Stonewall Defense Incorporated.

  • introduction message:

    Welcome to Stonewall Incorporated, the most advanced industry of its kind. Here at Stonewall, our best and brightest minds work around the clock to make your lives easier with our advance research and development teams by providing breakthroughs and technological advances in robotics, medicine, genetics and security.  We don't just strive to make your lives easier, but we also promise to ensure you and your family's safety with our top security and defense task forces. Here we only accept the best of the best to protect you. Here at Stonewall, You are the king. Let us better your kingdom.

    What exactly is Stonewall?: Stonewall is a advance industry leading in the research and development of the robotics, medicine and genetic fields. Our research has gone into projects devoted to create the most advance artificial limbs and prosthetics, more effect medicines and so much more. Not only this but We provide a top of the line security systems and even a Private Military Force of 52,000 operatives who are devoted to your safety and we will do whatever it takes to protect you and your loved ones. So next time you consider a\making your home safe, think Stonewall.

    History: Stonewall began its days as "Castle Industries"  by Rodger Ingio in 1964 as a direct result of conflicts in far eastern jungles. Due to the combat effectiveness of its operatives which only was approx. 2500 operatives it began to be employed by Government officials and wealthy corporations to provide effective protection from threats. As the years went on providing its troops in the name of protection the company grew larger as it's forces reached a population of 15,000. Sadly in 1989, Rodger Ingio was killed in a press conference by a 2 gunmen of unknown origin. Then Castle Inc. became under fire from the media due to the incident in 1991 when 4 of its off duty operatives seemed to had snapped and was responsible for a mass shooting that killed 2 children and caused 12 injuries. The failing company was soon purchased in 1995 By Sebastian Koyzra and soon renamed the industry to Stonewall and paved the road leading the company to what it is today.

    Who is Sebastian Koyzra?: Sebastian Koyzra is the current CEO of Stonewall. This gray squirrel is the one responsible for making this company what it is today and helps make your lives a more happier place. Mr. Koyzra served in the military back in the early 80s when Castle Industries was at its strongest. Leaving in 1983 Mr. Koyzra  began a successful life as a stockholder for some very successful companies we know and love today. When Sebastian Koyzra saw what Castle Industries had succumbed to after it's founder's assassination he didn't see a washed up company doom to fall into bankruptcy, he saw opportunity and potential and with that purchase, he began his work.

    Quick facts:

    -Stonewall has one of the most advance research teams in the world and has won over 30 different awards for its work in medicine, robotics and cybernetics

    -Stonewall protects over 2 million citizens across the world with our top of the line security systems

    -Aside from just Operatives who work under our name, Stonewall also has both a naval an air defense force so enemies beware!

    Thank you for your time and remember, You are the king of your castle. Let us help make it better, Stonewall.

  • (Okay with this I was trying to make it sound like a brochure. I hope you get the main idea about Stonewall. Also I will allow anyone to create characters to be members of Stonewall as long as they Let me know  beforehand. Oh, and another thing. If you want to have Stonewall in your RPs  please be careful with your time line. Anytime before 1995 the company is Castle Industries, if it is Before 1964 then the company doesn't exist. Also there are some references I am making with this company. Now I will only state what I think is the Hardest reference to find. Stonewall Inc references the actually real life Private Military  Company Academi, your probably know them better as Blackwater. You  see Blackwater was a PMC company that became infamous after a incident when some of their troops had killed civilians in a combat zone and Stockholders soon took over the company and changed the name to Academi, which is what that company goes by now. As for the other reference, I think you should be able to find it. Hint: look at the years)

    Members  you will most likely see:

    Mordecai E. Eshkol:

    Anthony Renvi:

  • Now all we need is the Umbrella corporation equivalent and we have a Resident Evil/Shadow war with PMCs going on here. XD

  • I'll leave you in charge of that. I already have a shadow division of stonewall called the Ghosts. Trust me you already know some members of that division. But basically the Ghosts are a division consisting of mercs from different units and is so classified that sometimes Ghost members are even shot at by stonewall soldiers who think they are enemies. In fact they technically don't even exist

  • Oh fun, so i get to be the big bad wolf company? XD

  • exactly!

  • okay then? o.o

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