Gulrag of the North (OPEN!!!)

  • It was a dull, freezing day in the flat northlands of Clandon, a land further north than all the rest. Icefurr the fox walked along the hard, rocky road. He had heard of a horde building up in the northern flatlands, and he wanted to see what he could do to help. The Rogue Captain was dedicated to what he did.

    As he was walking, he drew his sword. He licked his paw and tested the blade. Still sharp. He gazed into the smooth, polished surface. He could see his reflection: dusty, road damaged fur with blue, sad eyes. He couldn't believe that about three seasons ago, he was a pillaging vermin hordebeast. Then, he heard voices and sounds of a scuffle up ahead.

  • up ahead a white hare fighting a fox cries for help

  • Icefurr rushed forward. He pulled the two apart, gently pushing the hare away. He dealt the fox a swift kick. "What seems to be the problem here?" he asked.

  • well it goes like this me and my mates, meaning the long patrol of salamadastron, were ambushed and I was the only one not caught and this vermin just stayed to fight me

  • "How'd you guys get all the way up here, in the north?" asked Icefurr. He grabbed the fox, who had been trying to wriggle away, unnoticed. "And what about you, mister? What brings you to this neck of the land?"

  • well we were traveling by boat, and we reached here thinking we could push through the ice buuutttt we crashed got ambushed ect.

  • ((ooc By the way, you came up with the fox, you're in charge of it.

    ((bic Okay, I get it, thought the fox. "What were you hoping to accomplish? Were you after the horde up here, too?"

  • like im going to tell you replies the fox. although I would tell you if you kill the hare, then you could be part of the horde!

  • "What horde?!? And why would I want to be part of it? Who leads it?" Icefurr bombarded the fox with questions, giving him a good kick for each question.

  • ouch OUCH stop it, I don't know who leads the horde, no one does but the second-in-command. he goes somewhere every night and comes back with orders

  • "Okay, so why do you think that I would join you? And why did you ambush this poor hare and his friends?" Icefurr inquired. (Still kicking. No mercy from him.)

  • because your a fox, duh. ouch! we thought they could be good slaves, they know more of the land, its a dream come true, there are rumors the horde is gathering for world domination. eep, shouldn't have said that. ouch!

  • "Ugh, just because of my appearance, you always think that I'm naturally bad." Icefurr stopped kicking. He hauled the fox upright. "Can you take us to your horde?" He looked at the hare. "If you want to come…"

  • i'm not taking you anywhere. says the fox sounding kinda bratty

    suddenly the hare was on him like a flash, knife to his throat. take us there or the horde will never find your remains!!

  • "Whoa, easy there. I'll convince him, fox to fox." He hauled the fox off a short distance…and started kicking him again. Then he stopped. "You know that we're not letting you go until you take us, right?"

  • duurrr. you think I'm an idiot replies the fox. I'm not taking you anywhere, and I will try with all my might to escape.

  • "Okay, then that's all I want from you." Icefurr whipped out his sword and stabbed the evil thing. He nudged him behind a bush, and went back to the hare.  "He was dead anyway. His kind are all dead."

  • the hare saw icefurr stab the fox, he walks over. " darn I wanted to kill him, well too late now, lets go" the hare says excited. by the way I'm Quickfoot.

  • "I'm Icefurr. Lets go. I heard that they're up in the northern forests."

    ((ooc I have to leave. Bye.

  • ((ooc bye.

    ((bic. little did they know what dangers lied ahead.

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