Newsletter of September

  • What an exciting summer it has been and we are coasting into fall right now. So meaning we will have a Fall Feast of somesort! To celebrate Fall and to be thankful for everything.

    But this fall we will see a slowdown in posting and people being active, due to all of us still being in school or working or having other things come up. Which is completey acceptable. Keep this in mind when posting or waiting for someone to post. (((Refer to RPG section)))

    First off, welcome to new and old members who are coming back.  If you are new to this forum, we would like to formally welcome you to Redwall's Legacy! If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask. We will kindly answer all your enquiries. Here at Redwall's Legacy we offer a multitude of things to do, including:
        - Redwall based role-play
        - Non-traditional role-play
        - Redwall based discussions
        - Off-topic discussions
        - An auto-refreshing chat room
        - An art gallery
        - A friendly writing atmosphere
        - Forum and post based games
        - Our own facebook page
        - And so much more!
    So have a look around, make some friends, eat some candied nuts, and have some fun!

    Follow this link to help you get started and acquainted to the website >>

    Second. We have SERVERAL new members joining us!!! Please Welcome:
    Balrgos the Destroyer
    Riscar Gentlewind

    Please make them feel welcome and to the newcommers, don't hesitate to message anyone about questions.


    We have several open RPGs right now going on! SO make a character or brush off an old character and get role playing. WE are all super friendly and who knows, maybe your RPG will become part of the story Arc.

    ***Also by joining the RPG, remember if you don't get a notice that you will be gone for more than three weeks, you give up your character to another player or your character gets written out. You must tell the OP of the RPG if you are leaving for 3+ weeks ahead. And don't forget, you character is in the RPG and intreacts with other characters in the RPG, if he/she does something significant and then you disappear and don't post then the whole RPG is on stop and in most cases will die. SO KEEP THAT IN MIND! This is to old and new members. Please don't leave us members hanging. No seriously. I mean it. don't. Don't at all. its really annoying acually. and in annoying is like we can't start a proper Story Arc and when we start a Story Arc it stops half way though since majority stops posting. ****

    Currently RPGS open (don't forget you can always make your own. and You don't need to have a character first to play, you can make one up as you go along and then write the bio later. Yes this is possible. I TJ the admin say so.)


    The Ice Warriors (;topicseen#new)

    Up in the Northlands...trouble is brewing

    To Catch A Shadow ( )
    Two Assiassins heading to a manor on one mission..what more could go wrong

    Magic Paws (;topicseen#new )

    Its not all what it seems..

    Open Season on Polecat (;topicseen#new )
    Polecat on the run from her brother..

    Hunt for Corsairs (;topicseen#new)

    Pirate lover galore!!! Join if you think you are worthy enough....

    Prehistoric Park ( )
    Who doesn't love dinosaurs. Based on the latest movie "Jurrasic World"

    PLEASE join! We always need more characters and on the brightside you get to be more active.

    Story Arc:
    Currently we do not have enough members intrested in doing a story arc. When we get more active members and more activity, TJ (story arc admin) will start up a story arc of an existing RPG. SO maybe your RPG would be the one that is the main story arc.
    The Redwall's Legacy Team.

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