Shadow Thieves (Just a story.)

  • Icefurr the fox walked into the cave. Before him was a large black nothingness, although the whole place seemed to speak of evil deeds. He looked at the four other creatures behind him. Strangely, they weren't foxes like him, or any type of vermin, for that matter. They were mice and squirrels, and suchlike. He wasn't their prisoner, and he wasn't their slaver. He had decided that pointless killing was just that… pointless. He wanted to be like those behind him, which is why he was helping them and their friends find the bandits that had been terrorizing their tribe. The cave in front of him was the supposed hideout of the creatures. He drew his thin, specially made curved sword that he had been given by a badger.

    Suddenly all of his band drew their weapons. A shadow of something had zoomed out of the cave, and had attacked a smaller otter in the back of the group. It was furiously set upon by the mouse and two squirrels behind him. Icefurr jumped into the fray, pushing aside the smaller creatures. He grabbed the "something" and held it up by the scruff of the neck. "Who are you, and what do you want?" It snarled and cut him with something in its hand. Icefurr released it, and it scrambled away into the cave. "What in my grandma's rudder was that?" asked Mudtail, the otter who had been attacked. "I don't know," replied Icefurr. He looked into the cave. "Some kind of rat, I think." "Over here!" exclaimed Oakclaw, the older squirrel. "I found something!"

    Icefurr, Mudtail, Corntooth the mouse, and the other squirrel, named Aspen, rushed over. "It's gold!" exclaimed Corntooth. "Not just gold. It's a pile of treasure! Gold, silver, and daimonds!" "Hey! That's my mother's tailband," said Aspen. It was some of the stolen valuables that the bandits had taken. "We'd better get this back to the tribe," suggested  Icefurr. They each took a small pile of the treasure in their tunics. Then, they headed back in the direction that they remembered was the right way back.

    When they got back, there were many small trinkets and bobbles to find the owners to. When they did, they were gratefully thanked repeatedly. That night, they had a restful and wonderful sleep.

  • The next day, the small group was standing in front of the cave again. They each held a torch, and were all armed to the teeth. Icefurr walked cautiously inside. He motioned for the others to follow. As they were walking, they began to hear noises towards the back of the cave. The noises grew louder, and sounded like drumming, and shouting. It got more frantic and crazy. Icefurr saw a light approaching them. He ducked down behind a rock. The others followed his example… all but Aspen, who had been at the front of the group. Oakclaw whispered his name, but Aspen didn't hear. Worse still, the light approached faster, and the noise got louder.

    The light came around the corner, held up by a small creature, like the one they found the other day. It looked around the passage and saw Aspen, walking along the hall. Aspen froze. The thing looked like it was trying to decide where the animal it saw was. It didn't have good eyesight, and it was plain that it couldn't see Aspen. It squinted, and peered around some more. Since it saw nothing, it turned around and left. Aspen waited a few more seconds, then collapsed with relief.

    Oakclaw rushed over. "Are you okay?" he asked. "Yeah, I just got really scared." Aspen got up. "I was able to get a closer look. Those creatures are some kind of miniature rat. It seems to be covered in paint and other things." She looked at Icefurr. He said,"I think that we should check out what's going on back there." The group continued in silence.

    When they got close to the end, Corntooth stopped the group. "I feel like someone is watching us!" he whispered urgently. The Mudtail suddenly darted to the right. He emerged from behind a rock carrying a small hedgehog. "Gerroff me, you lousy waterdog!" squealed the little thing. She bit Mudtail, and ran back to the rock. The commotion had brought a few rats to the scene. "Achah! Karuck!" one squealed. Mudtail and Oakclaw pulled out their slings and loaded, but the rats were already heading back. Mudtail released his stone, and one dropped unconscious. Another was felled by Oakclaw, but a third headed towards the sound. "Karuck! Karuck!" "Ruuuuuun!" yelled Icefurr.

    They all spun on their heels and scooted out of there like their tails were on fire. Icefurr could hear the sounds of pursuit not very far behind them. "They're catching up!" he shouted. Then Corntooth stumbled. Icefurr rushed back to help him, and got him to his feet. "We have to keep moving!"

    "I think I broke something," Corntooth gritted from between his teeth. He tripped and fell again. The army of creatures was almost to them. "Come on!" Icefurr picked Corntooth up, and shuffled towards the cave entrance. Arrows and stones came from Mudtail, Oakclaw, and Aspen. One rattish thing was about to grab Icefurr's jerkin, but Aspen shot him down. "Good shot, Aspen!" exclaimed Icefurr.

    Then, Corntooth got jerked off of his back.

    Icefurr spun around. Three of the little monsters had Corntooth in between them, and were dragging him off towards the rest. Icefurr leapt at them, swinging his sword in a deadly figure eight pattern. They moved faster. He attacked one, and ran him through. He ran at the other two, and they dropped Corntooth. Icefurr grabbed him and ran to the entrance. A bit farther back, the horde of madbeasts stopped. They didn't seem to want to go into the sunlight. "They're scared of the sun!" he shouted.

    When they reached the entrance, they kept moving back to the tribal village. When they got there, the first thing that they did was find a healer. The best thing that they could find was a hedgehog named Thistlespike. She was very positive about Corntooth's wounds. "He broke his upper arm, and he's under some kind of tranquilizer," she explained. "Those creatures must have poisoned him when they captured him. He'll be fine after some rest and medicine. I'm not exactly sure what this poison is, but it may be some variation of wartleaf."

    They left Corntooth in Thistlespike's care and went to the local inn for some rest.

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  • (bic) The next morning, Icefurr woke up quite refreshed. He laid in bed staring up at the rafters. He decided that today, they would catch the thieves. He got up and reached for his sword… which wasn't there. I swear it was right here by my bed, he thought. He glanced around the room. He couldn't see it. Where is it? he thought. He got dressed and went down to the dining hall. 'Have you seen my sword?" he asked the barkeeper. "No, I haven't," said the barkeeper. "Funny thing is, I've gotten 9 more complaints about missing possessions." "I believe that the "shadow thieves" have struck again. I've got to tell the others," said Icefurr. He rushed out the door, grabbing some biscuits from the table.

    He rushed to his friends' houses. None of them had seen it, and they were each missing something too. "Today, we have to stop those bandits. Nobody takes my sword," said Icefurr. "Now calm down, friend. We need to figure out how we're going to get enough people to fight those little things. I saw about three-score of them," Oaktail reasoned. Icefurr agreed, and they went to the village chief to see what they could do.

  • As he was walking to the chiefs lodge, he remembered something. "What about that little hedgehog that we saw yesterday? When we were at the cave?" Icefurr said, looking at Oaktail. "She might have…actually, I have no idea," Oaktail responded. They arrived at the lodge, and Aspen knocked firmly on the door. "Come in." They walked in, and before them stood the chief of the village.

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