Lazy Thief lookin' for Work

  • I'm pretty sure my time-table will let me be reasonably more active than before. I'm currently in 'Open Season on Polecat' but I'm looking to stretch my legs a bit more.

    If anyone has a thread that's already underway and doesn't mind me inserting Riscar in, let me know. My brain won't stop tickling me.


  • Well for normal threads I can provide you with,

    Tales of warm waters

    Hunt for Corsairs

    Journey to the Mountain

    BUT of you feel like entering the non traditional route you can join up in Prehistoric Park. Just gotta say you want to in the OOC chat. Also I am a artist who is currently planning on drawing a comic for it as well 😄


  • Yes! More raptor food is always welcome :3

    Also Im always up for running non cannon plots as well. I have an idea rolling around in my head but just havnt figured out exactly how to impliment it. A non cannon story where Redwall FALLS!

    But I dont promis that to be ready for a while.

  • What if we make a sci fi rp. (Okay I was watching Erueka 7 and stuff like Gurren Laggen DONT JUDGE ME sniff)

  • We could also make a redwall themed adventure. Have a group of adventures enter an underground set of ruins searching for the fabled lost gold of the fabled Lizard king.


  • I think we can tell who has been watching Indiana Jones recently….

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