• Nickname: Blargos the Destroyer
    Full Name: Kaldr
    Species: Wolverine (Gulo gulo)
    Age: Equivalent of 26 Human years of age

    Job: Kaldr is a mercenary, selling his ferocity and skill out to those that can afford it, or can prove to him why he should do it at a discount or for free(which is rarely done when it comes down to it).

    Alignment: Neutral, though on the darker side of it.

    Description: Kaldr’s physical appearance follows fairly closely the norm for Wolverines. His fur is primarily a dark brown, with a golden stripe running down the sides of his face, torso, and tail. It makes a V shape on his chest as well. His teeth are slightly more robust than average however.

    Possessions: Kaldr’s primary possession is a Halberd, followed by a vest of scale mail. A large and small knife rest on his hips opposite of one another. He wears a heavily armored gauntlet on one arm for blocking purposes.

    Besides those, he wears a dark red cloak that comes down to his knees and clasps at the collar bone with small metal clasps in the vague shape of beast skulls, painted red. Around his neck he wears the leather cord of a necklace, but it is entirely unadorned, as he wishes to wait until he has trophies to hang upon it.

    Skilled Combatant: Kaldr has fought most of his life, and has learned the art of battle fairly well from it.

    Halberd Expert: Kaldr has fought the majority of his battles wielding his Halberd, and has become quite skilled with it as such.

    Useless Bowman: Kaldr is entirely lacking in skill when it comes to the traditional bows, long bows, recurve, ect. As a Warrior he has little use for such long distance weaponry.

    Fear of Shields: After hearing the tales of the demise of Gulo the Savage, Kaldr developed an intense hate and fear of shields. So much so that he cannot abide them on his person.

    Personality: Fierce is the best way to describe his personality. He does most things with intensity and fervor, though when spurned it is quite obvious as he withdraws and broods. He can be kind to a certain extent, though he's not particularly good at it.

    Background: Born in the far reaches of the North, Kaldr was the first born son of a fearsome pair of Wolverines. They lived in a coastal forest in a small Clan, made up of Kaldr, his parents, and his younger siblings(twins). Warring constantly with their neighboring creatures, Kaldr and his younger siblings grew up fast, as fighting was a way of life more than a choice there.

    They often beat the Rats into submission, and it was against them that Kaldr spilt blood for the first time, and from them he would later gain most of his equipment. His Father would later force the local Rats under his command, and form a formidable, albeit small, defense force for the Clan territory.

    Kaldr enjoyed the fighting, and took patrols out to fight on the borders of their small forest, but boredom would eventually take him. As such he decided to look to the South for battle, riches, and fame. Upon his coastal arrival via pilfered boat, he found more, albeit different Rats to fight. They'd been plauging a nearby village, who was grateful to and terrified of the Wolverine. He was paid decently well for his deeds, and decided to make fighting his trade.

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