• This character emerged from the Depth RP in non-traditional boards.

    Name: Nut

    Gender: Male

    Species: Squirrel

    Appearance: He has smooth light chestnut colored fur. He has a large tail, larger so than average. He has a scar across his left shoulder. He has one restless eye which seems to have a mind of it's own, because it is never still. He usually wears a simple brown tunic, but sometimes wears a large velvet cloak.

    Preferred weapons: He prefers using something light but equally deadly, such as a keen-edged dirk. He usually carries a double-edged medium sword with him. He can also use the quarterstaff.

    Personality: He is a jovial, carefree kind of squirrel. He takes up comical gestures that makes him unforgettable. He takes lots of pride in his scar on his shoulder. His bigger bushy tail makes him stand out of the crowd. He likes to laugh a lot, and takes matters lightly. However, he's very trust-worthy and he's friendly.

    Weaknesses: He likes to take things lightly, so much so that it causes him trouble. His unmoving eye can't actually see much, so sometimes his vision is partially blurred. He can't be trusted in construction works as he tries to always make it look like his old home in Mossflower Woods.

    Profession: Redwaller

    Nut was inspired by Nutty from Happy Tree Friends.

  • What about the Gaurrrrrdiaaaauuuuunnnn?

  • What about it? He doesn't say that though … only in the non-tradi board.

  • Just wondering if he's got some sort of speech problem.

  • He's just a jolly ole creature. Somebeasts say that his mind's not in the right place anymore.

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