Prehistoric Park (IC OPEN)

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    Now that they knew food was close the chompies went wild, their chirping filling the air like song birds. Large carniverous song birds.

    Their squaking only grew louder as they begin to climb the fence surrounding the bridge, looking for a way to pounce on the beasts below. One actually finds a hole in the fence, squeezing its body through and out.

    It makes a loud squak as it bounces off the catwalk and into the abyss. The /second/ chompie though sticks the landing behind the survivors, as does the third…and forth.

    The hare up ahead begin frantically pointing to the party, "B-behind you! Look out!"

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    Finally the ferret could see the maintenance door up ahead not a moment to soon as he heard the hare yell out "Behind you! Look out!". The party looked behind in turn and saw the frenzied chompies landing from above, steadily growing in number. "DAD RUN! NOW!" Danny yelled before picking up both mice children up easily and started booking it with the older ferret trying to keep up behind him. There was a slight clang as the key ring dropped in the commotion, the older ferret noticed and stopped to pick them up quickly as he hurried to make it to the door where Danny made it panting.

    "You can make it! Keep running!" The younger ferret yelled out fearfully, hoping the older one made it before the chompies started running. Hes seen how fast they can run for being small and how their bites can be venomous if there were enough in number which worried him as more chompies rained down from above.

    Jean never ran this fast ever since his retirement, ever since that injury on his leg he received on that one mission….No! Nows not the time to be thinking about that....or if he tripped and the little monsters caught him. Stop! Don't let fear cloud your head, it clouds your judgement and your eyes to whats ahead. Just as that crossed his mind, the next few seconds were a blur as he tripped and landed just a few feet from them as he gasped in pain. He felt pain in his leg and chest, his vision clouding, seeing his son running to him.....the dibbuns with their scared faces holding each other tightly. Then the feeling of being lifted through a doorway and the sounds of a door closing before blacking out.

    (One quick note, all four did get through and the door is still technically unlocked, just in case you needed to know.)

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    Despite the beasts best efforts the hatch soes not open to their kick. "Come on…come onoooon..." comes a hissed reply as they put their full weight against the door. At the last moment the hatch finally pops open depositing the beast onto the jungle floor.

    The purple furred mouse lands roughly on her face with a loud yell. It was a mirical, Flori concluds, that she had survived, even if she had awaken from her ordeal in the tangled mess of bodies of those who didnt.

    The storm has deposited the Redwaller Barge deep in the heaet of tbe jungle upside down and halfway suspended by trees. It is still probibly the safest shelter from the rain but she just needed to...needed to get away from it. As far as she knew she was the only survivor and seeing the ruined corpses of her friends...Flori would have tossed up her lunch if she had any lunch left to toss up.

    She will remember them later. Right now she just needs to get away. Yes. Get away.

    Only when Flori picks her head up out of the mud does she see the velociraptor staring back at her. The raptor quizically tilts its head one way then another. As it does two more raptors appear from the left and the right. One of them even licks their chops.

    "This....this just ain't fair..." Flori stammers. She just sits there, unable to move, paralized with fear as the raptors take a step towards their meal.

    The night air is split by a loud earth shaking roar. The raptors pause in their attack. With a startled hiss they turn tail and leave. A momeng later a creature of considerable height hits the barge with tremendous force.

    Flori never see's what it looks like. Primal instinct kicks in and she just runs. She doesn't care in what direction she just runs. Flori would never call herself a physically fit beast. She was a mouse who enjoyed eating chocolate and watching cartoons and barely ran the mile in high school in under ten minutes.

    But today she ran faster than even she could believe. For it was after her. brought back by science. The very ground shakes with each step it takes.

    And its getting closer.

    "No no no no..." Flori shouts as she runs. She didn't want to die in the pit of some dinosaurs stomach.

    She spots the shape of a beast made structure out of the corner of her eye and quickly diverts her direction for it. The dinosaur behind her slides as it tries to do the same in the mud, giving Flori a preciius few seconds to put distance between them.

    The building rises out of the distance. A bunker of some sort. Perfect. Flori could care less why it was here. The mouse hits the door with full speed, shouting "Please be open please be open please be open!"

    Another mirical. The door is open. That is three miricals in one night! The mouse doesn't stop running as she enters the concrete hallway. A moment later the dinosaurs arm shatters through the door in an attempt to grab her. The six clawed paw comes short and waves in the air for a moment before bitterly being dragged back out, leaving grooves on the floor as it does.

    At the other end of the hallway Flori breaths deeply, paws on her knees. She smiles, lacking the breath to propperlu taunt the beast. She did it. She actually survived. She was going to live. She was going to live! All she wanted now was to go home and cuddle ber parrents to death. She never knew how much she could miss them when her life was in danger. When the barge was being swept away all she could think about was that final argument she had with mom and dad.

    "You're alive Flori." She finally let out a relaxed sigh. Standing uo she turned her back to the broken door to walk away. "You are going to be -"


    The mouse makes a startled face as something wet and heavy attatches itself to her back. In the next moment she finds herself hoisted in the air and flying backwards as the creatures tongue retracts, placing the young mouse into the hungry muzzle of the dinosaur.

    The last sight Flori sees is the creatures terrible teeth crashing down towards her belly like a gillotine.


    Her screams continue even after the second sickening crunch of bone and flesh as the creatures teeth chomp down on its prey. Flori's final gurgled scream is muffled as the creature gulps her down.

    The dinosaur belches once then contentedly moves back knto the forrest. These small furry mamals didn't have much meat on them, but they were tender, and tasty. It wondered if it could find more...

    #and there goes Flori. By Flori! New rule. No pose order. Just pose once per turn.

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    also my group was so far back and if Danny noticed them first we was still a good distance soo...yeah quite the pickle...)

    Oscar pause as he looked ahead and swore under his breath seeing the dinosaurs clawing away at the door. The otter raised his fist in the air signaling the group of about 9 beasts to stop moving. He then pointed at the dinosaurs as he looked at the door after scanning the bridge he noticed the broken railing on the right. On the rails there was a hollow pipe the looks like it could simply side out of the damaged slot holding it. Oscar reached over towards it and after a good tug it came of with out issue. Afterwards he looked towards the side at the jagged Cliffside and the large jutting platforms below. This gave him a idea since the was only one way down to them and no way back up. He decided to keep the pipe he had in case mistakes would be made and reached out and grabbed a slightly smaller pipe, with it he threw the smaller pipe down towards the lower ledge causing a loud clang below for the Chompies. It took a moment but the noise caught the chompies attention as they soon hopped down to investigate. At this point Oscar wasn't going to wait to see if the can climb back up and signaled the group to move as fast and quiet as possible to the door and enters. (Yay nobody died horribly! Now time to introduce the the other characters I will primarily play as, Victor was just there is introduce things)


    Just above radar distance a Gray C-130 aircraft flew towards the island hidden by the clouds. Within the plane was a 5 well armed beasts wearing unmarked  splinter camo combat uniforms sat. One of the beasts, a field mouse was toying with the prosthetic limb of metal he calls his left arm. The arm worked as if it was the real thing but still it wasn't. "Hey Mordecai, quit playing with your arm. Your going to need it working." Said a Red Panda sitting next to him. The mouse looked over at him and nodded. " Your right, bad habit. Anyways we are about 5 minutes out Kamni. Just remember once we are on the ground code names only." Kamni nodded. "I know "Jester" don't worry, that's Ishmael's job, ain't that right boss?" The two looked over towards a Wolf who sat there holding a MG34 Light Machine Gun nodded. "Well know that Kamni is talking lets review just so he will shut up again." This caused the Red Panda to swear at the wolf who chuckled. "Anyways, since Operation Reptile is a go our mission is simple, collect the data and cover any tracks. We will make the jump just on the tip of the Island and will land about 3 clicks to the nearest road , form there we will head to the road and make our way towards the Labs to meet the Shadow unit who was inserted several months ago. Since this happened we are not extracting them in order to avoid causing a ruse. We get the data a blow the upper levels with c4 to seal the deal. With luck the explosion will be tied to the terrorists or some freak accident due to the hurricane damage. Once that's done we head to the extraction point on the far side, remember once Shadow unit contacts the closest Stonewall ship for the rescue team they will be all over the evac but none of them know about us so if we are spotted by the rescue team expect to be shot at. Remember boys we can't have witnesses but that doesn't mean be cold blooded killers, just make sure every shot is a smart decision." The team nodded as the red light came on in the plane, all 5 of the beasts stood up and began to make final checks on their gear and oxygen masks and as the door began to open. Soon the light went green and the beast made the jump out of the plane.

    (Ahh, terrorism, mercenaries and conspiracies tied in with dinosaurs and a hurricane that passed as the pretty bow. Now that is a recipe for disaster. Also 2 things

    1. This is splinter camo and basically how you should picture the uniforms to look –---->

    2. The oxygen masks, The plane was flying around 28,000-35,060 feet in the air  to avoid begin noticed as the 5 performed what is called a HALO (High Altitude ,Low Opening) jump. Which interesting fact you free fall for about 2 minutes before pulling you parachute compared to the 75 seconds of free fall for a normal skydive.

  • Danny had propped the unconscious older ferret, "Hey…dad...wake up. Please wake up." As he kept trying to wake his blacked out father. The two mice stuck to the side together and worried when yelps of fear were heard when the other group came through the door.

    The ferret reacted quickly by unholstering his pistol and aiming towards the door, only to lower it. "Hellsgates Oscar! Don't scare me like that! Bad enough everything went FUBAR as it is now." He holstered his pistol and went back to check on the still unconscious Jean, "If your wondering if i have a place in mind...I really don't right now."

    He sighed as he got back up up and turned towards the group, "I can only think of about two places that are probably still standing and safe,"Relatively"The visitor shelter and the Hotel, after that I really don't know."

    (Just listing off a couple places in case someone else wants to list a place)

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  • As the rest of the chompies dropped down onto the maintenance walk the dark vixen peeked her head around the corner of the concrete base. A number had jumped down to the lower platform at the same level as her ledge now was. Stepping back to avoid getting spotted one of her paws rubbed against something metal, there were rungs in the side of the concrete base that made up a ladder that went up to the rail system.

    Well they're down here with me now and I'm not sure IF they CAN climb ladders. Not sure if there are any up on the tracks still either though. At least being on the ladder'd make it a pain to try and bite.

    She began climbing up the ladder when she heard the door leading onto the maintenance walk slam shut, people here? Don't think these things could open doors.

    Poking her head up above the edge of the main track Trinity's eyes darted around for any signs of life, desired or undesired. There located awkwardly within the rail system was the hatch that went down into the base where mechanics could access the catwalk that went on the bottom of the bridge.

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  • The scrawny hare that accompanied them was begining to pant heavily. 'Don't eaten!' He remembers his friends saying before he left for the island. Ha ha ha, oh the irony, ha ha ha. Inside the maintenace shed there was little supplies to be had. Just complex computers to assist in controlling and repairing the bridge. There was a stair case leading to the outside world and a ladder leading to…a vixen?

    The hare opens his mouth to shout as the hatch opens to reveal the maintinance fox peer into the room. He points vigerously then his eyes roll upward and he faints.

    Usefull hare.

    Chompies continue to claw at the door leading towards the catwalk they came from. They now knew meat was here. If only they could find a way to get to it...

    The door to the exit was however far as they could tell.

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  • Oscar shook his head with a grin. "Unless dinosaurs that small know how to open a door let alone reach it, I don't think we will have that much of an issue." The otter then decided to think about what they should do. "Alright at the moment our best bet is the shelters to get everyone to safety. But I did see a building that seemed to have power and a radio antenna with power still. We could use to get he-" Oscar was cut off when he saw the hare point and suddenly faint. "The hell?" Oscar look towards where  the hair pointed and he saw the vixen. " Aye ye ya, you got to be kidding me. There is someone down there!" He said before looking at Danny. "Looks like that gun might be handy Danny, come on." Oscar said as he headed towards the hatch.


    Gun…check, gear....check, my arm.....check. The mouse thought as he made sure everything was accounted for. The landing was a bit rough due to the unexpected and ridiculously thick treeline but everyone made it. Using a small light, Mordecai flashed it to signal his location. After three tries he was rewarded with two return flashes. Grabbing his Galil assault rifle he began to make his way towards the flashes. Upon reaching it he saw a certain red panda armed with his PGS1 sniper rifle with another squad mate. The red panda nodded to Mordecai as the mouse crouched down with the group. " Lotus have got in contact with the other?" The mouse asked. The red panda shook his head. "No, only me and Gambit here managed to group up before you did." The red panda said as he nodded towards the stoat scanning the area. "Jester, Lotus we better get to the road. Last thing we need is to be blindsided by a dinosaur." The two nodded in agreement with the stoat. "Alright lets get going, the road is due west of here once we regroup we carry on the mission." The mouse said as the group began to move out.

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