• Nickname: Amburr, Barnacle

    Full Name: Amburr Digg

    Species: Mole

    Description: Average weight and height for a molemaid. Velvety black fur. Bright black eyes. Sturdy digging claws. Scarred paws and back from being an oarslave.

    Possessions: Rough paw-made tools.

        - Great digger
        - Good at making repairs and building
        - Sensitive nose and hearing
        - Good at planning

        - After spending most of her life as a slave she still has trouble thinking for herself
        - Hesitates
        - A fear of heights like most moles. Hates water too but her seasons as an oarslave was enough to conquer her fear of it
        - Poor eyesight, can see well enough in the dark but can't see very clearly very far when it's light
        - Illiterate

    A peace lover, she does her best to avoid confrontation and make peace. Shy. Amburr is timid and more of a follower than a leader.

    Remembers very little of her parents or her life before being a slave. Her first master had her working in fields most of the time, it was hard work but at least she was outside and had her claws in the earth. Amburr knew nothing else so she was almost what could almost be considered content.
    Then corsairs raided the place for slaves. Amburr was chained to an oar beside a squirrel. The slave driver was cruel and needed little excuse to use the whip so Amburr kept her head down and her mouth shut. The squirrel beside her grew ill, so when the ship took on a bunch of otters for slaves the squirrel was taken away and an ottermaid was chained beside her. The otter's name was Ripple. Ripple often threw down the oar and refused to row, she talked back to the slave driver. Because Ripple was rebellious she was denied food and water several times and frequently whipped. Because Amburr was chained to Ripple, the punishment spilled over to the mole despite her attempts to make the otter behave. Amburr resented the otter for causing her trouble. But wound up owing Ripple her life.
    During a battle the ship began sinking. Ripple killed the slave driver so the oarslaves were able to escape the galley- for the deep blue sea. Amburr does not know what became of the other slaves but she was swam to shore by Ripple.
    Amburr was still chained to the otter and it was days before Amburr found a wire and figured out how to use it to unlock the shackles. At first it was very frustrating to still be stuck with the otter who had gotten her whipped so many times, but after they had helped each other survive; Amburr found edible roots and made shelter, Ripple knew how to find fresh water while they were on the shore and to gather shellfish. By the time Amburr picked the lock they had become close friends and decided to stay together.
    Ripple wants to free the slaves trapped on the corsair ships. Amburr wants them freed too but is not sure it's possible, however she thinks there's a better chance of the slaves being freed if she helps Ripple with the planning.

    Age: 16

    Alignment: Goodbeast

    Job: Digger, builder.

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