Gulrag of the North (OPEN!!!)

  • Icefurr came awake again with a splitting headache. He tried to look around, but his eyes were covered by some kind of rough cloth. He tried to talk, and his voice came out as a hoarse croak. "Hello?" he whispered loudly. All he got was silence. The blindfold felt loose, he thought. He shook his head and ripped at it with bound paws until he could see. He was in…his old camp. Where's Quickfoot? he though.

  • Quickfoot didn't have to be a good tracker to follow these vermin, they tromped alonge without a care in the world. he made a battle plan as he went, he would locate icefurr, KO the gaurds, then see what happens. "not exactly the best plan, but a plan." Quickffot thought.

  • Icefurr was bound to a pole near the middle of the east side of camp. There were familiar grey tents and black flags everywhere. It was snowing, but guards still marched back and forth along the edges of camp. If I remember correctly, he thought, there are at least twenty guards at the rim of camp, and fifteen posted further out. Also, the camp is at least fifteen hundred strong.

    Dreg . . . Slash came into the view of the white fox. “Well, good morning, sunshine!” he sneered. “How was your beauty sleep?” He chuckled, then turned to someone Icefurr couldn’t see. “Get him untied and take him to Gulrag!”

  • among other things, Quickfoot was a exceptional tracker. he followed the trail with ease and soon caught sight of the camp. "holy cow!" he said under his breath. suddenly he heard shouts and turned to see a sentry running towards him.

  • The sentry was a very low ranking rat. He thought that if he caught the snooping hare, he'd get a promotion . . . maybe to a janitor. He sighed to himself. All the same, he yanked out his sword and yelled at the hare. "Oy! You rabbit! Git yer paws in the air!" He ran for the hare, only to stumble and fall over a log.

  • The sentry got up. "put your paws in the air!" he yelled again. Quickfoot threw his paws in the air and threw a knife right at the sentry in the same movement. the sentry flopped over dead.

  • Well, dang it, was all that the sentry rat could think before he collapsed, dead.

    Meanwhile, Icefurr was roughly being jostled and pushed to his feet. He barely had time to rub some feeling back into his paws before he was ushered towards a huge red tent. At the top, a flag fluttered in red and black, bearing the emblem of a claw stripe surrounded in blood.

    The white fox was shoved in. "Ah, Icefurr! How nice to see you again," a voice came from a tall chair at the other side of the tent. Two torchbearers stood on either side, illuminating a wolverine of massive proportions. Its fur was white, and had black markings up its sides. A cloak of dark red lounged around it in a pool of fabric. "However, I am quite sure that the messenger you ran from that day made it quite clear what would happen if you ever came back," he rasped. "I hear that you've made a name for yourself . . . Rogue Captain."

    "Gulrag," Icefurr growled. "What are you doing this far south? Go back to the lands of ice, you scum." A guard on his right smashed a spear butt into his jaw. Icefurr spat out a broken tooth and kept talking. "You'll never get far enough to take Redwall." Gulrag started. He hadn't known that Icefurr knew that that was what he was planning.

    "You'll never know, now, will you?" He recovered from the initial shock and chuckled. "You'll be dead. Guards?" Both ermine on Icefurr's sides stood to rapt attention. "Take him away. He'll be executed tonight." Icefurr slumped under two more hits to his head. The white ermine dragged him away to another dark tent.

    One of them lifted the tent flap. Inside were a few iron cages. An old fox unlocked one at a signal from the ermine. They heaved Icefurr inside and slammed the cage shut again.

    Back in his tent, Gulrag laughed hysterically. Icefurr heard it and woke up. "I always knew he was mad," he muttered.

    "Wossat?" the old fox grunted.

    "Nothing of importance, for now," Icefurr replied. The other fox shook his head and returned to his nap.

  • Quickfoot retrieved his knife, now to move on. he started towards the camp. "how am i supposed to get in?" Quickfoot wondered aloud to no one in particular. "well" his mind replied to its self. "we just got past a sentry so i guess the way is open for now."  he continued to walk towards the camp.

  • Leo Gundar strode quickly towards where Quickfoot was foolishly walking straight into the camp of about one thousand and five hundred strong. The ermine placed a paw on the hare's shoulder. "I wouldn't do something like that if I were you. I've been watching you two for quite a while now, and I know you won't be that stupid." He armed himself with a straight sword and a shield with a strange symbol on it: a paw and a talon clasped over a sword like the one in Leo's paw. "Where's Captain Swiftblade?"

    Icefurr was roughly jostled awake by the fox guard. "Get up. You're to die now." He cackled and opened the cage. Icefurr stood and walked, dejected, out of the cage.

  • I'm forced to put this on hold again.

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