Mav Thornton

  • Name: Mav Thornton

    Nickname(s): Mav

    Species: Ferret

    Age: Adult (20-ish)

    Description: Somewhat muscular ferret of average size. Wears a blue bandana, a metal breastplate, a bandoleer for storing things, and a tattered red skirt fastened with a belt with a pair of blue trousers underneath. A bit headstrong and quick to temper, but is overall a strong-willed individual who doesn't give up easily.


    (Not my best work, but my tablet's been acting up so it's the best I can do)

    -his pair of knives
    -usually some basic supplies
    -the clothes on his back
    -occasionally the lucky bit of gold and/or loot

    -Skilled in the use of knives and other small blades
    -Loyal to a fault, as long as he's been promised his pay. (and if he's grown attached, though he tries to keep this a rare occurrence)
    -Skilled in stealth tactics, such as sneaking and picking locks

    -Though strong, lacks much of the skill required to take on more than one or two enemies at once, and is easily overwhelmed. Much of the reason he prefers sticking to stealth and silent takedowns.
    -Sometimes puts his pay above his and others safety and well-being

    Born in a small western fishing village, Mav grew up living a fairly normal life. He was taught to fish by his mother and how to fight by his father, and left home once he'd grown to take up the life of a hired sword with little fanfare. Since then, he's learned much about his trade and has been known to take up banditry when it suits him, stealing or helping to steal his living whenever he can't earn it. Thanks to the wealth of bandits and ruffians in the Mossflower area, he ends up getting hired for such jobs more often than more legitimate ones.

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