House Fly Open RP (OOC Stuff)

  • I am getting some stuff together, going to try my hand at a forum RP called House Fly.

    House Fly is a vermin-mostly RP, but I don't care really what people are but that is the gist of the RP.

    Story: A warlord named Yulfgat Brakar, a wildcat, had sent one of his brother Reaven Brakar into the southern lands to round up slaves, hauling them into the north to Yulfgat's realm to build his kingdom and great palace fortress. Reaven, strong headed and seeking glory, travels far from the northlands with 50 vermin soldiers to set up a slaver's camp on the north-east edges of Mossflower. Reaven calls many vermin bandits and nomads to his beck and call. Within almost a week, Reaven's horde had grown from 50 to over 300, as he plots his rise to power to overthrow his brother and claim himself King of the Brakar realm.

    Current Places - Reaven's Camp (Vermin Encampment)

    The Vermin camp itself has based around two hills. The main camp is on the hill, and has around 300 or so vermin in and around the region, foraging and raiding for it's food and supplies. The larger of the hills is where a grand tent lays, the personal quarters of Reaven. Beside that tent is a armory where Reaven stores captured armor and weapons. The camp also holds a barracks, a large wooden structure made for feeding the main army and as a enclosed structure for vermin needing proper rest or medical attention. The slave pens are made for large hauls, so the enclosed pen in guarded for the most part fairly well.

    The camp has it's own designated latrine bush, a watch tower on the lower parts of the hill, and a mucky water supply used for both cleaning and drinking. Palisades surround most of the camp up until the lower hill, where the vermin believe they can trick a attacking force into attacking up hill from a supposedly open area.

    NPCs -
    =-=House Brakar=-=
    Reaven Braker (Wildcat, Expeditionary slaver and temporary warlord)
    Yulfgat Brakar (Wildcat, elder brother of Reaveb, warlord king of the Brakar realm)
    Margarian Brakar (Wildcat, younger sister of Reaven, courtier of the Brakar realm)
    Neura Belshazzar (Wildcat, mother of Reaven, courtier of the Brakar realm)
    Gastalt Brakar Deceased (Wildcat, father of Reaven, warlord king of the Brakar realm)
    Gorbolt Brakar (Wildcat, brother of Gastalt and Reaven's uncle, minor noble of the Brakar realm)
    Mauig Belshazzar (Wildcat, sister of Neura and Reaven's aunt, wife of Gorbolt, courtier of the Brakar realm)
    Jamar Brakar (Wildcat, son of Gorbolt, Reaven's cousin, General of the Brakar realm)
    Grime (Shrew, Reaven's personal slave)
    Thaul (Red Squirrel, Margarian's personal slave)
    =-=Captains/Titled Officers=-=
    Lugod (Gray Rat, Northern Mercenary and Reaven's first captain)
    Fegot (Stout, Former circus performer and Reaven's Captain)
    Loggo 'The Tasked' (Brown Rat, Mossflower bandit chieftain and Reaven's ally/captain)
    Breket (Sea Rat, Former corsair and Reaven's slave master)
    =-=Vermin Characters=-=
    300 or so vermin hordebeasts
    Delgot Farblow (Red Fox, Ranger and Slaver)
    Orson Puddle (Otter, young slave, Venkas's tent slave)
    Oalt Puddle (Otter, younger slave, Venkas's tent slave)
    Sage House-Builder (Mouse, former Captain of Militia of Paiser North)
    =-=Woodlander Characters=-=
    Orgit Long-Grass (Vole, Steward of Town Lugod, Traitor)
    Salkit Puddle Murdered by Venkas (Otter, warrior, Father of Orson and Oalt)
    Reama Puddle Murdered by Ferret Bandit (Otter maid, mother of Orson and Oalt)
    Maklet House-Builder 'The Elder' Executed by Lugod the Rat (Mouse, village elder of Paiser North)

    RPing Stuff:
    This will be the most open adventure, so I don't really care if you join 6 month later into it when it starts. So there is that.

    Also, this doesn't really have to be said, no being a ninny with RP.

    Post the character you will be using here. I will be using my own character Venkas but I will also be presiding over NPC characters as well. You want to do some additional NPC characters? Make sure to post them here. My only rule with them is no making NPC armies and important captains without talking to me first.

    The main story is going to be mostly following Reaven's ambitions, so most likely we will be going everywhere. If you do get involved in this RP, make sure you do not falter in going off to do something else when you have some important roll. Tell me first if you get bored or need to go off forever, so we can work something out so the RP can continue in your absence. It is rude to abandon a RP and leave everyone waiting on you.

    Thats pretty much it. If you have any questions, ask. Concerns? Ask.

  • It's nice to see another warlord character in an RP! I play like three or four different groups of vermin whenever I'm on here, they're my favourite. πŸ˜‰

    I don't think I should involve my wildcat characters from House Hellebore, though, since I was working with much larger scale armies. It'd be like Melkor dropping in on Sauron for tea, I just don't think it'd work out so well. XD

    I do however have a rag-tag band of ne'er-do-wells (Racket, Tom, Cissa and Fiasco and Jojari and Sanjay) who act as travelling merchants (read; smugglers), entertainers and odd-job beasts. Perhaps they could get involved somehow? I'd probably be writing more 'daily life' sort of interactions rather than any grand strategy kind of work. πŸ˜‰

  • That is completely fine, drop on by the RP anytime.

  • Oh, this plot sounds interesting! Maybe I can join with my alchemist-rat Tinderwick? (a character I have been planning to make into an offical alt) I think he really wants to stay away from wars and warlords, so is there any reason not to toss him into a RP like this?Β  xD

  • This is fine.

    The more the merrier.

  • I would love to join with one of my characters
    Fabiana is one of them, maybe be a slave planning her escape, or helping the warlord to get her own freedom.

  • That could work T J

    More the merrier.

  • Could I play a slave? I have an otter wanderer. Or I could make a new character.

  • This is fine.

    Welcome aboard, as said just join in any time.

  • I had to alter course a bit on the plot for my characters, Scotish. I couldn't work out a way that Fiasco would accept the deal without being too out-of-character, or getting violent which would probably have gotten him killed. I hope that isn't too jarring having him walk out. I think my new idea will work more interestingly. I always intended for Cassandra to be plotting a slave breakout, I'm just going to do it a bit different now. Whether it succeeds or fails depends on how it all plays out, but I should wrap it up in a few posts just so I don't drag out my part in this. Also, if other players join, that may change my plans too. πŸ˜‰

  • Is Kay.

  • Hello! Just doing my part to welcome new players! This looks fun and when I get some time to clear up some on going plots i will certainly see what i can do to join in. But dont wait up :3

  • I plan to keep the RP open indefinitely, so you can join in any time. The idea is that if anyone can join in at any time, the RP is virtually limitless.

  • So I am working on some concept maps with my amazing brush paint skills.
    (And if anyone knows the command for making spoilers, that is helpful too)

    This is a current concept map for the general area around Reaven's camp, including some villages, a ruin, and a bunch of old tombs. I am not certain on the rules of what qualifies as a village in Redwall (since there is so few, and the few there are, are in caves or whatever. So these villages are small. To update you folks on the RP plan so far;

    • Reaven greets a traitor from Lugod to help him find the well defended community

    • There is a campaign specifically to take Lugod

    • There will be a visit from the Brakars whom will move southward from the north to Mossflower to escape brutal winter empire building

    That is the plan so far and the stuff in-between

    If you folks don't mind for those whom already join in, I don't mind if you hop in as either the villages or Long Patrol defenders (if there are any to be planned) if you think you are up for it, otherwise I will roleplay it out.

    • Reaveb's Camp - Self-Explanitory, read the first post

    • Lugod - A large and hidden community commanded by a badger warrior and his militia, built into the thick forest near the river to protect itself from raids. Lugod is the rich and more populous of the villages near Reaven's camp

    • White-Hill Holt - A otter tribe which lays near Lugod, filled with fishers and owns it's own riverboat

    • Paiser North - A farming village, specializing in grain

    • Tower Ruins - A large stone ruin of what was once a tower, now in shambles. It was once a large watch tower at some point used to spy on northern movements and as a protective garrison before it fell into disuse

    • Tombs of Nazguth - A ancient graveyard with a great tomb dedicated to a ancient vermin warlord and his destroyed horde, a lonesome place where the villagers and vermin alike avoid due to the frightening tales of ghosts and revenants prowling the grounds

    • Wanderer's Clearing - A large clearing connected to the long Volley Fields

    • Volley Fields - A field of flowers and tall grass below the Tower Ruins

  • Scotish, I won't post the actual robbery just yet, for a few reasons.

    Since this is your character's tent and belongings my characters are going to be trying to steal from, I'll need you to tell me if Reaven actually does have any treasures/valuables or maps/battle plans/unpaid parking tickets in his tent for them to even find in the first place. I didn't want to assume anything, since he is your character.Β  πŸ˜‰

    I'm thinking the alarm should be raised depending on whether or not more people join as slaves first. If T.J is still planning to join with Fabiana, I think it would be a really cool twist for Fiasco to recognise her, because they know each other from the Story Arc thread that happened last year. It would just be some nice continuity for us. πŸ˜‰

    If she or some other people want to RP as escaping slaves, or slaves-not-escaping, I'd say the alarm should be raised about halfway through Fiasco and Cassandra trying to get the slaves out of the pens, so some characters can escape and others get left behind.

    If nobody else joins up soon-ish though, I'd have Fiasco and Cassandra get discovered on their way out of Reaven's tent, so they'd have to run for the hills and try to free the slaves later in the story.

    What are your thoughts?

  • I was actually just about to go on writing some stuff up for Reaven right now, lol, so I do what I can to describe the tent with my limited wording. It would be easier just to imagine a Berber-themed tent.

    I mean, I am fine with most things. My only real rules is try to keep in tune with the rules an' stuff. No giant mechanical death rabbit golems powered by kung-fu wraiths, and we should be fine.

  • I'm still planning on joining with Fabiana the mouse aid as a slave. And since fiasco is in the mix it would be great for them to know each other from the last arc!!

    I like the idea. I'll get a post up tonight with Fabi in the slave pen.

  • "They took off with my map, my letters, and my perfume." - Reaven Brakar.

    This is a hilarious line, you made me laugh. Well done.Β  πŸ˜‰

    A question about the letters and map, what information would they or would they not contain? The Long Patrol have been assuming up till now that Reaven's acting on his own, so would they now know he has a brother in the north? Is there anything else of relevant interest in the papers? And is there anything that I should still assume to be secret? For example I imagine Reaven wouldn't write down anything about his plotting to overthrow his brother.

    Also, it's interesting that Fegot should bring up the Long Patrol's reputation for being able to take on massive odds and still winning. I was actually thinking I would avoid any direct confrontations between the Long Patrol and Reaven's army, because unlike in the books, I can't rely on anyone coming in to save the day in the nick of time! My intention is the Long Patrol unit should be good at harassment and small skirmishes, but they can't go around killing 50 vermin each like some of the battles seem to go in the books.Β  πŸ˜‰

  • How nice to have a villain who doesn't go all bananas just because of small setback:D My respect for the horde lord!

    To another business… I was wondering if I could take the second mouse in the burying-team as my NPC. That is if Scotish doesn't have plans for him already. ^^

  • That is okay, mate.

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