• Hello everyone! Some of you older ones may remember me as a different person, known as Kariska or Emperor Kariska (for that I dearly apologize).

    I used to be decently active while conversely a pretty indecent writer. My writing was all over the place and quite frankly littered with Mary Sue characters. Mostly I wish to apologize to the King (whose name I can't recall), Kiara and Dusk (should he still be around). I often joined their threads thinking I would make any meaningful contributions. What resulted from my writings was not so much story as it was farce.

    I left in part due to my own personal difficulties and tragedies, but I prefer to not delve into those. I recently have found myself lured back in by the stories and wonderful writing of you folks. Thus, I decided to join once again!

    However, for the moment, I will not be writing and joining in any of the role-playing threads. Primary reason being that I do not have the time to RP and do not wish to hold up any active story lines through inactivity.

    Secondly, I am out of practice writing in the style of Redwall's Legacy and the vernacular of the Redwall universe. I'll stick to reading the threads and enjoying the excellent writing of all the fine folk here. That should speed the process along.

    Once again, I acknowledge and apologize for the atrociousness I had in constant supply during my previous time here.

    And that is all. I really missed you guys, truth be told. It's good to be back.

    Thank you!
              Formerly (Emperor) Kariska

    Riscar Gentlewind

  • Welcome back Riscar. ^^ I hope you have an easy, relaxing reintroduction to the site. I just came back from a hiatus myself.

  • Thanks very much, Pen! It's good to see you again! How've you been?

  • I've been alright. Keeping myself restrained to a single rp at the moment so I don't overwhelm myself with responsibility again.

  • Great to see you again man! 😃

  • Hi. I've only been here for a month or two so I didn't play with you before (Unless we met in some other Redwall RPG in the ancient days of Yahoo clubs) but thought I'd comment on Redwall vernacular.

    I'm working on compiling a glossary/dictionary of mole and otter speech, probably will branch out on one for harespeech too. Was thinking it'd be cool to make a Redwall translator like the Dialectizer.

  • OMG!! yay!!!

    Welcome back  😄


  • Hey, Rev! Good to see your ugly mug again  😉

    In regards to your idea, Lazey, I think it's got a lot of merit! It'd take a heck of a lot of time and effort but it sounds like a cool idea!

    Kiara! Haiiiiiii! -glomps back-

  • It'll take months, at least. 😄 But would be cool to have.

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