Magic Paws (OPEN!)

  • Thistledown Dunn was a new arrival at the Abbey. Their was of life was new and strange to him and he found he was struggling to adapt. Most of the people at the Abbey found him grouchy and ornery at best, but ultimately he meant well. He always did. Today was especially trying for him. Sensing this, the Abbot sent him on an errand outside to gather herbs for the infirmary.

    Thistledown knew little of herbs, but it kept him away from the Abbey and out of trouble, and gave him time to settle his nerves. He wasn't sure if his errand was a success or not, (What did sanicle even look like?) On his back was a large bag fit to burst of anything but sanicle, he sort of just grabbed anything green reasoning he'd run into the herb eventually.

    Coincidentally he was beginning to feel quite itchy.

    With his labours completed, he knocked at the gate, five firm raps and cried out.

    "Hello? It's me Thistledown! Lemme in!"

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    Not the far from the abbey was a rabbit riding in a wagon along a path. The rabbit wore a wide brimmed leather hat with a white feather sticking out of it along with a brown leather trenchcoat atop his simple attire of a white shirt and tan trousers.  He looked around in thought before his mind began to wander. He began to think of places he has been to, the things he did….and the ladies he has met. His face turned a comical bright red along with a silly grin as he thought about the ladies...then as he passed the abbey there was a loud snap and a crash. Well it was rather clear that the a axel on the wagon had snapped...and another thing was clear was the loud swearing that came from the wagon during this crash.

  • A snap caused Thistledown's heart to jump! Letting out a quick gasp he froze dead stiff (as if it made him impervious to danger) and listened closely to the commotion. A string of colourful language could be heard in the distance.

    A snap and then swearing.  Something must have broken.

    So it would seem. OR it was all a ploy set up by dastardly vermin, ready to take advantage of his concern. He had to be careful.

    Carefully Thistledown waddled as best as he could under the burden of his backpack of herbs (which fit lopsided on his back due to his large spines) and carried out his stealthy mission to the best of his ability, clumsily and loudly.

    A head of spikes and the tip of a wicker backpack could be seen peaking over the bush.

  • Despite how much of  a failure Thistle's stealth attempt was. The rabbit failed to notice as the ranting drove head on into a completely different language. "Sie haben mich auf den Arm mit diesem Quatsch ? Warum aller Zeiten in diesem Fall in der Mitte von Nirgendwo blutigen ??" The rabbit said as he knelt down to examine the damages. Not surprising, the wheel had went into a hole just wide and deep enough to get it stuck just so the axel can snap into two. "Scheiße" the rabbit groaned and sat down next to next to the cart waiting for another beast for any help. Sighing, the rabbit tilted his hat back revealing his youth and reached into his pocket and pulled out a small deck of cards and began to practice some small yet intricate magic rather flawlessly. It appeared that this relaxed him as he kept on with the practice.

  • A rabbit and a broken cart. Seemed reasonable (more reasonable than his vermin theory). The rabbit must have come a long way in that little wagon, as he didn't recognize the language he was  undoubtedly cursing in.


    A voice came from the bushes, followed by a short male hedgehog who's spines and fur seemed to be trying to make up for his size. He looked like a raggedy bush carrying a pack full of assorted plants on his back.

    "Hey, do you need any help?" He asked.

  • The rabbit pause from his trick  and gave a side glance towards the hedgehog. The rabbit nodded before looking back down to his deck and resumed the card trick he was practicing before placing the deck away into his leather trench coat. "Axel has broken mate.  Doesn't look like a easy fix." The rabbit stood up and brushed himself off. "I am Edgar Noah Krausser of Prussai." He bowed. The rabbit seemed to be a interesting fellow and as he bowed it was possible to see exactly what the side of his wagon said. Despite the some of the lettering was written in another language, the more large and bold text simply said "The Great Krausser" along with the painting of the symbols responding to each house within the deck (Hearts Clubs Diamonds and Spades) clearly showing that the rabbit was a magician and entertainer. "And what should I address you as Igel* ?

    (*German for Hedgehog)

  • Thistledown watched the rabbits magic trick curiously. He thought that perhaps he was part of a traveling circus, but he seemed to be more part of a one man show. Regardless his wagon was very broken and needed to be fixed.

    Thing was Thistledown wasn't about to fix it for him either. Circling the cart he assessed the damage and wondered how the heck it happened. No matter.

    "Well uh…it's nice to meet you Edgar." Did everyone in this Prussai have such a long name? "Name's Thistledown. I'm no carpenter so if you want your axle fix we best take it to the abbey, if that's alright with you."

  • The rabbit looked at the hedgehog. "I prefer to be called Noah.." Noah stood up and brushed himself off which cause a glimpse of saber hidden by his coat to been seen for a split moment. "We sir, there isn't a time better then now, shall we get the wagon to this abbey?" The rabbit asked, he has never been to a abbey despite  his previous performances he hasn't even met a beast from a abbey. Regardless it didn't matter to him for as long as he gets his axle fixed he will be able to continue traveling and soon head back home after his travels.

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    Little did the beasts know that they were not alone in traveling along this road to the abby, although one could hardly guess this particular fox did much traveling.

    The vulpine carried the standard fur pattern for his ilk; bright red fur with black plack paws and white tummy. An exceedingly well fed tummy.

    A well rounded gut spilled out from under the foxes mouse hide vest and over his otter hide belt. Other than the saber at his hip and the back strung over his shoulder the fox carried no possessions.

    And despite his rather vermin appearence the fox walked the road boldly, as if he knew he was heading towards the heart of woodlander peace and security in mossflower. For he was.

    It had been half a season since Rascal visited Redwall and the first beasts to greet him were most likely the hare and hedgehog. Either for better or for worse.

    Walking down the same path the hare had taken it wouldn't be too long before the fleshy  fox came into view…

  • "Oh er, right, absolutely."

    Thistledown bumbled around the cart, sizing it up, trying to figure out how to go about bringing a large broken wagon to the abbey, when he came up with a brilliant idea! They could carry it like a wheel barrow, lifting up the busted side and dragging the working wheels.

    But it seemed like his plan would fall short as his stubby arms, flailing behind him, too short to reach, when after much grumbling and grunting he realized…

    "Right. Stupid pack." His bag was in the way. After much awkward shuffling with his spines (wearing any kind of straps or packs was always awkward for a hedgehog) he wore it on his front half and reached behind him again. Success.

    Just as he lifted the cart a voice spoke to them from behind. He couldnt really make it who it was from his end of the cart.  "Ah...hello?"

    Unbeknownst to the lot of them, another foxy figure was drawing nearer and nearer

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  • Noah observed the hedgehog. It was quite a site for him since he is used to the large cites and palaces he performs at. He shook his head as he observed the scene. "Mein kamerad, do you need help? There are some fragil items in there." Noah asked Thistledown. There was many things in there that he used for his performances amongst some things. So he knew that they must be treated with care or else there will be a major problem for everyone.

  • Now that he was in the proper position he tried to heft the cart by himself and found that he was falling short. "Ah…yeah. A lil help would be nice actually."

    (Sorry, college student here, course has been killing me. Seems school has killed this thread but I have an idea to make it interesting. Hear me out.

    Thistledown brings Noah to the abbey.
    Noah puts on a show. Is being all pervy so Thistledown doesn't like him.
    Vermin comes to the abbey for the magic show. Does some general verminey things. Theft and what have you.
    Thistledown reports it but nobody listens cuz he's complained about Noah already and he's just being a grumpy guss.
    Vermin makes off with the loot.

    Sound good?)

  • (Likes this idea :3 also sorry i havnt replied yet. I lost track of the thread and could not find it again.)

  • It was here that Rascal came around the corner to find a pair of beasts struggling to help fix and lift a cart. Seeing the beasts in distress the fox sprung into action…by stepping off the side of the road and leaning against a near by tree with his arms crossed over his chest.

    No one said the fox had to spring into a /usefull/ action. Besides, Rascal worked hard at putting on weight for the winter, no sense in ruining his work out routine (or lack there of) by exercising now!

    So the fox simply watches the beasts go about their work, a coy smile on his face as he entertains himself at their expense.

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