Steck took his words true. Breket was already looking at him murder in his eyes, (though Steck deliberately ignored it) so the bard was well aware how his whole future hung on the hair. If he failed to impress Reaven now he should count himself lucky if he lived through the ordeal which would follow as a punishment of wasting Horde Lord's time…. And then  Breket  would be there gnaw out  the rest what was left of his flesh a top of his poor bones. So it was more than enough reason concentrate only on Reaven.

    As the Horde Lord commanded, the guard released the bard, but kept standing right behind him, ready to act if he tried something funny. In flash of moments Steck had become the center of attention, not only for the horde-vermin, but their leader too.  But was he nervous while standing there, under Raeven's gaze? Was he scared? Apparently not since the mouse appeared to be calm and confident. After all, how lousy performer he would be if he couldn't handle the audience's attention! Anybeast could crack a joke or a song now and then, but a true entertainer would never have cold feet when on stage.

    'Alright, Steck, you old rascal', the bard thought as he straightened out his tunic the hard handling had wrinkled. 'Time to find out if that silver tongue of yours still works'

    "Because m'lord", the mouse began, lowering his eyes humbly.  "You have better use for your troops than send them searching some phantom – as you said yourself. I'm sure you could spare a tracker or slaver for the task, but what good is to send one or two beast to the woods - the woods which this creature seems to know more better than you? Even a larger group could waste weeks in the bushes and find nothing."

    As was his posture, so was the bard's voice: he didn't nervously stumble in his words nor did he shutter. His voice was steady and calm as he went on:

    "Perish the thought that I'm implying they wouldn't be able to find the creature… I'm just pointing out that the creature may well find them first. And then kill them. It already took out two guards at the same time, so apparently it isn't weak.  So is it really wise compete against it on its own turf? And risk wasting soldier while nothing is gained?"

    "That's why, m'lord, you may have no luck catch it out there -- but you can catch it in here. Instead of going after it, let it come to you… Fashion a trap to lure it where you want it. "

    Steck  lift his eyes and didn't hesitate to meet Reaven's gaze. 
    "And for a trap, you need a right  bait…  This creature, while it enjoys tearing any beast apart, has smarts. When it first attacked, it's prey wasn’t armored and armed guard but chained slave… Might be harder to find a volunteer for the job if it includes confronting the mystery-beast in the dead of night as a sitting duck… But luckily you already have a volunteer, m'lord"

    Steck pressed his palm on his chest, indicating for who he was talking about. "I wager I won't be too much loss to you if I fail and die -- but if I happen to success, then you'll be provided with information about whichever plagues the camp. "

    OOC: Not sure if Steck is offering good arguments here... Oo' But in case he isn't, please don't maim him too badly xD

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    Fabiana's eyes widend, "No..Steck!" she snapped and attempted to grab his arm to hold back but missed for the mouse was already bounding off  in front of Reaven Braker. Her heart pounded, "he is crazy!" she muttered to herself, pure disbalife etched across her face as Steck started to talk to Reaven.

    The nerve the mouse had to talk to Reaven, and so suddenly. She somehow expected for him to get beat or kicked back somehow. But it didn't happen to Fabianas surprise, as the guard was about to haul him away Steck started to speak really quickly.

    'You need to find out what kind of creature bothers the pens, yes? – I can find it out for you. And I can do it without leaving from the shackles.' you have better use for your troops than send them searching some phantom -- as you said yourself. I'm sure you could spare a tracker or slaver for the task, but what good is to send one or two beast to the woods - the woods which this creature seems to know more better than you? Even a larger group could waste weeks in the bushes and find nothing.'

    Fabiana just watched, her brow furrowed of why he is volunteering to go find the thing that killed so many guards and slaves so far. The next words that chilled her to the bones.

    'That's why, m'lord, you may have no luck catch it out there -- but you can catch it in here. Instead of going after it, let it come to you… Fashion a trap to lure it where you want it.'

    Fabiana's horror turned to anger, "You wouldn't Steck.." she muttered before Steck piped in,

    'And for a trap, you need a right  bait…  This creature, while it enjoys tearing any beast apart, has smarts. When it first attacked, it's prey wasn’t armored and armed guard but chained slave… Might be harder to find a volunteer for the job if it includes confronting the mystery-beast in the dead of night as a sitting duck… But luckily you already have a volunteer, m'lord'

    Fabiana did all what she could do to contain herself, at least some part of her old self came back. Right now she could killed Steck for even suggesting something like that. What was he thinking?!

    Her eyes narrowed at Steck and she just stared at him hard before looking away down at her paws.

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    (To T.J., Catapillar)

    The Wildcat had raised a eyebrow at the two and seemed, at least outwardly, displeased. Yet nothing had been said as the Wildcat had been giving thought to it. What the mouse said wasn't wrong exactly, but Reaven Braker hated to be wrong. In fact, he would have found it a bit amusing to have the slave strung up for his defiance and be done with it. However, this was not what Reaven had wanted at all and knew if his father's spirit was still about him, he would hate to disappoint him with such stupidity.

    Reaven spoke with a sneer.

    "Alright, slave, you will get your plan into action. Under heavy guard, and the supervision of your own master. However, fail me or cost me, and your death will be legend amongst those in the camp."

    Once Reaven had left, speaking final words with his master of slaves, the livid drunken sea rat turned to Steck and Fabiana.

    "Those words will cost you in any way, you idiot fools. Yet I dare not defy Reaven, as I actually value my own life. If I even see the slightest trickery from the lot of you, I will have you skinned alive! Now, get to your planning and meet me in the camp. The guard will come to relieve at night."

    Breket pulled the mouse slave forward to a near choke "If you humiliate in front of my superiors again, the gods of the north themselves will cringe on what I will do to you!" Breket shoved the mouse back down harshly, and sent guards to watch their continued work. They would be relieved to speak to Breket at night to discuss their plan fully with him and he would carry it out with his slaver crew.

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