Prehistoric Park (IC OPEN)

  • As the rest of the chompies dropped down onto the maintenance walk the dark vixen peeked her head around the corner of the concrete base. A number had jumped down to the lower platform at the same level as her ledge now was. Stepping back to avoid getting spotted one of her paws rubbed against something metal, there were rungs in the side of the concrete base that made up a ladder that went up to the rail system.

    Well they're down here with me now and I'm not sure IF they CAN climb ladders. Not sure if there are any up on the tracks still either though. At least being on the ladder'd make it a pain to try and bite.

    She began climbing up the ladder when she heard the door leading onto the maintenance walk slam shut, people here? Don't think these things could open doors.

    Poking her head up above the edge of the main track Trinity's eyes darted around for any signs of life, desired or undesired. There located awkwardly within the rail system was the hatch that went down into the base where mechanics could access the catwalk that went on the bottom of the bridge.

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  • The scrawny hare that accompanied them was begining to pant heavily. 'Don't eaten!' He remembers his friends saying before he left for the island. Ha ha ha, oh the irony, ha ha ha. Inside the maintenace shed there was little supplies to be had. Just complex computers to assist in controlling and repairing the bridge. There was a stair case leading to the outside world and a ladder leading to…a vixen?

    The hare opens his mouth to shout as the hatch opens to reveal the maintinance fox peer into the room. He points vigerously then his eyes roll upward and he faints.

    Usefull hare.

    Chompies continue to claw at the door leading towards the catwalk they came from. They now knew meat was here. If only they could find a way to get to it...

    The door to the exit was however far as they could tell.

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  • Oscar shook his head with a grin. "Unless dinosaurs that small know how to open a door let alone reach it, I don't think we will have that much of an issue." The otter then decided to think about what they should do. "Alright at the moment our best bet is the shelters to get everyone to safety. But I did see a building that seemed to have power and a radio antenna with power still. We could use to get he-" Oscar was cut off when he saw the hare point and suddenly faint. "The hell?" Oscar look towards where  the hair pointed and he saw the vixen. " Aye ye ya, you got to be kidding me. There is someone down there!" He said before looking at Danny. "Looks like that gun might be handy Danny, come on." Oscar said as he headed towards the hatch.


    Gun…check, gear....check, my arm.....check. The mouse thought as he made sure everything was accounted for. The landing was a bit rough due to the unexpected and ridiculously thick treeline but everyone made it. Using a small light, Mordecai flashed it to signal his location. After three tries he was rewarded with two return flashes. Grabbing his Galil assault rifle he began to make his way towards the flashes. Upon reaching it he saw a certain red panda armed with his PGS1 sniper rifle with another squad mate. The red panda nodded to Mordecai as the mouse crouched down with the group. " Lotus have got in contact with the other?" The mouse asked. The red panda shook his head. "No, only me and Gambit here managed to group up before you did." The red panda said as he nodded towards the stoat scanning the area. "Jester, Lotus we better get to the road. Last thing we need is to be blindsided by a dinosaur." The two nodded in agreement with the stoat. "Alright lets get going, the road is due west of here once we regroup we carry on the mission." The mouse said as the group began to move out.

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