Early morning fishing ((OPEN!))

  • Burble the bank vole had everything he needed for an excellent morning of fishing for the Fall nameday feast. He had his favorite chair positioned in just the right spot so the when the sun finally peeked over the abbey walls it would warm his back. He had a good stout fishing pole made of sturdy reeds he had fashioned last winter. He had his tray with hot dandelion tea and a few scones if he should get peckish. Yes it was a fine morning for fishing. Burble stretched up to the sky and yawned. He had been doing this every season for as long as he can remember and still hasn't gotten used to the earliness. "only a fool gets up this early" he thought as he finished his stretch. "Time for some excellent angling." He cast his line into the water near some reeds, where he knew some fishes could be found. He had been studying the habits of the abbey fish for years and was well acquainted with their hiding spots.

    Burble was perfectly content and hoped nothing or no creature would spoil his fine morning.  😉

  • I don't have any characters that would make a fine resident of great Redwall Abbey, but I can think of something and bring it here for Burble's horror.. If that's okay with you ^^

  • Sure that sound great!

  • Then here I come! May I present – Rook! He's... a rook xDD And he's hungry!

    Burble wasn’t the only one early beast on this fine morning.In one of those trees, which casted their pretty shades upon the Abbey pond, sat a rook. And since clan's true-seer had foretold that this particular rook would never accomplish anything worth of mentioning in his whole life, he had been given a plain name Rook.

    Rook was uninvited guest who had flown over the Abbey walls last night and hid on the trees which grew on the Abbey Grounds.  His jet-black plumage looked like the poor fellow had flew through the hurricane to get here but that wasn't nothing new. Rook's feathers always looked  as if someone had stuck to the bird's legs and gave him  a hard ride. He didn't have talent groom himself properly and so his feathers always stuck out like spikes from his plumage.

    He wasn't up to any mischief, at least not in his own opinion. He had just wanted  sleep the night over in secure place and trees surrounded by a huge wall seemed like ideal option.  And no-one would miss those two or three plumes from the Orchard….

    So he had eaten and he had slept. And then the morning came and in the bathing of the increasing light Rook had seen where he had ended up spending his night as a freeloader

    Wall's color didn't leave room for doubt. This was Redwall! Oh pigweed, now he had done it! Never mess with the residents of Redwall Abbey had his flock warned!

    The realization had struck so strong, leaving the blackbird too scared to move. Yes, Rook wasn’t particular brave -- and he wasn't that bright either. In fact his old flock had ridiculed him and kicked him out since the poor bird was so helplessly stupid that he wouldn't find his own beak even if he touched  it with both of his wings. The only thing he was good at nowadays was he just loitering around the beasts' dwelling places and snatching away food that was left unguarded.

    Oh why, oh why he had ended up in here? This was bad place, verry bad!

    Rook wasn't scared of landwalkers - toose  stoopid slowpokes would never caught him! Never him! He had wings! Wings that would take him high, high up where landwalkers never reached…. No, Rook was more scared of feathered brethren which dwelled in the Abbey with the landwalkers.

    Nervously Rook gazed up to the sky, half-expecting to see figure of sparrow circling around the air, ready to find him if he even was to breathe too loud. Rooks were almost two times bigger than sparrows but the size didn't matter when you had a whole flock all over you, plugging off your feathers. And Rook had heard rumors that Abbey's sparrows defended their territory fiercely and he didn't wish to find out if that statement was true or not... So he tried to stay in hiding behind these tree leaves. But hunger had started growling in his stomach….

    Luckily, no sparrow in sight right now-- just some bank vole who was putting out his fishing equipment. Rook didn't care much of fish… Those creatures were cold and slimy like the environment they lived in… So to mention he didn't like water either. And it didn't get into his head how landwalkers could eat something like fish or  willingly dip themselves into that deep cold wet  liquid. The mere thought made Rook shudder. Odd landwalkers and their odd habits…

    Fishing aside, he was more interested about the scones on the stray. Blackbird eyed them hungrily watching them like a hawk. Should he just sweep down and snatch them?... No sparrows around, everything was okay-dokey… He would be quick, he would be fast --- stoopid landwalker would never knew what hit him….

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