The Rescue Party (Quest)

  • The morning sun shone down upon Mossflower wood, warming the fur of a squirrel as he walked on through a small clearing, a sword at his side, a quiver of arrows at his back, and a determined expression as he marched on, pausing to look up at the sky. His blue eyes reflected the blue he saw, not a cloud in the sky. The warrior sighed.

    I hope Keia's alright…

  • Taloneye walked along behind, holding the sacks of supplies over his shoulders. He was well biult from his harsh life in Mossflower so it didn't take much effort on his part. He himself had borrowed a sword from Redwall to use for self defense in times of need. The sword was strapped to his side on a black belt.
        "How long do you think that we've been traveling so far?"

  • OOC: It's the same day, just later in the morning.

    Seth looked back at the weasel, then back ahead. "I'd say a mile or two… Should be comin' up on the River Moss soon..." They had been traveling on a north-easterly heading, due to a small trail left behind by a group of beasts. Seth belived that they were the slaver's pawprints, and followed them this far. Hopefully, Keia would be fine...

  • -ooc- Okay, I was just wondering…

    -bic- "Alright, but maybe if we could take a quick rest when we get there I would be much obliged..."
        He trailed off when he noticed something in one of the bushes. A golden light shimmered off of it's surface. He put down the sacks and reached out, taking hold of the precious object. He turned it over and over in his paw, admiring it. Suddenly he stopped. He squinted down at it and gasped in shock.
        "Uh, Seth?"

  • "Yeah?" The squirrel turned around slowly so as to not fall over due to the momentum of his heavy backpack. Tal had apparently found something. He walked back and knelt beside the weasel to better examine the object.

  • Taloneye, appearantly still stunned, handed the object to Seth.
        It was a bracelet. It was made from gold and silver and was finely wrought. The piece of precious jewlery had the figures of three snakes wrapped together in the middle of the center link. One snake was gold, the sencond was silver and the third, the larges of them, was made from both gold and silver that was brought together into a diamond pattern along it's body. It was a beatiful peice of art obviously meant for royalty or someone of great power.
        "I think that I recognize this bracelet from somewhere."

  • Seth examined the thing, and asked, "Really? Where?" The squirrel felt the cold metal in his paw, the piece of jewelry vaguely reminding him of his tailring. It was indeed an intricate work of art, and whoever had owned it must have a very high status… BUt who? And what was it doing out here?

  • "I'm not sure…" He seemed lost in another place and time, searching for the answer. "It must be the snakes. I recognize the snakes from somewhere, but I can't remember exactly where."

  • "Hmmm…" Seth muttered in thought. Though Tal had started to remember something that might tell Seth something more about him, the warrior felt anxious to move instead of sit around and stare at some shiny object.

  • With a frustrated sigh, Taloneye pocketed the braclet and picked up the sacks again. He started to walk forward again, but his thoughts still rested on the strange object in his pocket.
        "Let's keep moving. Maybe we can reach Marl tomarrow if we move fast enough."

  • Seth nodded and continued walking, glad to be on the move.

    I'm coming, Keia. Hold on.

    The squirrel adjusted his backpack once again, feeling the ful weight of the provisions dig into his shoulders. Nevertheless, he kept walking, hearing faintly the trickle and gurgle of water nearby. The River Moss.

  • -ooc- Do you mind if we move ahead to to the lake? I don't see much point in posting about the next two days of roving through Mossflower.

  • OOC: Well, there's a showdown to be had first… Had something planned.

  • -ooc- Okay.

    -bic- Tal moved forward a little more quickly when he heard the water in the stream. Releived to get a short rest, he tossed the bags onto the bank and jumped in, headfirst.
        Moments later he came back to the surface somewhere near midstream with a grin plastered on. It felt good to relax a bit.
        After another minute or so of swimming on the surface, he dove under to search for fish to eat.

  • Seth managed a small grin at Tal's antics, and almost jumped in after him. It was hot for the start of autumn… However, his heavy pack, and the knowledge that pike patrolled the river kept him from jumping into the cool water himself. instead, he kept watch to make sure there were no such monstrous fish about. The squirrel saw nothing particularly threatening, and unslung his pack, climbing a tree with another grin on his face.

  • Several minutes later, Taloneye resurfaced with a single, moderate-sized trout in his left paw. catching fish without a fishing rod was incredibley difficult, but he had gotten used to staying undeerwater for long periods of time, swimming. He had taken to doing this after he was forced into the woodlands by the other vermin. Unable to leave his home near the swamps off mossflower made it difficult to get food any other way, but he had soon gotten the hang of it.
        Taken the the trout up to the bank, he killed it and started a fire. Then he set about to making himself a spit with a green willow branch and a sharp rock.

  • As Taloneye reappeared, fish in paw, Seth hopped off of the branch he was perched upon over the river and dove in, the brisk water enveloping him, cooling him down. As squirrels go, Seth could swim, but he preferred climbing trees as his species naturally did. Still, he swam about in the clear water, near mid river but not quite, as the current was strong there. He would float downstream past Taloneye and the hastily apropriated campsite, then work his way back up the river and repeat the process once or twice. After he was sufficiently cooled off, the squirrel waded out of the water, letting the heat he so willingly escaped from dry his fur off.

    "Fish?" He asked simply upon approaching Taloneye.

  • By this time, the fish that Tal had caught was sizzling over the hot embers of a small fire, stuck from mouth to tail on the spit. The skin was peeling away from the soft flesh and juices began to drip from it as it cooked from the heat of the glowing ashes below it.
        Tal, who was now laying out some food and plates from their sack, glanced up at the dripping squirrel. "Yep, a fish. It should be great with the some of the food we brought. After that we can get going again if you like."

  • Seth looked back up at the sky, seeing the position of the sun, and came to a decision. "Yeah, I think it's best we move on after we eat." He then shook himself to rid his fur of most of the water on him, and took a seat near the fire. A breeze rolled by, rustling the trees all around them and creating a shuffling sound as the leaves rubbed against each other. But the noise of a twig snapping in the distance farther off caught his attention. Gazing about and satisfied that he doesn't see anybeast, the squirrel looks back into the fire, drifting off in thought.

  • Tal looked up as the twig snapped and his paw instinctively to his dagger from Redwall. When he was satisfied that no one was there, he too went back to eating and forgot about it. When they had finished eating, he stood up and started repacking the food.
        "I think that we should get moving again."

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