Open Thread Ideas!

  • If I started a Redwall thread would anyone be interested?

  • Well do you have a plot for it? Where does it start? Is it based off something. 🙂 I would be interested!

  • Depends on whats it about.

  • I'm not concrete on it yet I'm just seeing how many people would be interested.

    I'm actually just trying to establish my character in the Abbey community, but I'd feel bad if it were all about me cuz thats pretty selfish. If anyone has ideas I'm willing to collab!

    Edit: Mostly slice of life stuff, going about our daily routines, making threads focused on exploring aspects of our characters personalities ect. Sounds boring I know, but it's what I'm into.

    I have an alternative idea that's sure to be really active but I just wanted to see if anyone was down for the quieter one first.

  • Well all but about two of my characters are either vermin or foreign,…mostly both. So my guys would be apart of such a community but maybe I can make em visitor sumtin

  • Slice of Life is cool with me. I have a couple of characters, Jojari and Sanjay, that would probably be regular visitors to the Abbey. I wouldn't mind dropping them in for a little scene and then bowing out, short and sweet. 😉

  • Well I have these two  chars that yes are "vermin" but foreign. (To put is simple you could say they are russians) I could give you more info about them.

    I also have a one foreigner that is a Japanese Sable. He is a cool guy

    Then I have basically a perverted german rabbit magician. (Comedy relif because of how he acts)

    if ya want I can post there char profiles up and you can tell me which one you like the most

  • Gerns - Short and sweet is my absolute favourite. Long winded stuff gives me headaches.

    Rodo - I can look up the profiles on my own time but thank you lol. I'll check them out when I have time and then the three of us can organize something.


    Gerns - Jojari and Sanjay sound just fine and are more than welcome to join us

    Rodo - Your vermin and rabbit are also fine. The vermin would be funny because Thistledown has actually defected from his bandit group, it would be funny if they knew who he was while he was trying to pretend like the bandit thing never happened.

    Pervy rabbit would be good for friction cuz Thistledown is very protective of ladies and he wouldn't be down with his pervy behaviour.

    Up to you guys who you use.


    Now about them knowing Thistle…I doubt that is a possibility mainly cause of their profile. Here is there profile above

    Now the rabbit could be a good idea but just let me now what you think about these two in their profile

  • Hm, you're right, they probably wouldnt know about Thistledown's bandit group. Your characters are foreign and I wasn't as creative and just made mine local,although the bandit group is nomadic. Serghei and Dmitri still work tho and are more than welcome to join us along with your hare or who ever you choose.

  • I'll use my rabbit char, and who knowsaybe Sergei and Dimitri  will stop by

  • Cool cool, Gerns if you're still interested you're more than welcome to join. Same with you T.J

    Now we just need to figure out whats gonna happen. Any particular direction you wanna take this in? Magic show or something?


    Firstly  here is my rabbit  char. And yes he could do a little performance. But remember Serghei and Dimitri  might show up.

  • Sorry the last two days have been crazy busy I'll make an intro post either tonight or tomorrow.

    Anyone who wants to join is welcome.

    Since it's a slice of life the posts probably will be of a modest size and not too elaborate.

    How would you like your character to enter. Do you want me to find him at the gate and have the abbot/gatekeeper let him in?

  • Gate

  • Kay I posted, the thread is called Magic Paws in Redwall. I have Thistledown on the battlements looking down at the gate, I can edit it and put him literally directly at the gate if you want it's no skin off my nose.

    Anyone is welcome to join by the way!

    Edit: it would probably be more personable if I put him down directly at the gate actually I'll edit it.

    Edit within an Edit: Fixed! He's at the gate now. Now we can run into eachother.

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