What was your first Redwall book?

  • The first Redwall book I ever read was "Martin the Warrior". At the time it was the first book chronologically though I'm not sure I knew that when I picked it up. I remember my tiny local library had "Martin the Warrior" and "The Bellmaker" on display. I think I managed to read the rest of the books (all 7 of them!) in chronological order.
    Man I feel old.

  • Redwall. Literally that was my first book of the redwall series

  • Same here. Redwall was my first book in the series. I remember dragging that book around to resturaunts.

    In the end the other books got a little too repeative for my taste, and I didn't like how the heroes could still be 'heroes' after quite literally slaughtering dozens of vermin underlings (who were always my favorite characters XD) with out ever…feeling bad about it.

    Woodlanders killed vermin in Self defense, combat, even brutally executing a few while they were begging for mercy at some points, there seemed to be no end of justification for killing beasts with out so much as batting an eye and we the reader were expected to be ok with that because 'hey! The hero did it so it is totally ok!'

    And I was not ok with that.

    But I always loved the concept of anthro medevil worlds with out magic. So the book got me hooked on that genra.

    So for me,the first book is and always will be my favorite. :3

  • Lord Brocktree.

  • I don't know if I would have fallen in love with the series as fast if Redwall was my first book. I didn't like it as much as the books he wrote mid-series (From "Mariel of Redwall" until he had a stroke). I didn't like his later books as much, they did get repetitive. Maybe he ran out of ideas or his stroke effected him more than press releases wanted to admit. I remember trying to read "Eulalia!" and it was just so… like a Star Wars fanfic of badgers that wasn't very good and I don't think I ever finished it. 😕 Someday I'll try to read it again.

    There were a few rare vermin that were sort of goodbeasts, like Blaggut- though like Veil they were more gray characters than actual good guys. And a few cases of mercy like Brome letting the rat Wullp go who was his 'matey'. And some hero feeling bad over his first kill like I think was Saxtus defending the abbey... Most of those instances were in the middle of the series.

  • I pefer Outcast of Redwall over the other stories. That one is my fav

  • My first encounter with the Redwall series was actually fan writing online, not one of the books. I had a friend that was really into Redwall-based survivor contests, so those were the first Redwall stories I read. I'm having trouble remembering which novel I read first, but I think it might have been Outcast of Redwall. From there I read a bunch of them in random order. I don't even think to this day I've read them all, which means I've actually read more Redwall survivor contests (23!) than actual Redwall books. 😉

  • I actually tried to enter my first contest actually just last month.

    I failed to get in but didnt do quite as bad as I thought I would. All mu good apps failed on grammer and my one bad app got to the top thirty and was sort of a middle man, not the most loved but not the most hated.


    Yeah….......I aint going to try that again for a long while. It was fun in the begining but became more or less stressfull by the end.

    But back to books, yes I actually havnt picked up a redwall book in years...I plan to re read the first one. Maybe some others people like.

    The whole reason I found this site was because a year ago I discovered role play then randomly typed in redwall mucks. Eventually I found out people have forums dedicated to redwall rp and well, long story short I spent many hours of my life I will not get back on rp XD

  • My first one was the Long patrol found in my middle school library. From there I was hooked! I then discovered the ROC and fan fiction and fan art. I love it! I've read all the books and have them all in my personal library.

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