Riscar Gentlewind

  • Well, even if I'm not currently writing as I'm re-reading a couple of Redwall books and reading the threads here to get back into style, that's no reason not to create a character.

    Nickname: Any sort of derogatory epithet will do, really. He tends to generate that sort of emotion.

    Full Name: Riscar Gentlewind

    Species: Squirrel (with apologies, I know my past characters were the same but I'm quite fond of the species)

    Description: Riscar is portrayed as a somewhat plump squirrel of average height. Plump because he is overly fond of the drink and of fine dining. This is somewhat balanced by muscular arms and legs, a requirement for a squirrel and a thief. He is both.

    Of his face, Riscar has brown eyes and one set of his whiskers, on the left side, that is shorter than the other. The latter is a matter of pride for him and has started many a fight upon being mocked.

    In both features, expression and bodily language one word summarizes Riscar entirely: lazy. His movements, outside of when he is on the job, are languid and slow. When on the job, these are affected attributes performed from habit. When not on the job, it is simply because he spends most of his days in the dull cloud of drink.

    The only time that Riscar is not lazy is when he is planning a thieving or a heist. This effort is only exerted so that his meticulous plans allow him to perform his job with the minimum effort required.

    Of his clothing, Riscar dresses simply. A light-brown, baggy tunic and a belt to fit his dagger and flask on. He has a knapsack that remains empty (of all things except mint sprigs) until filled with either food or his dishonestly gained prizes.

    In other things, Riscar prefers to bath daily as a smelly beast tends to attract attention when least wanted. However, his breath is exceedingly rank on most days due to his constant consumption of alcohol. His mint sprigs serve to mask the smell when he is around beasts of a gentler disposition.

    Possessions: One dagger, exceedingly thing. The dagger is not meant for fighting but for picking locks and, of course, for slicing food. It can be used to slice an artery of the neck but this course is typically only useful on an unsuspecting target.

    His aforementioned flask serves to hold beer or other forms of alcoholic beverages when not on the job. On the job, he carries any sweet beverage he can lay his hands on, though he is very partial to Strawberry Cordial.

    Strengths: When not consuming unholy amounts of alcohol and consequently vomiting in dark corners, Riscar has a very sharp and educated mind. He has the average climbing capabilities of a squirrel and tree-jumps rather well. He has good lock-picking skills and an ear practiced for eavesdropping. As a thief requires, he has light fingers as well.

    He has a very high tolerance to alcohol, built from long experience.

    Weaknesses: Riscar is a drunkard and has no compunction in saying so, much less demonstrating it. His stamina suffers because of his drinking and thus cannot run, climb or tree-jump very far.

    Aside from natural laziness, this is magnified when he drinks and turns him acerbic, sarcastic, and a general layabout. Altogether, most opinions formed about him follow the theme of "entirely disagreeable." This has been listed as a weakness as it has gained him many enemies that he would otherwise not have.

    A fighter, Riscar is not. He can plan and strategize but is at a loss when it comes to fighting. He is passable with a bow but his range is not impressive.

    Personality: Through the course of describing Riscar, I believe I have painted a general picture already. Allow me to reiterate and expound.

    In general, Riscar is agreeable simply because he is lazy. He will go along with anything because it would be too much effort.

    In personality and reality, Riscar is disagreeable for the same reasons and more. He is lazy and as such contends with any beast that gives him reason to, as the Biblical proverb goes, "gird up his loins and make haste." His drink causes his tongue wax acerbic and every sentence comes with a slash of sarcasm.

    His temper is long and yet, non-existent when drunk. He is one of those unfortunates that has not one iota of control over his anger or fury when he has been drinking. He drinks quite often, as has been mentioned many times.

    Age: Around 23. He stopped counting when he left home at 19.

    History: Riscar Gentlewind's history is neither long, tragic or heroic. He was born to a happy family of four, with a father to guide him, a mother to love him and two elder sisters to love him.

    An educated and gentle beast, his father strived to instill in him the same scholastic longing that he himself experienced everyday. His library was extent for a Mossflower beast not residing within the Abbey. In fact, the Abbey librarian had even borrowed a book or two in the past. Riscar read to please his father and despite his best efforts, learned a great deal.

    His mother noticed his lazy inclinations early on but dismissed them in the comforting thought that "he would grow out of them."

    His sisters amused him by playing with him when he was young and they got along splendidly as he grew up. Mainly because they were content to indulge his laziness.

    Early on, Riscar began to steal from his neighbors and friends. He consoled his conscience by stealing things that they did not use as much or want as much as other items. Unfortunately for him, he was discovered quickly. Rookie thieves do not make good thieves.

    After apologizing and making amends, Riscar vowed to never steal again.

    Correction, Riscar vowed to never steal and be caught again. He planned his thievery meticulously, even when stealing something as simple as a cherry pie from the neighbors windowsill. As with all unhealthy addictions, our kleptomaniac yearned for something better and something bigger.

    This yearning pulled at him till he could stand it no longer. He wrote a note explaining that his "prickling conscience" and "anguished heart" could no longer withstand the shame of having stolen from his neighbors and friends. Riscar left in the dead of the morning, waking his sisters quietly to say his goodbye and give his brief and entirely false explanation.

    And so Riscar left his loving and good family for a life of fortune and,hopefully, relative quiet. For good thieves are never known by name or sight but by reputation.

    He fell in with a motley crew of vermin and fit in with little trouble. Riscar went along with the pillaging and plunder, quickly growing bored. Once he had earned, and I use that term loosely, enough to set out on his own, he did so.

    His reputation grew in the dirty hangouts and hideouts of vermin. He was known as a thief that could get you anything, so long as you gave him the time. If one did not allow him ample time for his planning period, you could expect, with absolute certainty, a refusal and an empty bottle thrown at your head.

    And so Riscar took to travelling, taking the oddjob here for amusement and the oddjob there for vermin warlords because they always paid well. The smart ones at least. The stupid ones always tried the "your payment is that I don't kill you." Invariably, they woke up the next morning with their valuables stolen and promptly sold. Generally to the smart warlords.

    And that is all there is to know about Riscar Gentlewind, to date.

    Perhaps there will be more to tell later on the road.

  • Yay! We dont see too many portly theives in rp :3

    Your alt is a propper scoundral and will be fun to play with 🙂

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