• Nick Name: Ache

    Full Name: Akane Phobos

    Species: Squirrel

    Description: Deep red fur spotted with striped white from scars. Brown eyes. Missing the tip from her right ear. A couple teeth and at least one of her front teeth is almost always broken. Her bushy red tail was shortened in some accident so the end is flat. Wears a belt with many pouches.

    Possessions: Her father's sling and hand-picked pebbles. Some beads from a necklace that had been her mother's.

    Fearless, is never afraid. Never panics.
    Is not a warrior but can fight and is good with a sling.
    Athletic and agile; great at climbing and jumping.

    Is never afraid. Her lack of fear has gotten her into a lot of trouble, gotten her injured and may someday kill her.
    Is usually nursing a fresh injury. The lost end of her tail gives her phantom pain.

    Personality: Is never afraid so she usually thinks rationally in dangerous situations. But she is not immune to other emotions like anger or grief that can cloud her judgment. Is a risk-taker.

    Background: Being fearless runs in Ache's family. Ache's mother and grandmother had the same affliction and both died young; Ache never met her grandmother and her mother died while she was little more than a kit after taking on a couple of rats single-handed because they were 'too close' to their drey.
    Ache was raised by her father. Early on he realized that Ache was like her mother and had no fear. He briefly tried to teach her how to be afraid but failed. So he did his best to teach her how to get out of trouble- it was impossible to expect her to stay out of trouble. So he taught her how to defend herself, how to use a sling, to weigh pros and cons, to think before acting. Tragically Ache's father died after his heart gave out, possibly stress from losing his wife and worry that his daughter would meet the same end. Ache was still young when she buried her father. She had no other kin and being there made her lonely and sad so she left.
    She has been traveling and seeking adventure ever since.

    Age: 18

    Alignment: Goodbeast

    Job: Wanderer

  • looks good!

  • Thanks. Now to find a good place for my fearless squirrel to jump in the game 🙂

  • If you're interested, Journey to the Mountain looks like it might be a good spot to add a character. We seem to have run down a little after that battle. 🙂 Also it's an open thread so I don't think there's any problem if you just randomly hop in.

    Just in case you can consider this an invite. 😉

  • Cool. Looks like it has a lot of posts so give me time to catch up.

  • It does. I think we're up to 5 pages now.


    Besides the fact you made a splash in Journey to the mountain this rather makes me wonder… would Ache act of she make one of my characters Ezikeil DeSota. Here is a link if ya interested  (above)

  • She would probably get herself killed 😄

  • Sounds bout right maybe

  • Or at least injured. She needs to learn manners.

  • Maybe Ezikeil can be patient but as you may had read he does have weakness.  😛

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