Narcissus Blackthorn

  • Name: Narcissus Blackthorn

    Nickname: the last person to give her one ended up with a broken snout.

    Species: Probably an otter.

    Age: not too old, not too young. You could guess somewhere around 30 seasons, if you want to, but she won't tell you.

    Possessions: One broadsword, three daggers, a dozen throwing knives, a pouch containing seventeen smooth, perfectly round pebbles.

    Appearance: Narcissus is a black otter, quite tall and strong. Usually wears a black shirt/skirt outfit.

    Strengths: As mentioned above, she is quite strong. She has a lot of heart and cares very much.

    Weaknesses: Her lost memories she regards as a weakness, whether they are or not is highly debateable. She is very bitter that the unknown trauma that left her mind so blank. She often acts rashly, without listening to others' advice, and/or against her better judgement.

    Background: Narcissus Blackthorn woke up one hot summer's morning eight seasons ago with no memory of who she was, or why she was lying in 9 inches of the incoming tide. She has regained no memories of her life before, except the fact that the number 17 is oddly significant. (Hence the 17 pebbles.)

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