Icefurr Swiftblade - Protector of the North

  • Name: Icefurr
    Nick Name: None
    Appearance: Tall, strong fox with blinding white fur and blue eyes
    Weapons: Special curved sword, good archer
    History: Icefurr the fox had been born and raised in the horde of the warlord, Sarken. He had fought multiple times in battles and skirmishes for the army, but he had always been different. He didn't like killing and senseless murdering like the others, and one day everything changed for him. He was on a raid with his captain, and they burst into the home of an old squirrel and her grandson. The grandson was only about 10, 12 seasons old, but he was willing to sacrifice himself to protect his grandmother. He picked up and iron poker and ran at one of the rats, who slew him on the spot. The body was flung aside, and the grandmother was killed, too. Icefurr stayed behind, looking at the bodies. He decided on that day that there was no reason to attack innocent creatures. After that, he deserted the horde, wandering and looking for good to do.

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