Enemies And Armies

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    It was a nice summer day in a coast village far away from place called Redwall Abbey. In fact only a few town's goodbeasts had ever heard about that name and even fewer knew what it meant. And the rest didn't even care. Why should they take notice about some distant place anyway? They had everything they wanted right here.

    The village was so small it didn't appear on any big maps drawn from the coast-area. But then again, few fisher-villages did. It wasn't due to their small size but because of their insignificance: the small towns didn't product anything the big merchant companies would be interested in, so trading caravans just passed them by taking their goods to the bigger markets. On the other hand the towns didn't need the merchants since they could product all they needed on their  own. The ocean gave fishes, shrimps and clams. The forest gave wood and small  cultivable parcels of land gave just enough for small village come by. So no wonder if towns like that become isolated from the other world as they didn't need anything from it. And outside-world didn't desire anything from the village. It was a good arrangement or so many of the old folks kept saying.

    This village was one of those tiny towns, nameless and which existence the rest of the land didn't care about -- Though for the most of the inhabitants the town was the whole world they knew. It stood surrounded by wild grass-covered hillocks like on bosom of a small valley while the same  hills protected the cottages from the strong ocean winds. The hills also effectively hid the village from the spying eyes if you were on the foot.

    From the ocean the small village was easier to spot, as it faced widely open towards the salt waters like admiring the waist blue waves which  broke into rocky cliffs and sandy beach with mighty rumble.  The forest-line started behind the town, providing both food and building materials for the villager's residents. With all these the villagers felt secure in their town. Perfect peaceful haven, many said as they went on with their ordinary lives.

    Sometimes it also felt so boring.

    Jarret yawned mouth open wide and rolled on his stomach. He was lying on the hay-roof of one of the village's houses. It was his perfect (and hopefully secret) napping place from since he had become big enough to climb up here. The villagers called it a town hall, but actually it was just a slightly bigger house than the rest of the cottages in the town. All the town court's meetings were kept on the market place as this building wasn't even large enough for a big gatherings.

    But what made this house an extraordinary  landmark - and also Jarret's favorite spot -  was the wooden bell tower which made the town hall the biggest building in the village. Well, you could call it "bell tower" thought there wasn't any bell on top of it -- only a metal gong.  What Jarret had hear, the villager's founders had placed it there for case of an emergencies, to be  tolled as a warning-signal for the villagers. But half-mouse had lived in the town for 19 years now and he had never head the gong's bong even once. But he still liked to climb top of the tower and peer to the sea.

    Jarret yawned again and searched for a better prone position. His jet-black fur absorbed the sun's warmth and made him feel cozy. maybe he should just continue napping...

  • Yes. Sleep little rat. Sleep and never realize the danger you in, thinks the shadow as it peers at Jarret over the edge of the roof. The steep wooden walls provided no cuallenge for a feline like her.

    "The wild jungle cat pauses…its natural prey has foolishly strayed into her territory." She purs soflty. The feline silently scrambles up the side of the wall and onto the thatch roof. She crawled on all fours, stomach grazing against the straw. "The prey is caught off guard! They will prove to be a tasty meal for the sleek, powerfull preditor."

    Her self description is /almost/ true. Sleek might be an accurate term to describe the feline, powerfull is a still a long ways off. Not with her thin arms and slightly rounded midriff. Winter fluff, she swears.

    The cat has a most unusual coat, a combination of orange, grey and white. Most of her fur was covered by a thin black tunic with an orange vest over it.

    "Silently the deadly SHADOW creeps apong the wild grass lands, ever approaching her quarry. Little does the lazy little rat know that he is about to be given his final meal...as the main course!"

    The cat continued to move closer across the roof, pausing ten feet away from Jerret. Her tail wags furiously in the air, her flank wriggles, and she flashes the rat a wide toothy smile. "Oh Jarrrrreeeet." She calls and giggles. "Hai!"

    Eyes dialated, teeth flashing in a wide smile, Tali pounces towards Jarret with her claws out stretched...

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    Unsuspecting Jarret was almost lulled back to the sleep  by the warm summer light, when his ear twitched, catching a soft murmur from somewhere near. It sounded like narration - and that was all Jarret needed for to recognize the speaker.

    Jarret suppressed a heavy sigh. So much for a peaceful napping… As much as he enjoyed Tali's company, he really didn't get the feline's urges of sneak upon him on every opportunity she could get. Not that he minded: it was a fun game of sneaking and counter-reacting, but whole element of surprise was a bit off when someone was narrating her doings  into a some sort of tale. You would think that the whole point of lurking was to stay silent!

    But then again, Tali had talent for story-telling… Like now, she could make the words live, paint them so that you could picture them clearly in your mind.  But being described as foolish next meal wasn't enough to allow the cat to leap upon him. This time, Jarret swore,  this time he would ne fast enough to dodge. He wouldn't be caught on the bottom of the pile again.

    Jarrett's body tensed, but he did not move yet. From the experience half-breed knew that if he moved too early, Tali would just easily change her leap's landing spot. On the other pawn, if he was but a heart-beat too slow, the game was just as lost. So he had to schedule his movements correctly …

    There was the sound of dry straws crunching under the takeoff and Jarret rolled over. But as quick as he tried to be, he wasn't quick enough and ten pounds of pure cat landed on his back, making him sink deeper into the layers of hay.  It was a pure stroke of luck the roof didn't give in under them!

    "Ow! Tali!", Jarret wailed under the wild cat, trying either to squirm free or push the feline off. "Get off me you crazy fur-ball!"
    Blasted -- failed again!
    "And who are you calling a lazy? Look who's talking -- you're gained weight, aren't you?"

  • The cat however did not move off of the half rat. Instead she repositioned herself to sit on top of him. "First of all, it is impolite to question a ladies weight you mannerless oaf. Second of all, I am skinny as a rail, third if I have started to put on fat I blame you entirely. You don't out up near enough of a chase."

    Tali leaned back with her paws supporting her, "You spend too much time with your head in the clouds maty. You are going to let life pass you by and grow old and wrinkled like old man McPerson. You'll have warts on your face and a beard down to your gut and wear a potato sack for clothing, yelling at kids fo get off mai lawn! You need to get up and do more and…"

    The ocelot paused to the sound of something cracking below them. "...annnnd I may have put on a /little/ weight..." she chuckles nervously. "Aw cr-" and then the roof started to give way under them.

  • That foreboding cracking sound reached Jarret's ears too and the half-breed  could not help but notice how the roof began to bend beneath them. An alarm rang inside Jarret's mind.
    "Ho-hold still – don't move…" and with very careful movement he reached for his grabbing hook and rope, which hung from his belt, attached  in their beckets…

    Like thin layer of egg's shell the roof suddenly gave in.

    There was only a little time to think, but fortunately his body had accustomed to move without thinking. Instantly Jarret's yanked the hook and the rope free from their beckets,  throwing the hook towards the roof's supporting beams. It sunk into the wood with loud 'thonk' same time as he and Tali's started the freefall towards the floor below.

    Jarret twisted his body, his left paw dashing for the rope as he right reached out after Tali. There was that dreadful heartbeat when his fingers didn't seem to find neither of them…

    …Then the rope tightened and their freefall came to sudden halt as the Jarret succeeded in grabbing the rope and Tali, interrupting their falling with forceful yank. Abrupt stop really hurt his shoulder and Jarret winced, biting his teeth. Then he looked down. He had tried to catch a hold from Tali's hand, but managed only grab her ankle and now dotted ocelot was hanging upside down. But better that than having a friend splattered all over the planking.

    There was a moment Jarret feared that the hook hadn't sunk deep enough and would loosen from the weight of their common burden… But the hook withstood, its edge biting deeper into the beam. Bits of straws rained around them and the summer sun shone in, peeking through the hole that had just appeared on the roof above them.

    So there they were: hanging from the ceiling like some kind of odd decorating ornament. Jarret was holding onto the rope with his legs and left arm while his right hand gribbed tightly Tali's ankle. It would have looked comical if you dismissed the fact that this could have ended very badly.

    Jarret dared to breathe again.
    "Skinny as a rail, my aft", he muttered under his breath. The roof and his right arm disagreed strongly with that statement.

    "You know…", he started like it would have been commonplace to hang from the ceiling of Town Hall. "Now that we are hanging up here -- maybe would you want to rephrase what you said earlier? Like the part about me having warts and wearing potato sack?" It was Jarret's turn to chuckle. "You still think I'm wasting my life away with the things I do?"

    If it weren't for Greyscale teachings, they both would be laying on the floor limbs sore right now... And speaking of the floor, how should he lower Tali down? The floor wasn't that far away, a couple feet tops from where cat's head was. Drop like that would be an easy landing for a cat but then again Jarret wasn't sure if cats could land on their feet when they were falling head first…

  • Tali only had time to let out a soft squeak. Staring full long at the ground a few feet below her the cat swollowed to steady her nerves. "Ok…I am willing to admit that I may have had to punch a new hole, or two, into my belt. I blame dad. Fishing has been good the last couple of months."

    Tali continued to swing back and forth. "And I take back my previous statement. You're going to lead a die young after the village elders find this whole in the roof. Now do you mind letting me down?"

    Stretching out her arms until they had a firm grasp of the floor Tali kicked away from the rats graps. Added girth aside, the cat preforms a slow but gracefull backflip, bending slowly with the dexterity that would rivel all but a weasel until her feet were safely flat on the floor.

    Standing up Tali began to pat down her tunic and ajust it, "I blame the blasted shirt. Blasted thing is made out of heavy wool...as if I need something so warm..." peering up at the roof Tali whistles slowly, "Yep...we are so dead..."

  • "Only me? How about you? They'll chew off your tail in the same way as mine when they hear about this…". Jarret said as he lowered Tali enough her to reach the floor with her paws. After that wild cat didn't need any help and gracefully landed on her feet.

    Jarret on the other hand slid down the rope and looked around. They had made a sudden enter in the magistrate's  hall which was mainly used when village's elders came together  to solve disagreements between the two villagers or when some important decision had to been made. For their fortune they were the only beasts present at the moment.

    Jarret took hold of the rope and gave it a sharp yank, releasing the hook from its holding. With a practiced move he snatched hook from the air, coiled the rope, fastening it and the hook back to his belt. Then he too looked up the hole in the ceiling. That was a pretty big hole - no chance it would go unnoticed by others.
    "..You think we could slip out without anyone noticing?"

    Jarret only got his sentences finished when the door at the opposite corner opened with soft creak. Anyone in the village knew mister Chestnut, an old dorm-mouse who was just as angry at everything like a seagull which had been plucked its tail feathers. He was self-nominated keeper of the important documents that slept on the shelves in the backroom, thought Jarret could never understand what was so important about old dusty cultivation plans.  The mouse was more like Town Hall's janitor in his opinion.

    Mister Chestnut stopped in his tracks, hand still on the door handle, dumbfounded by the view that waited him in the hall. First he looked at the mess on the floor, all the dust, scattered straws and splinters of wood staining otherwise spotless planking he had just polished. Then his eyes looked up to the ceiling and lastly they fell on the responsible party who stood at the centre of the mess

    The enchanted silence lasted as long as it took to mouse facial impression change from thunderstruck into apoplectic mask of fury. Jarret didn't know it was even possible beast's face turn that deep shade of red.

    "You…you…!", the old mouse trembled with anger, the words failing him. Which gave Jarret time to shot a meaningful look at Tali. The message his green eyes transmitted was clear as day.

    Let's run!

    Jarret darted towards the door. Of course he could have stayed and  apologize –  explain that it had been all but a plain accident and of course he'd offer help to repair the damage. .. And some cases he would have. But if it was mister Chestnut, no amount of apologizes would appease that sour crabapple. The dorm-mouse hated him.

  • Even before the rat turned to run the ocelot was already bolting out the door the moment she heard the old mouse coming

    She wasn't going to fix no blasted roof! Her paws were made for playing the flute not manual labor!

    "If I'm fat what's your excuse for being so slow?" Tali shouts as she runs ahead of the half rat. The cat skids to a hault right around the corner of the building, "Split up and meet back at my place?"

    It was doubtfull the old mouse would make the hour long journey along the sea side to town, just as it was doubtfull her family would have learned of their little adventure. Hopefully.

    Of course they could just as easily lose the old mouse in the market as well…

  • what do you think: should the pirates attack the village in the middle of night –- or should their ships sail from the sea cloeaked by the thick morning mist? ^^#

    "Come back here–! Come back here in this instant!--" mister Chesnut's voice where cut off as the door slammed shut behind one running half-mouse and one wild cat.  For a aged mouse mister Chestnuts surely had fine pair of lungs.

    "Slow? I just gave you a head start because it would be too unfair leave you to bite my dust", Jarret grinned. "But if it's a race you want, then–"

    Jarret's ear perked up. From the muffled rant he was hearing it was evident that mister Chesnut was about to reach the Town Hall's door. The mouse didn't give up easily.

    Jarret eyed the street and flashed out his most rascal smile at the Tali. 
    "...then three copper says I win the running race through the village to the beach!"
    And it was his turn to take a head start, the half-breed rushing down the street. If Tali was asking for a good race, he would show her just how fast he could be!
    ...Yes, Jarret was extremely easy coax into challenges.

    You wan roll the dice to decide which one wins the race? xD

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    Glancing over her shoulder the cat gulped. That mouse really was livid now. When she turned around again the rat was already starting his race! That…that...that rat!

    "Get back here!" The ocelot beat feet, running a little faster now with the threat of being caught by old Mr. Chesnut. The cat moved nimbly through the market, dodging beasts and merchants, lwaping over one stall in a single bound and sliding under the next. She was agile but the rat was just as fast it seemed!

    By the time Tali made it to the beach her limbs were sore and her breathing deep. She dragged herself to the soft sand before collapsing face first into the beach. Rolling onto her back she continued to gasp for air.

    "Wooo..." she said finally.

    roll a D 20. Beat a 4 and Jerret wins.#

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    Well 4 ain't that difficult number to beat xD #

    Jarret moved far less gracefully than Tali, but just as effortlessly - which meant this wasn't the first time they both rushed through crowded market place.  While Tali leaped, Jarred dived through the narrow spaces that appeared between beasts and stalls. Had Jarret been a pure-blooded mouse he would have made those plunges without commotion. But he being  far more bigger than average mouse, he ended up
    knocking something over every time he tried to short-cut that wasn't as spacious as it had first seemed.

    Not that it slowed Jarret down.  But it did leave behind some angry glares and somebeast shouting after them, fists waving.

    So the teo friends reached the beach where waves stroke gently  the white sand. And just like Tali, also Jarret flopped on the ground, out of breath and totally worn out. But he was grinning while laying on the sand and lookin up the sky.

    Tali had always been the fastest runner of them, her being a cat might have something to do with it… So when Jarret occasionally managed to beat the ocelot's nimble feet , it really made the half-breed's grin widen ear to ear.

    And this time happened to be one of those times. Maybe it was only with a thin margin but a victory was always a victory.

    "…I think  - I think you owe me three coppers now", was the first thing he managed to say after he had caught his breath.
    …And he might still be owing to Talia a bagful coppers from all the running races he had wagered and lost in the past. As this playful competition had been going on ever since they were kids, so of course Tali still had more winnings on her account than Jarret.

    That was Jarret's  trademark habit; whenever the half-breed felt like wagering for a sake of fun, the set input was always three copper coins.

    …Can you believe it? A 5?! O.o' Didn't expect it to be so close call... I was so tempted to let Tali win, she being the cat and all… But rules are rules x) But since it was so close one, I added some twist…. ^^

  • The cat didn't respond at first, she only smiled until she got her breath back. "Maybe you would settle for a fishy dinner? We need a place to lay low anyway. Why not head back to my families home? Mum wouldn't mind an extra mouth to feed." Sitting up and rolling to her feet the cat stretched a kink out of her back. " Besides, if I want to keep winning our little races then you need to put some meat on your ribs."

    The cat peered off into the distance, examining the sea line from afar. She twitched her whiskers. Mum and pa certainly wouldn't mind another beast for dinner, she hoped. Hopefully her father came back from market early and didn't have a chance to bump into Mr. Chessnut.


    "Come on mate. We are wasting day light when fishy foods need to be eaten." The cat took a step for the south, down shore in the direction of her home.

    #feel free to sping the pirates when ready :3 either in the mist or at night :D#

  • Yes.. while we waiting for the night to fall, we can as well go and look how things are in pirate ship ^^ Gives a bit time to introduce/get used to some characters before the things get serious!

    By the way how you wish Tali's family is dealt with? Should the pirates raid their home as well? Or does their house go unnoticed by them, as they won't live so close the village? Or do we just forget thh before-hand planning and see what happens?  n.n #

    The offer was alluring. Tali's mother's fish-cooking were piece of arts so Jarret was on his feet quicker than crab dig itself out of the sand.

    "I'm up for that offer", he said heartily as he followed after Tali, settling to walk by her side.  Though he did felt small sting in his conscience. There was some work that needed to be done and he hadn't yet even started it. Greyscale had given him a task mend the tore up clam nets for tomorrow, but  if he would be back in time, he would have enough time for that too. So it wouldn't hurt visit her family - Tali's parents were nice folk no matter what some of the villagers gossiped about them.

    "About what you said earlier…", the half-breed started while measuring thoughtfully the light blue sky. "Do you really think my life will pass me by in here?"
    Tali was perhaps said it as a joke, but there might be a slight ring of truth to it. Or at least Jarret couldn't argue that with the passing years village had started to  feel smaller and smaller to him… Like something in here wasn't quite enough. And he really didn't know what! It wasn't like he had ever been anywhere else in order to be able to compare.

    And living in here wasn't bad, not really… Working for Greyscale was far more exciting than any job the other villagers did. Sure it didn't make you a rich, but he could swim in the ocean, fight off crabs and seagulls and climb the cliffs… And some days there were times when Jarret actually got more than just a silent appreciation from  the "pest control" he was performing with Greyscale.

    And still there was something restless residing inside him. And that made him contemplate what was it he really wanted to do with his life.

  • Tali gave her friend a quizical look. She had to admit that simular feelings resided in her. She had no desire to live the life of a fisher beast forever, but she also lacked any desire to work for something different.

    The cat ponders the rats question. "Nah. I think you will grow up to be someone important." She says solumly, "Like a door stop, or paper weight, or what ever Mr. Cheshnut does." Wrapping her arm around the rat Tali tried to ruffle his head fur. "I don't know what yiu will become but I do know that if we stand here talking all day we wont get home in time for fishy foods. Now quit bellyaching and come on!" She released her grip. Moving south along the beach towards home.


    Liam was doomed.

    It wasn't the regular doom that most condemed beasts faced. He was not bound in chains or in prison waiting for his execution, but he was in no less danger.

    Liam had served under many captains, under various conditions and jobs. He always dreamed of leading a more secular carreer. A desk job away from the front lines of battle. He was estatic when he was offered the job of Quartermaster do to his skills of organization, record keeping and ability to count past his fingers.

    That was when he first started on this ship and before he realized that higher positions here were quite literally for life, and rather short.

    In the last two years the ship has gone through three quarter masters, 2 cooks, and more first mates than the marten cared to count.

    Their captain did not appreciate failure. Truth be told he didn't appreciate success much either, but he knew how to reward those for their efforts. It was really the only way beasts could tolorate the badgers mood swings...because for as short as their life spans were, they lived like kings, and had power.

    Beasts watch the marten shovel down his meal in the mess hall with concerned glances. Their usual mockery of the pine martens eating habbits are absent, replaced by sympathetic  glances. Today the cook even gave Liam extra waffles, Liam's favorite. The pine marten ate them with relish until he thought he would explode.

    He ate like it was his last meal. Truth be told he ate every meal as if it was his last. Combined with his lazy attitude and lack of exercise it was the reason the martn's clothes no longer fit him. Rolls of flesh gave Liam a thick pear shaped build. A large rounded gut spills out under his levi vest and over his belt. Despite his weight his snout remains pointed and sharp, save for the begining of a double chin.

    After finishing his meal the marten oicks himself up, exchanging sorrowfull glances with the crew before leaving to meet with the captain and inform him that five beasts had jumped ship, taking aifh them many supplies and a sizable section of loot in the night.

    The badger would NOT be pleased.

    Crosstail how ever was estatic.

    "Today's the big day liam!" The fox meets him in the hallway. The red fox was a scraggly sort wifh a bandana wrapped abiut his torn and holy ears. As second mate to the captain the fox employed a certain deranged half sane quality that made him actually enjoy the job despite the dangers.

    "Good morning to you cross tail."

    "Good morning indeed. Today is the day we get a new quartermaster." The fox skips up the stairs with Liam, "You know the crew is taking bests on how he's gonna do it. Its a tie on beheading or keel hauling."

    Liam rubs ag his neck wifh a grimmace. "Me personally i hope its disembowlment. I havnt seen him spill some beasts guts in a while and I want to make your hide into a fancy hat."

    The obese marten only whimpers in reply,  Feeling much like a prisoner being dragged to the gallows. He meets the first mate Spot at the captains quarters. The spotted weasel offers a sympathetic look but in reality is thankfull its not his head on the chopping block. They knock once and then all three enter to tell the captain the news...

    #feel free to assume that they already tell the captain the news :3#

  • Jarret gave up – after he had struggled  free from cat's sight of affection, of course. It did not pay the hassle of trying to talk seriously to Tali when the cat was in the mood for joking at every issue. Usually the ocelot's cheerfulness was contagious and just what you needed to brighten the day, but sometimes Jarret couldn't help but think… Well, it might sound little silly, but sometimes he got this feeling like Tali was using it to dodge the topics which made her uncomfortable.

    "Yeah, let's go" he said, as he combed down his ruffled head fur.  But they didn't walk long before half-breed spotted two figures walking straight towards them.

    Jarret peered more closely and suddenly his facial expression changed like he had just suppressed a pained groan - and as matter of fact, he had.

    Over the distance two squirrels were walking alongside the water line, returning from a fishing by the look of things. And it hadn't taken but a flash for Jarret recognize the pair: the Treestump brothers Fliggo and Viska. And it seemed that the squirrels had spotted them too.

    What a rotten luck.

    If there was something in the village which made him grave away from here, it was the Treestump brothers. A mutual dislike milled between him and squirrels, mainly because of Jarret's temper and 'coz the squirrel were jerks. They had been harassing him ever since the childhood and their personality  hadn't improved much since then.

    Tensed, Jarret drew his gaze off into the distance past the Threestump brothers, hoping  for a quick passing. This was too nice day to be ruined by them…

    Tack, tack, tack
    There was a rhythmical tapping sound which echoed throughout the captain's cabinet, created by the Captain's enormous claws which drummed desk's wooden surface. Thought it sounded more like four daggers stapping the desk in slow but malicious rhythm.

    Over his big desk Gargdark Redeye hadn't said a word, only stared at three beast that stood in line in front of  his foreboding silence. He had just received news of betrayal among his crew and Captain Redeye never took betrayal slightly… And the timing for this sort of news was even worse: just a few moments before he had received the report from slaver-master that five more galley-slaves in his flag ship's oars had given up their ghosts. If the pace kept up, his ship would soon end up

    So needless to say Gargdark wasn't pleased. And it was always bad thing for beasts like him to get moody. Gargdark was a huge honey badger whose brute force was across the sea. Not only that, but he also had a tricky mind which was in charge of that raw power in charge - even though that mind might have been a bit unglued.  It wasn't a new sight when Captain raged through the cabin, breaking and tearing anything he could reach just because things didn't go as he liked. But sometimes that was even preferred: at least in  those cases you knew that if those knife-like talons reached for you in their bloodlust, your pain would be horrible, but swift.

    This time, however, Gargdark just sat there and hammered invisible burning nails into the hides of the present trio -- and particularly on the fatso pine marten, who stood between of the fox and stoat. It meant that Gargdark had enough patience… Not for forgiveness but to contemplate the most terrible fate for the poor sod that had ended up in his blacklist. When honey badger took his time think of the fitting punishment, the pain was guaranteed to be horrible and as prolonged as it was possible.

    Suddenly the claws stopped their tapping, their tips resting against the desk as the sudden silence filled the room.

    "So… Five yellow-livered bastards just took away with my supplies… with my treasure… at the port we left...  And I'm informed that my quatermaster didn''t find it out until NOW?" As the honey badger spoke, his claws dig slowly into the wood, carving the wooden surface with deep claw marks, betraying away the rage Gargdark was holding inside and which he was about to unleash.

    And almost as slowly Gargdark rose from his seat, looming over Liam like Leviathan from the deep.
    "This is your job", he boomed, his mouth twisting into teeth-showing grimace. "Your one and only job is take care of the storage and the loot…"
    Suddnely and with loud kaboom Gargdark's fist hit the desk, making the sturdy furniture bend under the power of the impact.

  • To his credit Liam remains standing when the first and second mate cringe, but only because Liam was scared strait. The spotted weasel and fox take a step away from the doomed beast.

    Crosstail can hardly contain himself. He can only imagine all the grizzly ways the badger plans on killing the useless marten. Will it be a slash across the guts? De pelted? Used as target practice?

    The doomed beast Liam clears his throat, coughing politely into his paw. "My appolgoes sir, for bringing this to you so late. I was," stuffing his face silly with his last meal, "Investigating their dissapearence. It's not un common for one or two worthless beasts to follow their cowards heart back to land. But five? That warrents looking into…" Liam speaks slowly, calmly, belitting his rising fear.

    "The beasts jump ship after roll call, stealing into the night with exactly 43 dabloons of gold, several pearls, and a few necklaces from our treasure stores."

    The fox was getting practically giddy as the marten tries to talk his way out of this. He bites his lip in anticipation. Anymoment now...

    "The watchmen actually came to me first. They would have reported first to the second mate. But appearently they feared his anger too much and...hesitated."

    Crosstail blinks twice. "Wot?"

    "Before you ask. No I did not reprimand the beasts for their hesitation to report the missing beasts, because honestly I feel it was warented in this case. The sailors come to me all the time with complaints against Crosstail and his...well...you know what Crosstail is like."

    "Now see here!" The fox raises a paw to the accusation. "Don't listen to him sir! He is just trying to confuse you with his fancy pretty words!" This was wrong. All wrong! Thought the fox.

    The weasel takes a further step away from Cross tail. Inwardly he is relieved. The fox is right of course, the marten is speaking half truths. No boubt the crew hated Crosstails guts, but he doubts any had the guts to bring their concerns to even the captain, let alone a coward like Liam. But if it puts a noose around the neck of the insane fox, all the better in his book.

    "It makes my job harder when we have beasts like Crosstail throwing his power about the ship, bullying the crew with his remarks and actions. It undermines the beasts trust in us and even pushes beasts to leaving the ship! And quite frankly I feel this fox's attitude is only encouraged by the first mates lack of dicipline!"

    And now the weasel gasps. "Now see here!"

    "You stay out of this!" The fox growls at the weasel.

    "Like the blazes I'm taking a fall for a loud mouth idiot like you, Captain do you know what this beast has put me through?" The weasel begins.

    "Me? You're one to talk!" The fox and weasel begin into a loud argument, both eager to NOT be the one to fall on the dreaded blacklist.

    Liam for his part mearly steps back and lets them argue it out. If he was going to die, he wasn't going to die alone.

  • (Welp since I am here I guess it's time for Ezikeil to join, but question, You see I have been wanting to do this but I am trying to rp  a background to Ezikeil( http://www.redwallslegacy.com/forum/index.php?topic=2480.0) I wanted to Rp as his father  Dante which if you read Ezikeil's backstory you can see where I am going with this, You see I tried to rp this event before the the rp died before it really began :T. just asking before I post)

  • #We should take the discussion of the plot in here where we can talk all we want without disturbing the flow of the posts n.n #

  • Just noticed there are bits and pieces missing from my previous posts… I try to find time to fill them up, but first I post this ^^

    Jarret was so focused of staring past the Threestump brothers (pretending like they didn't exist in the first place) that he didn't see the sniggers Fliggo and Viska shared with each other when they passed each other.

    So the hall-breed didn't notice, let alone had a chance avoid that fishing-pole that was suddenly pushed to his feet's way. Jarret stumbled and fell right on his face fanfared by brother's laugh.

    Suddenly it was very hard to pretend like the squirrels were just an empty air.

    "What is your problem?", Jarret snarled angrily while rolling back on his feet, glaring at the squirrel-bothers. Fliggo tossed the fishing pole - the tool of his prank - over his shoulder, mimicking the look of hurt from such accusation.

    "Sorry? Was it my fault if you trip over your clumsy feet" Fliggo said all innocent and Viska chuckled.


    First and second mate were so busy in switching the blame that they failed to notice how successfully Liam had pushed them in the way of honey badger's anger while he himself had stepped aside from it. As the last thing Gargdark wanted to see right now was his top command-chain quarrel like old village-women in his presence.

    Putting it very simply, it was the last straw. Gargdark opened his large maw and ----

    The  power of Gargdark's roar alone should have been enough to slam the cabin door wide open and fly a trio out. And woe to that unfortunate soul who was still standing there when the honey badger drew the air back into his lungs.

    Fools! Each and every one of them! What he should do to get on this ship even one decent beast who could do his job properly without screwing it up? He ought to drag them all under the keel!--He'd….

    After a deep breath Gargdarks looks around and was pleased to see that he was left alone. Because otherwise he really would have reduced the all the three beast in his reach into shreds... And he might have regret that later.

    Killing off a quartermaster wasn't a big deal… But killing off both first and second mate? Too much trouble -- and now he wasn't referring to the mess on the floorboards that followed when killing somebody brutally. No, it was the trouble that followed after the sweet stress relief.

    He knew both Spot's and Crosstail's personalities which made it easier for him to control them… On top of that they had managed to stay on their positions quite a time now (which was accomplishment on this ship) so they knew how things worked and what he demanded from them. If he had killed them both off, then there would be two new beasts stepping in their vacant slots… And Gargdarks didn't have the patience to tolerate newbies learning the ropes, not right now… Thought he did enjoy of scaring them witless.

    A small snigger crept on badger's lips. Aaah, the control -- The control over beasts lives was mesmerizing like a drug for which he was not able to get enough of. The freedom  to marvel in how many creative ways you could break someone - physically or mentally depending on the current mood.… Uncover the thin line, the very moment when the force of bending something became the force of breaking it…

    …Hel needed to think the befitting punishment. For both Spot and Crosstail. Actually Gargdark didn't much care how much they abused their position as long as his orders were carried out… But if that started to sprout problems like these something needed to be done. He didn't have a need for incompetent underlings.

    But maybe not something flashy this time… Maybe it was time for juts some nasty glares, chuckling dangerously as he turned away from them… The little things that would leave the beasts sweating about what the pirate captain was planning for them. The fear they dwelled in while waiting unsure what the future would bring… That trick made beasts  try harder on their tasks, hoping that pleasing the captain would erase their errors made in the past… Yes, that sounded quite right! Now what about the pine marten? Oh, he should think something different for that fat quartermaster…

    He was feeling little better now -- at least in that degree that he didn't desire to wreck his chamber. With his musing Gargdark  turned towards the window, looking through the small glass panels which let him have  a good view of the emerald green sea. He caught a glimpse of Darkspawn, a brig with two square-rigged masts, which passed his flagship nimble as ever.

    Yes, many in  the crew still called him captain, but more accurate term would be Admiral at this point... His enormous flagship Black Widow had gathered a few other vessels, forming now an entire fleet, Gargdark Redeye's great pirate-horde.

    The small vessels were a necessarity for the scouting and quick raids that would bring riches and supplies to him… Black Widow was magnificent, but sadly it wasn't as agile and maneuverable like the smaller ships. But it really made the goodbeasts shiver when her black silhouette appeared on the horizon. The great port strongholds fell before him and his force so those landlubbers had every reason to be scared of him!

    And the fame of his deeds brought more beasts wanting to join him, making his power grow. But with more beasts under his flag came problems like these: disobedience, lack of discipline, desertion… Something needed to be done…

    Gargdark scratched his chin thoughtful, still looking the sea.

    I just assumed that the vermin-trio ran like the fire under their tails xD ..But if not, I'll modify my post ^^

  • Having ran like the blazes were lit under their tails the trio of vermin exchange worried glances before parting ways. Both beasts let their gaze linger on the pine marten who smiled pleasently at them. His actions had effectivily spared them all a horrible death while putting a rift between them but such is life Liam supposes.

    His two new enemies stalk off in different directions leaving the marten to himself. Once they were out of sight Liam nearly collapsed. It seems that his last meal this morning was premature! This called for a celebratory feast to commemorate the fact that he could still have one. The beast picks himself up then moves out.

    He needed off of this ship…

    Xia let out a gasp as her ratty companion gets a facefull of dirt. "Of all the low down dirty dubious dispicable dasterfly deeds!" Xia seems to have put that dictionary at home to use. "Cowards! For shame! Only an honorless beast stoops to violence." Tail twitching in agitation the cat crosses her arms. "Jerret, get back on your feet and honorably fight for your honor!"

    Wagging a finger at the squirrels the cat continues to shout at them, "You picked the wrong beast to mess with! Jarrets going to kick your tail up and down this beech and then shove it down your throat!"

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