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  • Yes, this is happening, a co-op/competitive rp…with guns and robots while fighting other furry mercenaries. This rp will be loosely based on TF2(Team Fortress 2), just with less emphasis on the whole point on why their fighting each other. Damage will be determined by dice roll, for both attacker and defender/victim, highest roll wins and a second roll comes after to determine what kind of damage occurs, varies depending on the weapon and Dice rolls are FINAL. When a character dies, they Respawn, letting them continue the fight and in this rp their used to it, its up to you if you want them to remember who killed them or not last. Coolcoyote will help keep scoreboard on the dice rolls and such, including player positions.

    Characters: Each player will have a roster of three characters that can switch out for, as long as they state that they will and their character dies randomly for the switch to occur, unless your still in the spawn room. You may make one character for each class category, with the minimum being one and the max three. All we need for each character is their name, class, weapons, status, and brief description, with optional death history of whats killed them the most and that they hate so far.

    The class categories available are Offense, Defense, and Support.

    Offense: Your the main attack force for the team with either Mobility, Damage, or a combination of thereof, Ex. Scout, Soldier, Pyro.
    Defense: You serve to inhibit enemy access and to hold enemies back from vital points on the map, generally have the most firepower of the groups, Ex. Demoman, Heavy, Engineer.
    Support: You cannot hold the fight on your own, but your specialized abilities can tip the balance in your team's favor by offering Offensive and Defensive classes an extra edge in battle, Ex. Medic, Sniper, Spy.

    Remember...only pick weapons that serve the best for what role your character assumes in their class category.

    Character Sheet Example, do not have to follow it exactly.

    Species: Redwall esque selections please.
    Class: Offense, Defense, or Support
    Weapons: Primary, Secondary, Melee.
    Status: Greenhorn, Seasoned, Veteran. (Each is to give a general range of how old your character is and experience, Greenhorn is generally young and new, Seasoned middle aged and have some experience under their belt or bandolier, Veteran is technically considered close to retirement and younger mercs tend to look to you for advice based on your experience.)
    Description: Can be as long as you want, but can be brief as well.
    Optional, Death Record: Whats killed you the most throughout your career?

    Map: Will be drawn and posted, courtesy of Coyote, so you may know what your fighting on and where you are at currently. Will be posted eventually, so please be patient.

    Thats it for now, will update once it gets going.

  • Name: Thraun Volstat

    Species: Ferret

    Class: Offense

    Weapons: Double tube rocket launcher, Sawn-off shotgun, 15-inch Bayonet.

    Status: Veteran

    Description: Thraun is a stubborn, old, ferret whose tactics proved to be certainly effective time and time again….for when they work that is. 50% of the time his tactic of rushing in with rockets galore and firing from above, or ambushing lone targets with his trusty sawn-off he calls Cracker and 15-inch long bayonet Gutter, it gets the job done as he says even when getting killed shortly afterwards. Standing at about average height, the almost completely grey furred, grizzled ferret has scars visible on parts of his body, with one long one across his face. He wears a armored vest and a shirt underneath, with a bandolier over his chest and cargo pants. Lastly, he wears a kevlar helmet and always seems to be chewing on a toothpick while in battle, even when respawned he pulls one out and begins chewing it.

    Death Record: Sniped, backstabbed, minigunned, mostly minigunned.

    Name: Valac Ta'haurus

    Species: Badger

    Class: Defense

    Weapons: Turret kit(Contains one upgrade-able manned machine gun turret thats removable), Pistol, Wrench

    Status: Veteran

    Description: Hardy, tough and stockly built describe the grizzled badger that is called the "Iron Wall". Standing at about 6'7, towering over most mercs, with mostly greying fur, a wrinkled muzzle, but still well muscled from carrying around his weapon of choice, The Mulcher. Wearing only a armored vest, shirt, construction gloves and pants with special googles on his head, he still looks strong even with his age catching up with him, though the weight of his weapon keeps him fit. Many have come to dread the moment of storming a position with the Iron Wall on overwatch guarding it and even still when moving with weapon in tow to help push towards objectives once set up.

    Death Record: Sniped, backstabbed and blown up, all common in his line of work, though hates being backstabbed when in postion and his own weapon being used against his team.

    Name: Braum Reinhardt

    Species: Hare

    Class: Support

    Weapons: Shield, Pistol, Fist

    Status: Veteran

    Description: Stoic, well built and muscled at average height, Braum does not seem to be much different then any other aging mercenary hare...until he arrives with his Riot Shield. With completely grey fur, small white beard, long coat jacket and vest with cargo shorts, his completely calm demeanor in the face of a firefight is quite commendable. Hes been well known to help push the offensive by becoming mobile cover and help defend if need be arises.

    Death Record: Flanked, blown up, and backstabbed. Backstab is the worst as it means he failed to notice the traitor within his team before being killed.

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