Deadly Dinner

  • Inktail meets her end witha frightened squeak. That ungratefull rat! After all she did for him he is going to feed her to the snake!

    It takes a moment for inktail to realize that the rat actually just saved her life, if only by stalling her grizzly fate. Perhaps this was the rats plan after all? Surely no beast is THIS mad! Right?

    "Oh yes! I would be happy to serve! I can…uh,..uh...polish your scales!"

    The snake dangles the vixen closer, "Do I look like my sscaless NEED polishing?" he lets the question hang for a long dangerous moment before breaking out into a smile, "Becaussse I know I do!"

    "Ssslave. Go to the kitchen and fetch us something to eat. All of us. We wouldnt want our sacrifice to loose weight now would we?" placing th3 vixen back on the floor Basil prods her tummy with his tail. "The sacrifice will thussly begin polissshing the great and powerfull Bassilissk. When you get back rat you will tell me more about how this sacrifice process quiz your knowlage."

    Basil was settling into having minions.

    He may have to get more...

  • Alright then!  Let's get things rolling around here!

    A soft sigh of relief which was easy to overlook left from patched caped rat when the snake's dangerous expression widens into a big smile as the reptile approves the idea of his skin being polished.

    "Cleaning your wondrous scales with just mere water wouldn't bring out their magnificentness, o Mighty One", the rat continued , making a deep bow. "Let me prepare a special balsam that will not only clean you but leave your scales shining like billions of starts"

    With the snake's words, the rat's face lightens up into an eager smile.

    "Of course, O Mighty One. You can ask me anything you wish after I'm back! You there - " the rat spun around and pointed a commanding finger at Inktail, who was now lowered on the floor. " - make yourself useful while I'm gone and remove that blistering corpse out of the fireplace. Its burning stink is an insult to Ageless One sensitive nose"

    And with that, almost happy dance in his steps, the alchemist hopped towards the kitchen, enthusiastic about carrying out the order he had been given.

  • The fox is gently placed on the floor. She seems to cower before the snake, smiling nervously as she turns to the fire place. Rubbing her chin the bounty hunter decides that the best corse of action to get the body out of the fire place is to pull at it with an iron poker.

    Several ghastly minutes go hy until Inktail manages this grizzely feat. The snake leans closer, over the fox's shoulder. "Are you…going to eat that?"


    A moment later Inktail closes the kitchen door behind her. She seems to have a false smile plastered on her muzzle until the door closes. Inktail makes a long silent scream before being able to move again. "This is it." the fox steps over to the rat. "The snake is busy eating the otter. This is our chance to escape! Come on! Lets get out of here!"

  • "Oh?" Tinderwick addressed the fox's panic calmly from the fireplace, where he stood in front of small black cauldron.  He didn't even lift his eyes as he was talking to Inktail, clearly focusing in his task. Something was already boiling in that iron pot, the transparent mixture whirling in the rhythm of rat's dipper. Odd scent rose from it: sharp and ashy, little bit hard to breathe in. Maybe that’s why the rat had covered his snout with cloth hanging around his neck.

    "And how are you planning to do that?" The rat continued like they  were having conservation about weather. There was something really odd about Tinderwick, not just because he was so overly calm about the situation, where horrible death resided only behind one wooden door. For example, he didn't stutter as he had before. And he was carrying himself in much more confident manner, as if  a beast who knew exactly what he was doing, as he went through the cupboards of the kitchen. In other words, it almost seemed like Tinderwick was whole different vermin altogether.

    " There's no kitchen door in here. And the windows…" – the rat pointed up where the wall met the ceiling. And where the kitchen's small hatch-windows were – "…are way too small us to fit through. So the only way out is through the hall and main entrance. You really think  the snake is going to let you just walk out of the door?"
    Tinderwick pulled out a big jar, examining its content. He let put a gleeful yell.
    "Ooh! Honey! This will do nicely!…" And he hurried back to the cauldron, pouring the golden, sappy ingredient into it.

  • Terror fills the chubby vixen. It's confirmed, she's trapped here with a mad beast.

    "I dont think you understand… If we stay here. WE are going to BE stew." Inktail clutches at her muzzle, tail curling between her legs. "Or worse... He eats us raw and ALIVE. We have to find a way out of here!"

    "Oh ssslaaaaaves~" comes the sweet voice of the snake outside the kitchen. "I do believe I ordered some more food with my meal~"

    The fox looks at Tinderwick, eyes wide with desperation. "I'm sorry, ok!?" She wails. "I'm sorry I tried to turn you in for a bounty! But I cant escape by myself, I need your help!" She falls to her knees, paws cupped infront of her, "I need your help..."

  • The vixen's pleading didn't seem to make much of effect on the rat: he just merely glance at her way, before moving the hook that kept the pot above the fire. Now it needed to cool down ….

    "If you really want my help…" the rat begin, but was interrupted by the hissing call from behind the kitchen door. The rat quickly hopped down from the stool he had stand upon while mixing. "…Then load that big stray with everything delicious. There's lot of it in the pantry" The rat pointed out the big stray on the table. while he himself picked up a smaller one which had couple of finest wine-bottles on it. By the looks of things  (and other bottles spread on one of the tabletop)  it seemed like Rat had searched through the whole liquor cabinet.

    But when passing the fox, the rat suddenly stopped and leaned over others knelt form, a clove-wearing hand resting on vixen's shoulder. "If you do exactly what I say, we both might live through this," he hissed near Inktail's ear, his voice suddenly  low and icy.  And for a moment his grip form fox's shoulder tightened. "Now, go get the food."

    And as if nothing had happened, the vermin lifted his paw and continued his way.
    "I apologize for the delay, O Mighty One," the rat said with chirp tone, as he pushed the kitcken door open, all the grimness suddenly vanished from his voice. "The kitchen there sure is a disaster. It seems like somebeast tried to leave in hurry or something." The rat hummed as he placed the stay near the snake. 
    "Food will be here shortly, but I brought some wine as appetizer. Though…." a concerned frown appeared between the rat's eyes as if he had just thought of something. "I ¬– I really do not know if your earthly manifestation cares for it. In the Sanctuary, we sacrificed wine to your smaller imagines all the time…"

  • (sorry for idlness. Work stuff sapped my creativity xD I should have a post today or tomorrow)

  • "Im actually a beer ssserpent myself," Basilisk belches up otter fur before giving his swollen midriff a pat with his tail. "Wine will do though."

    The snakes head liftes as the vixen appeares. The platter she carries is loaded with every sweet treat and delecacy she could find. She had to resist sneaking a snack herself, less she make herself any more delectable looking.

    "Which one is desssert?" The snake laughs, tail coiling about the fox's back to prompt her closer. She gave the mouse a pleading look, hoping against hope that his plan would work. What ever that plan might be.

    "I never had servants before… But I think I could get usssed to it..."

  • "I, for one, would be honored to live my days by serving you, Great One", the rat said with humble bow.  He then  selected a big,  wide bowl from the table and placed it on the floor.

    "So what knowledge you wish to quiz me, o Mighty? " he inquired innocently when starting to fill the bowl with the finest wine.  Snakes couldn't drink from the mugs or tankards, their moyth was way too big for them. "I….I have been long away from our blessed Sanctuary, but I'll do my best to answer!"

  • The snake releases the vixen while bending down to lap up the wine with all the dignity he can muster. Despite his belly still being swollen with the roasted otter bounty hunter, he partakes of the food with gusto, greedily digging in to the mouses meal.

    He finally looks up. "Quizzz? Oh! Yesss…" Basilisk clears his throat. "This placcce, where might you find it? Which direction do you go? And how far is it?" The snake grins to himself. If he had a fleet of servents like this why he would... Be a... Very pampered snake.

    Basilisk was born in the wild and lives under a rock. Before today a life of luxury wasnt even on the menu! How should he know what to want if he were wealthy?

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