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  • I go straight to the point here. Or at least I try to. My half-breed character Jarret was created to be a childhood-friend for ReLe-member Flitz's jerboa-character. Due some reasons Flitz hasn't been in forum for moths so I'm assuming he isn't coming back…

    This causes some major problems with Jarret since Flitz' character was his important counterpart. And I wan't that counterpart back. x)

    So now I'm looking for a player and character to hook with Jaret -- and replace that giant hole Flitz disappearance caused. Your alt's species or genre doesn't matter and I can adjust Jarret's age/history to match with yours. But there a some key-happenings that should be there:

    • They're childhood friends who practically grew up together.

    • Their village was raid by pirates

    • They were taken to the sea: your alt as slave, Jarret as crew-member.

    • Somehow they managed to escape - but were separated. (not necessary in this order)

    • Eventually they'll find each others

    ..I really like my character so pretty pleas anyone interested? ÓÒ

  • Who can argue witb those emote eyes?

    So are you asking for someone to take over that missing character or provide a new character to fit the profile?

  • They are my createst weapon xD

    Flitz character was all his own handwork so I have no rights to hand his alt to someone. The same thing applies to Rarel the Warlord – either there is wholly new villain or the honey badger is going to go through a few changes. Personally I think the honey badger is fitting species as a bad guy, but that is discussable subject.  ^^

    So yeah, I'm looking for a new character to fit the role and start over.

  • I see! I cant promis to meet up to the quality of the other player but i can tey to help out :3

    Any suggestions on what to make XD

  • Oh I'm sure you'll do fine 🙂 Thanks - Glad to have someone answering my distress call this quick! n.n

    Well, I'd rather hear what kind of character you'd like to play than decide it for you ^^ After all, you should create an alt you enjoy… As long as those background-conditions are met, I'm happy. n.n

    Flitz' alt was a female, but if you like more male-characters, that's good too. We can have strong brother-like bond between our alts. Flitz's character was a goodbeast but if you like vermin you may make one. Then both him and Jarret can be their village's outcasts if we so wish...  But all of those were just suggestions. Let ME hear what kind of character genre/age/species/background/personality etc. you'd want to create and we start our palnning from there. ^^

  • I was thinking of ret conning Liam. He is a swauve thiefy pirate XD

    Or Tali a…a very un swauve thiefy adventurer.

    I think i would like to play a pine marten :3

    But I can play any alt ok. Im trying to think of one who can counter ballence your character. Make a character too different and you get oil and water, make them too simular and you get a clone.

    What was the other players personality like icly XD

  • You're right what you said about counter-balancing characters. O.O Very important indeed.

    If we think about the narrow-minded village they both live in, it might be the easiest to pick a goodbeast-alt. If you want go with a pine marten, we need to think the story how he ended up living in the village of goodbeast and why his (and maybe his family?) presence was tolerated by the vermin-dreaded villagers. Jarret is a half-breed and his mother was a mouse, so he and her mother were just on the border-line in the villagers eyes….

    So you're asking what was Flitz's character like?.... Flitz's alt had a tendency treat Jarret like she was his mother (which of course irked Jarret 'coz she was only year older than him). I liked to think she kept Jarret out of trouble and stood up for him when he was in one.. Despite that she had a moody personality and  potty-mouth… It was challenge to be her friend sometimes. xD

  • Lol! Hmmm that certainly changes some things :3 of course we dont hsve to completely retcon your character either. Your character and fliz could be seperated again and we introduce a new character as a long lost childhood friend.

    But thats up to you :3

    Maybe we can rp with your character first either here or via pm with an npc to get a better idea at what he needs to compliment his personality :3 and i dont mind playing a woodlander either.

  • I'd rather reset Jarret's tale and star over, if that's okay with you…  Introducing a new childhoodfriend out of blue doen't mix with the things I have written in earlier posts, so its much easier just start over.

    We can continue exploring the right personality-mixture via the PMs, but I want to remind you one thing: remenber that you're not making character for me - you're making character for youself. So make one that will isnpire you to play even if Jarret isn't there. 🙂 I COULD continue playing Jarret without the childhoodfrien, but I prefer not.... Because I have so many plans what could happen to him and in all of them childhoodfriends presence is must...

  • Lol ok. So maybe a young Liam Grey. How old are these characters going to be? Teens mid twnties?

    And how do the two arrive at the village…or do they already live there?

  • Or i may make a new character completely. Its been a while since i did that o.o

  • …how do woodlanders feel about cats...

    Ill posted some character sheets later tonight let you choose which one you prefure :3

  • Ok. So. Here are some possible characters. :3 since background is already fairly covered I imagine that they live on the out skirts of town, especially if they are vermin and venture intown only for supplies and work.

    Family: poorer family, possibly living with an uncle. Im not a fan of making a character whoes parrents are automatically dead XD but this is a rare occasion where it would actually fit and I happen to know hoe to run such a background propperly with out being clisha :3 if we decided to do that.

    Im thinking that who ever the character is, they were sold off the ship after being a slave (less you wanted to rescue them XD) and spent a few years as a slave on land where they escape.

    So…here are a couple of personality character sheets. All are about 19-23...just depends on what is needed :3

    Liam Grey: pine marten

    One would hardly imagine Liam was once a slave abord a pirate ship. He has a cool, calm demenor, perhaps because he knows that what ever challenge he faces, he has faced worse.

    He has quick wit and and always likes to think before he speaks. He has a flare for shiny coins and good food, both tend to make him forget his sensibilities.

    After being taken from his village Liam was sold into a soave market in a port that still allowed for such barbarianism. Due to his rather weak nature and ability to count past his own fingures he was bought by a traveling merchant.

    He was not the kindest merchant, but not the cruelest. Liam proved to be a valuable worker around his masters household, cleaning, cooking, he was even being trained to manage some assests before his master fell ill of a bad liver. Either as a last act of kindness or out of respect Liam's master released him from servitude before retiring from traveling due to his poor health. He gave Liam the option to leave or stay on perminantly.

    Liam chose freedom with almost no hesitation...

    Tali: pine marten, cat, otter

    Tali hides the emotional scars of her past under humor and quick wit. She is often described as bubbly and happy and full of quick wit. Taken when she was too young to be an oar slave Tali was eventually sold to a traveling merchant. He was not the best person to work for...but he was far from cruel, certainly not deserving to be killed in such a mannor when their carivan was attacked by bandits.

    Tali was among only a handfull of survivors. She used the chaos to escape and work her eay back home, being taken in by extended family.

  • Whoa, those both are pretty good alts O.O

    Tali sound like a very interesting character – and her quick witted personality would surely cheer Jarret up when half-breed's feeling down... And if she too have humor, they can both be the village's two most mischievous Dibbuns doing their pranks xD
    ...And she too have scars from her past, which make her very deep alt altogether ^^

    But now I'm  a bit confused; do you talk about Tali's past before she and Jarret were captured by the pirates or events after that? I got the impression (but I'm not sure if i misunderstood) that when she was a kid, Tali was once abducted by slave traders, sold and after some time she managed to escape and return back to their home village... Or did you just mean to describe what will happen to Tali after she and Jarret become separated?  Because both options are very cool. n.n

  • When they became seperated :3 i think I may bring tali to this rp and use liam else where ^.^ Tali just seems to fit better for some reason.

    Where in the time line does this story take place? Before they are kidnapped by pirates, after?

    How old are they when taken?

    Also since I am bringing tali, which species should I make her. I narrowed it down to Vermin, neutral and woodlander. Pine marten cat (occelot if that is applicable) or otter :3

  • We could start playing from that fateful day when the pirates attack - that way we would have it loud and clear how the attack went and how Jarret and Tali were captured. Personally I'd like that since A) then we both know how things went. And 😎 I'd love play Jarret's time as a (forced) pirate. ^^
    …But a thread like might be better to put on the forum... If we're looking for just some PM-tryouts like we first discussed, then maybe we could play story that happened far before the pirates-raid? Like, how they met first time or the time they both got into real BIG trouble... The alternatives are endless. What you think? ^^

    What comes to their age... How about their village gets raided when they both are about 18-20-ish? Jarret's has to be old enought actually be of use to the pirates.

    Narrowed down to these three choices... I'd say go for neutral or the woodlander. Otters are coold and..........
    ...Just checked what kind of feline is ocelot - and oh dear god how beautiful creature! O.O Would make sense why she was sold off to the merchant: beauty like that is just wasted on the oars - you could fetch a good price from a beast with that spotted looks!

    ....Okay, now I fav for the ocelot >xD There's is just something adorable about cat and rat/mouse beeing best friends xD

  • Indeed. Ocelots are not exactly cannon beasts to the redwall story but…meh. occelots are cool :3

    Tali is now a jungle cat 🙂

    And im ok with just starting a day before pirates attack on the forum.

  • Flitz's character was a jerboa and my wild guess is that they aren't cannon in redwall-books either ^^ So I don't think ocelot-character will be a problem.

    Alrighty then… Then we shall begin! 8D ...Riiiiight after I can figure out a good name for our honey badger villain.... Having a hard time of finding a fitting one @_@ .._.Badworth, Gargan/Gardor, Crossgor, Barneck_….  why naming is so difficult sometimes? U__u'

    But what do you think -- should we take turns in control of our Warlord? I like to play the villain, but there is one downside: you know what's coming x) And I would like to be surprised/held on my toes sometimes. ^^

  • I once had the idea of making a plot involving a crazed cat king. Each plauer could spoof him at random, even making him do the complete opposite of what he just said. It added to the ilusion of crazyness.

    Or at least would have if i ever decided to make the plot XD

    He can be a shared npc. When you need to interact with as your character I can take him over. And visa versa.

    As for names…hmmm...i have Slade on the redwall muck, a fur trading badger. We can also call him Bigglesworth 😄

    Or Redeye on account of his bloodwrath etc etc XD

  • This is interesting, enlighten me on this idea I think I wish to join.  Especially since oneof my rps seems to be dead now..

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