• Nickname: Ripple

    Full Name: Ripple Longrudder

    Species: River Otter

    Description: Mostly deep brown fur, cream-colored underbelly with cream spots on her neck and chin. Average height for a female river otter but has a very long muscular tail, half again as long as other river otters. Brown eyes. Scars on her paws and back from being an oarslave.

    Possessions: A couple otter javelins (As long as she is tall, pointed at both ends with a bark grip in the middle)

        - Powerful swimmer, able to swim the ocean in a tempest
        - Great at throwing and fighting with an otter javelin
        - Fair with a sling
        - Physically strong

        - Reckless, will put herself and others in danger when angry
        - Quick to judge
        - Impulsive
        - Moody
        - Plagued with guilt

    Stubborn. Reckless, especially when emotional. Unforgiving to anybeast who harms herself or those she cares about.

    Ripple came from Holt Mijbil. She had a happy upbringing on the banks of a river. Ripple's holt was a few leagues upstream from the sea, but not far enough away to not be raided by corsairs. In one night every otter Ripple knew was slain or enslaved on the corsair ship The Eel. Ripple herself was chained to an oar next to a molemaid. The molemaid was called Amburr and advised Ripple to keep her head down, be quiet and to row. But Ripple refused to be a slave for the vermin that killed her family. She would insult the slave driver and any vermin she saw. When her paws got sore she would throw down the oar. For this she was whipped severely, starved and not given water. That was bad enough, but the slaver also whipped and starved Amburr when Ripple rebelled. Ripple felt bad about getting the mole in trouble, and once in a while she tried to be quiet and row, but she got to thinking about how they killed her family and enslaved her and the rest of the holt and could not keep it up for long.
    Then one day the ship was in a battle with other corsair ships. The ship was rammed, the hull breached and took water. It was sinking fast. All the vermin were too panicked trying to save their own lives, they did not care when Ripple strangled the slave driver with his own whip and the oar slaves escaped the galley. Ripple was still chained to the mole when she leaped off the sinking ship. Ripple did not want to take chances with the vermin on the other ships, she was tired of being a slave. So she swam towards what looked like land propelling herself with her long tail, the mole clinging to her like a barnacle the whole way. By the time Ripple reached land she was exhausted and it was all she could do to stagger above the tide line and sleep.
    Ripple was eager to be free again and was frustrated to still be chained, and chained to a mole who still acted like a slave. But Amburr turned out to be more than dead weight. The mole made a snug weather-proof shelter against a storm with just sticks, leaves and digging a hole in the ground. Amburr also instinctively knew how to dig up edible roots- which kept them from getting hungry when Ripple was unable to catch fish due to the mole chained to her. It was Amburr who figured out how to unlock the shackles by picking the lock with a rusty piece of wire she found while digging. By then they were friends and decided to stick together.
    Ripple does not know for sure what became of the rest of her holt or the other oarslaves and feels a deep guilt for leaving them. Ripple suspects that if any survived the sinking of The Eel they were picked up by the other corsair ships and are still slaves. Ripple wants to get her own crew together to go after the corsairs and free not just the otters from her holt but every beast that has ever been chained to an oar.

    Age: 17

    Alignment: Goodbeast

    Job: Warrior

  • Okay thats it. I gotta rp with Amburr and Ripple.

  • They were fun to write about, started writing about Amburr because all Redwall RPGs need more moles… but then Ripple came up and she was just as interesting so needed to create two characters.

    S'pose they could join a thread though think they're worthy of a fresh story thread.

  • Well I do have a thread they could possible join but ill leave it up to you if you want to start fresh

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