Thistledown Dunn

  • Nickname: Thistle for short
    Full Name: Thistledown Dunn

    Species: Hedgehog
    Description: Most people who have seen Thistledown at least once will remember his face if not his name. A collection of eclectic and bold features combined make his a memorable picture. Short for a hedgehog his age, but strongly built, with ragged wild spikes and long fur give him an almost wild appearance. His large brown eyes betray a different personality though, sleepy and almost dopey looking with long lashes, his facial expressions are outrageous and elastic. A large scar runs from the bottom of his chin to the corner of his lip, but he'll never say how it happened.

    Self conscious about his appearance, Thistledown feels out of place in ornate and beautiful clothes, and prefers a simple, baggy and tattered tunic in muted colours, trying his best to be unnoticeable.

    Possessions: A small foldable pocket knife, and an accordion.
    Physically strong and capable and in good health
    Fiercely loyal
    An accomplished musician
    Can sing, not very ranged, but in a nice sweet mellow tone
    In combat terms, an adept wrestler. Prefers never to ever have to get that close to an enemy in the first place.

    Defensive and paranoid
    Assumes the worst in people
    Cant Swim
    Cant cook to save his life
    Aggressive around mealtimes/when he's hungry
    Can't read or write
    Not very adept with weaponry, clumsy and more of a danger to herself


    Although Thistledown would never consider a career in acting, he is the master of pretenses. Adopting a tough and aggressive attitude as a coping and survival mechanism for his prior living situation, he talks a tough talk, but walks a simpering and defeated walk.

    He's very defensive, always assuming the worst in everyone, more because he's incredibly down on herself and projects those insecurities onto other people. There is goodness in his, but he doesn't believe in it herself.

    Gregarious and (much to his own regret) social,he enjoys the arts, and is always seeking ways to improve and better herself be it through creative hobbies, physical training, or his education.

    Despite his attitude, Thistledown is a deeply non violent person who likes to laugh. When he puts down his tough persona, he can be very sweet and oddly charismatic. He almost prefers his friendships to be shallow fair weather friends. When he cares about a select few people, he cares for them very passionately.


    Thistledown was born into a band of fierce and roving bandits, hedgehogs all. They were nomadic, and most of his life was spent traveling, so he hardly was settled enough to make and maintain any friendships.  his first and only pilferage was an accordion from a church they raided, and he kept quiet about it and practiced in secret but was eventually discovered.

    It was a laughable pursuit amongst their ilk, and eventually one of the bandits tried to steal it from his.  he fled the result of that battle as fast as he could, and never looked back.

    Age: Just turned 19
    Alignment: Mostly neutral, veering towards goodness
    Job: Thistledown was born to bandits, but hardly participated in any of the action, always hanging back, trying to look invisible, or pretending to be busy.

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