• Nickname: Matty

    Full Name: Matthew loosepaw

    Species: Dormmouse

    Age: 13 Years

    Alignment: Goodbeast

    Job: Assistant Abbey Gardener/Redwall Novice

    Description: Matthew is short and thin for his age. He looks sickly, but is actually rather robust in his activities and demeanor. He has a tawny colored coat with a creamy underbelly. He has very round green eyes. The fur on his head sticks out at odd angles. He wears the traditional green habit of the Redwall Novice.

    Possessions: Matthew does not own much. He has a small dagger which was given to him by his parents. The rest of his possessions belong to the abbey.

        - gardening
        - fishing
        - Swimming

        - Phobia of statues
        - Inability to fight
        - Naivety

    Matthew is a very go with the flow beast. He is content in every situation and can talk to anyone. He tries to be funny, but his jokes usually land flat. He loves to be surrounded by others, except when he doesn't. He can get moody and want to be alone, but the majority of the time he prefers company.


    Matthew was born to a pair of wanderers. They did not realize how much work was involved with raising a young mouse and how much it hampered their wanderings. They made a decision one day when they were coming close to Mossflower that they would drop their son off at the Abbey of Redwall. They knew he would be taken care of and even perhaps loved. They told him they would come back for him someday when he had gotten bigger and they gave him a small dagger to protect himself in this big world.

    Matthew grew up as loved as one can be in the abbey. He was a precocious dibbun and got into a lot of mischief, but was usually forgiven because of his charming personality. He did well in the abbey school and the recorder Sister Struessel wanted him to train as her replacement, but Matthew had always had an instictive love for being outside. He fell in love with the Abbey's gardens and orchards. He wanted to learn everything he could about their care and maintenance. He hopes his parents will come back to at least visit the abbey, but he does not think he could go with them if they asked him to leave behind the only family he has known.

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