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  • I am just going to use one thread for multiple characters if this is okay.

    Fullname: Venkas Musikat Tail-tolly
    Nicknames: Ven, Venkas the Slaver, Venkas
    Species: Brown Rat

    Description: Venkas is a slightly smaller then typical brown rats with green eyes. Venkas has a very light brown fur which is for the most part caked in wilderness dirt and grass, resulting in something more scraggly. Venkas has no true facial expressions outside of bored and annoyed, often taking some something of seriousness. Venkas has multiple scars and wounds, including; a deep gash in his left eye, a number of saber wounds running down his back, arrow scars on his right arm and left leg, and half of his tail had been chopped in half.

    Venkas is typically seen to wear padded cloth as his common armor with a iron breastplate and leather leggings, each very well weathered and slightly rusted from overuse and time. Venkas bears also commoner cloths, but his most prominent feature is a dark green headband wrapped around his left eye.
    Age: 47
    Alignment: Lawful Evil

    Possessions: Padded Cloth Armor, weathered iron breastplate, weathered leather leggings, broad sword, medium round shield, dark green headband, skinning knife, small coin purse, leather belt, pair of small shackles and chain and a backpack containing two canteens, sharpening stone, key to shackles, dry wilderness food, and a tent cover.

    Strengths (Abilities): Talented Swordsbeast (Former soldier), Skilled tracker (Profession), Capable strength (Was a former vanguard), Is calm and collected (Apart of his personality), Clever (Apart of his profession mixed with his personality), Dominant (Profession)
    Weaknesses: Blind in left eye (Battle wound), Battle fright (Former soldier), Cannot Swim (Never learned how), Illiterate (Vermin ignorance), Afraid of open spaces (Battle experience)

    Personality: Venkas is a very serious creature whom dislikes social interaction and often avoids it when possible, a lonesome villain whom is easier to annoy then anger. Venkas views himself as skilled fodder, a true mercenary at heart whom cares more for the payment then ambition. In spite of all this, Venkas pities others and often holds few grudges against either enemy soldier or slave. Venkas despises stupidity and sloth, often ranting against cruelty of others as acts of foolishness. Venkas himself is a very loyal creature and does not seek to be in any position of power, preferring the role of common soldier, but at times believe if his skills are not being used to their full potential he will rant and rave against his commanding officer. Venkas often has spiteful hatred of birds and reptiles.

    Profession: Slaver, Mercenary

    Background: Venkas was born to the family of Tail-Tolly in the northern most coast line and was raised more by his mother then his rarely returning father, whom had often gone to raid with fellow rats on small communities. Venkas and his three brothers were forced into the service of a local warlord, a stout named Belkis Longsnout. Belkis had taken in Venkas as a soldier along with his brothers, much of his young adult life mostly having been keeping guard at the fortress and warring alongside he warlord. Belkis eventually campaigned against a ally whom had tried to assassinate him, and battled at a place known as Vast Grove. During the battle, the two warlords were locked in mortal comabt as Venkas came to his chief's rescue by puncturing the enemy warlord in the side with a spear, earning the respect of the Stout. Venkas was promoted to Warlord's Vanguard, the stout's personal warriors.

    Venkas continued to campaign next to Belkis, but during a battle with a group of pirates, Venkas had been nearly killed. Venkas was left to die by his chieftain whom did not want to care for Venkas's wounds, forcing Venkas to seek healing from on of Belkis's rivals whom took the rat in as his own vanguard. Serving a fellow rat named Tartiv Warscar, Venkas had helped Belkis's rival fend off incursions and was rewarded with his own lodge and slaves. However, when Tartiv grew to fear that Venkas would return to Belkis, the warlord forced a house slave of Venkas to poison the rat's drink. This had failed due to the nervous break down of Venkas's slave, and Venkas fled the realms of both warlords and ventured across the land since.

    With aid from some bandits and successful use of his skills as a soldier, Venkas would fight and raid from warband to warband and took up the profession of slaving. Venkas saw great wealth in slaving and became a slaver, raiding common hamlets to sell to bandits and corsairs for food and coin. Venkas has become a rather poor slaver due to his lack of ambition and escape of many of his slaves due to poor attempts. He camps often in or around Mossflower and the Northlands, keeping to the most heavier vermin territories to sell his services to.

  • Gastov Vonshuk
    Fullname: Gastov Loghaul Vonshuk
    Nicknames and Titles: Gast, 'The Bloodletter', Oathkeeper of Esker
    Species: Weasel

    Description: Gastov is a slightly tall and strong weasel, with orange fur on his backside with his belly being a deep yellow not all that similar from orange, making it seem he is entirely orange. Gastov is described as very smooth and has a young look, where even his ears are perfectly shaped and groomed. Gastov bears no wounds on his body, but his young looks hides his true age and even his skills at times.

    Gastov, coming from a rich noble background, has important noble gear such as light mail suit covered by a commoner's cloak, his iron helm is decorated with orange feather on top resembling a eastern helm with a iron face cover. Gastov has his own commoner's cloths with orange linen with silver lining, along with a belt where he carries most of his precious gear such as weapons and coin. Gastov's sigil is of a weasel's skull surrounded by a crown of thorns. This sigil is imprinted on Gastov's shield, on a leather pad in front of his mail armor, and on a silver ring which Gastov wears.
    Age: 27
    Alignment: Lawful Evil

    Possessions: Mail armor, Traveling cloak, Commoners cloths, Triangle Shield, Broadsword, Dagger, Longbows, Quiver of arrows, large Leather Belt, Oak beating cane, silver ring, and a drinking Canteen.

    Strengths: Talented Swordsbeast (Noble birth and upbringing), Excellent speaker (Personality), Dominant (Owns/Has owned slaves), Strong (Upbringing), Literate (Upbringing)
    Weaknesses: Proud (Personality), Cruel (Personality), Cannot Swim (Never learned how), Dramatic (Personal weakness), Hedonist (Upbringing)

    Personality: Gastov is very skilled, but his skills have made him proud and over dramatic, resulting in his many downfalls and rises to fame. Gastov loves to be famous and loves to be dramatic, giving mercy to enemies to torture them instead of disposing of them. Gastov is proud to a everlasting fault, having become prideful of himself and his skills. Gastov's prefers toying and breaking his enemies instead of outright enslaving them, and often views combat as more of a graceful dance, but only due to have never set foot on open battle fields. Most of his personality remains private however, and would seem rather merciful and kind to outsiders whom see him, but only because he is a very good speaker and liar.

    Profession: Traveling noble

    Background: Gatov is apart of a small, but very rich, clan of weasels known as Esker in which his father was chieftain of. Gastov is the younger boy of five brothers, whom Gastov resented, and found comfort from their bullying in fighting and swordplay. Gastov was trained by the clan's warrior trainer and became highly skilled, but also a bit proud due to his father's pride rubbing on him. Gastov enjoyed his long fights with his brothers, beating them skillfully, and became known as the 'Bloodletter' due to how many opponents he personally slew. His clan, owning it's own silver mine, needed slaves and Gastov's first duty was to find fresh slaves to feed Esker's mines.

    Gastov's raiders raided a otter Holt known as the Ravendog Holt, a holt of river otters nestled north of the clan. Gastov kidnapped a number of the younger otters, earning the ire of his opposite Logom Ravendog, the 5th warrior son of the Holt. Logom tracked down Gastov with a majority of his father's warriors and blindly charged against him, both fighting viciously in a intense duel. Gastov won his skirmish against Logom, but had the feisty creature live as Gastov marched his raiders against the Holt, burning it to the ground. Gastov forced Logom to watch as he had his weasels cut the throats of his elder brothers and father before his eyes, as Gastov personally went about his business to torture Logom into his personal slave Lug as he is today.

    Gastov was had decided to journey westward toward the lands beyond, seeking adventure and personal glory for himself, and to perhaps carve out his own kingdom.

    Fullname: Logom Rivol Ravendog
    Nicknames: Lug
    Species: River Otter

    Description: In spite of looking unbelievably young, Lug looks much older and more torn then most older creatures. Lug's once very smooth fur has been reduced to little more then gray molts and barely healed whip marks, his eyes dull and near lifeless, his whiskers torn or outright missing, his tail smashed, and his paws nearly red from whip marks and cane marks. Lug often walks with a hunched back, mostly due to his profession more then a actual medical issue.

    Lug's attire is a servant's vest and linen pants, and is often seen carrying a sack of supplies around as well. Lug bears a leather collar about his neck, which etched into it is his name.
    Age: 21
    Alignment: Lawful Good (Originally), Lawful Neutral (Current)

    Possessions: Gastov's sack, servant's cloths, leather collar

    Strengths: Can Swim (racial trait), Literate (Slave's training), Writer (Slave's training)
    Weaknesses: Submissive (Broken in), Weak (Tortured), Fearful (Tortured), Gibbering (Tortured), Easily Abused (Tortured), Slavishly Loyal (Tortured)

    Personality: Lug, once a proud and skilled warrior of his Holt, had been reduced to little more then a gibbering tortured slave whom knows little of freedom. Lug is a broken creature whom blindly serves his master out of fear of pain, and rarely speaks to anyone else except Gastov. Lug follows his master with paws behind his back and neck bowed as he follows him wherever he goes. Lug has been reduced to having a weak and morbid personality, refusing to see any other reality, driven mad by his bondage to Gastov. Lug pretends to be a cheerful gibbering fool from time to time during his least sane moments, trying to make the best out of a horrible situation. Lug has a odd relationship with his master, both being fearfully loyal and raging spiteful.

    Profession: Writer, Slave

    Background: Logom Ravendog was the 5th and youngest son of the Ravendog chieftain, a Holt whom had been living on a northern river in the far east for generations. Logom was never a proud otter, but was a humble and moral one whom believed in personal honor and trained to become a skilled warrior for his Holt. Logom's fame as the Holt's skilled swordsbeast made him become known as 'The Salmon Knight' due to the river's supply to fish and Logom's training near it. Logom was eventually called to investigate missing children, discovering weasel slavers from a rival clan had taken them. Logom had been heartbroken when his father demanded he stayed with the warriors in the Holt while they formulated a response, but the angry otter charged off with the Holt's warriors against the slaver, ending disastrously and resulting in Logom's capture.

    Logom resented Gastov, his rival, whom he personally fought in the skirmish. Gastov marched his skirmishers on the Holt and destroyed it, taking many prisoner to be used as slaves in the mines of his own clan. Gastov forced a shackled Logom to watch as Gastov's warriors cut the throats of his brothers and father, breaking him internally and causing him to hate Gastov. However, instead of killing him, Gastov tortured the otter viciously on their trip back and took him on as a personal servant. Logom suffered horribly at Gastov's hands, being whipped and left in dementing situations many times over, until he had been broken both physically and mentally. As a final act, Gastov had a collar made for Logom and began calling him Lug, in which the otter passively accepted.

    Lug has since been Gastov's personal slave, following him blindly and doing as he wills without question. Lug has become fearful of his master and never truly seems capable of resisting him after being in his 'care' for so long.

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