Burble Bankvole

  • Nickname: Burb

    Full Name: Burble Eustace Bankvole

    Species: Bank Vole

    Age: 27

    Alignment: Good

    Job: Brother of Redwall- Bellringer

    Description: Burble is a fairly typical bank vole. He has dark brown fur with black eyes. He is fairly tall and thin for a bank vole. He enjoys this distinction and tries to keep a trim figure by running the perimeter of the abbey a few times a week. He is very fastidious in his grooming and his clothing. He will typically wear the green habit of a Redwall brother. The only ornamentation he allows himself is a shiny silver cord around his waist that his big sister gave him the last time they were at the abbey.


    • Two green redwall habits

    • One silver habit cord

    • One hempen rope cord

    • Fishing pole and tackle

        - Fishing
        -  Herblore

        - Swimming: almost to the point of having a phobia of water. (ironic since he loves to fish)
        - fussy/ perfectionist (everything has to be a certain way, because we've always done it that way.)

      Burb is a very fastidious creature as are most bank voles. He thinks things need to be done a certain way because they've always been done that way. That being said he is really a friendly creature. He has never met a stranger, but he feels that his standards should be lived up to by everyone and is not afraid to tell someone when they have failed to meet said standards. He is very involved in the life of the abbey because he wants everything to go perfectly. He has never been the biggest fan of dibbuns. They are very sticky most of the time. He rarely jokes, but when he does it is usually very corny. He is very proud of his position as bellringer (hoping to get that position).  He loves being able to serve his abbey in that regard.


    Burble and his sister Gertrude were born in the Eastlands to a a pair of reclusive watervoles in the spring. The two realized they could not provide for all four of them so they began the arduous journey West to the land of Mossflower where they had heard tell of a wonderful abbey that would be able to provide for their children. On the way the mother vole became incredibly ill and by the time they had all made it to the abbey she was on death's doorstep. Her condition was even beyond the skill of the Redwall healers and she passed away that winter. The three remaining voles spent the winter together with the lovely Redwall brothers and sisters. The spring time came and the father declared he could be around other creatures any longer. The death of his wife had made him bitter and jaded. He left and gave the care of his two young offspring to the brothers and sisters of Redwall.

    Burble and Gertrude were inseparable growing up. Gertrude made sure Burble got into many a shenanigan as a dibbun. He used his innocent ways to get them out of trouble. It was a great partnership. He ate up the history lessons and the lessons in the orchards about the different plants which grew in the abbey and in the surrounding woods. He found he loved to be outside gardening and fishing. He grew to love the abbey and all of its inhabitants. Gertrude began to realize that the abbey life was not for her. She eventually ran away as a teenager. She found a wandering tribe of performers and joined them as an actress. She eventually got married to another bank vole who was in the company. They are expecting their first volelet in the spring.

    Burble gained more and more responsibility as he showed himself to be a serious and responsible creature. He was eventually given the title of brother of Redwall by the abbot in his twenty fifth season. He was given the responsibility of bell ringer in his twenty seventh season after the former bellringer retired.

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