Prehistoric Park (IC OPEN)

  • Isla Nublar

    _Prehistoric Park Event Log: June 19, 2015, day 1292 of operation.
    Location of report: Isla Nublar, Main Office
    Live Count: 333 staff members Total.
    Office Division: 32
    Security Division: 43
    Research and Development: 34
    Department of Health and Wellfare: 20
    Department of Animal wellfare: 45
    General Labor: 159

    Total guests 523

    Days with out Injury. 15

    Days with out fatal incident: 324_

    Delete. Delete. Delete.

    Days with out fatal incident: …0

    Prehistoric Park.

    For many it was a dream come true. A tropical island get away with sandy beaches, lush jungle, tropical birds, and Dinosaurs.

    Real, live, breathing dinosaurs.

    The wonders of modern science put to use to bring back creatures of a by gone erra. And charge $250 to see them. $129 if you were a senior. Children under 8 entered free.

    It was worth the cost to get in though, so they said. To see beasts from the past in perhaps one of the most beautifull jungle islands in existance…

    For the guests. For those who worked here there was a job to be done.

    "Can you believe it? I have to pull the night shift tonight on my day off because the new guy got sick from a misquito bite. An island of Dinosaurs and he gets injurred by a misquito bite!"

    Shari leans back in her chair and sighs. The grey fox across the table nods in understanding. He swollows the food in his mouth before replying, "Blasted newbies. Can't do anything right." The fox then returns to his dinner.

    The cheetah cast her gaze out at the window to her left. She always thought the Jungle Fever Snack Bar and Grill had been...poorly named...but expertly placed. The small eating establishment was set up like a buffet, one with an elevated view of the islands basin. Wide open grass land with a river running through the middle of it. Several of the islands more popular dinosaurse usualy be seen grazing in the field a hundred feet below. Today though the long necked dinosaurs were bedding down for the night and the weather.

    Rain had been expected with the huricane moving across the south. What was not expected was the huricane's sudden movement north. In the six months Shari had been here it would be the cheetah's first major storm.

    "Yeah...blasted newbies can't even get themselves eaten by dinosaurs right. Speaking of eating, how can you still be eating? I'm already full...and you were here before me!"

    With a devious smile the fox replies. "Hey. You got to get you're money's worth out of those free meal vouchers. Besides, I'm getting ready for winter." The fox reaches across the table for his drink. He is however waylayed when his belly bumps into the table and prevents him from grabbing the drink that is just out of the grasp of his paws.

    Shari rolls her eyes and slides the drink into his reach, "Really Cal? On a tropical island?" The cheetah laughs but inwardly she wonders how a beast could let themselves go so badly. Then again, the island's supply of bars, pubs, dinner joints, and fast food could easily have a softening effect on those with more secular jobs.

    Shari herself threw out her own scale three months ago.

    As the two converse, the door to the busy resturaunt opens once again. Both Shari and Cal wave to the new comer as they see him. The raccon waves back before taking off his parka and setting up his laptop on a table nearby.

    "Hey, we have Dinosaurs on the island. Anything is possible at this point." The fox says first to Shari then to the racoon, "Like that rain storm outside. I thought you boys in command were taking care of that."

    "Sorry, but weather control still belongs to nature. I just fix computers."

    "Oh well, maybe the rain will wash away the protesters." The fox says as he dig into his orange chicken dinner.

    "What? Again?" The feline rubs her eyes.

    "Yep, they brought a barge this time and anchored it dock 9. I swear...these Redwaller enviromentalists."

    "Everyone's entitled to their opinions Cal." The racoon says as he sets up his laptop. "I just hope they have a place to set up shop during the storm..."

    "You don't think we will have to you?" Shari asks nervously. To which Cal laughs, "Evacuate? Hah! We have shelters for things like that kid. They don't evacuate for nothing. One time, back when I was still in construction we had a couple of raptors get loose in the park. We kept the park up and running even when...

    The fox pauses, noticing how the raccoon has become still as he listens to the story. Shark speaks first. " were in construction?"

    "I'll...tell you about it some other time. Don't you have a shift to get to?"

    Shari looked out the rain splattered window to see the sun beging to set, painting the island in a yellow glow. "Nah...I can wait. I'm not entirely eager to clean toilets tonight. I swear...the maintenance department is so under staffed right now its..."

    The conversation for the raccoon drifted to the back ground. It wasn't really important anyway. The message box that appeared on the bottom of his screen though, that, that was important.

    It read a simple message. "It happens tonight. Can we count on you?"

    The raccoon, as almost a habbit reached to reply to the message. His paw stops however and begins to shake. There was no going back after this.

    Subconciously he rubs at the wedding ring on his paw and he realized that the point of no return had already been crossed a long, long time ago.

    Taking a deep breath the raccoon types out his reply. "You can count on me. The guard shift is at ten. Be ready or be caught."

    With out waiting for another reply the raccoon closed the laptop. He waved good buy to his friends, most likely for the last time, and left the restraunt. He felt sick to his stomach but there was nothing he could do now even if he wanted to. Wheels had been set in motion, and now it was finally going to come to an way or another....

    (Hurray! The story has finally started! If you want in now would be the time. When you pose in please just give us a brief description (or detailed) of your character in your post so we know what they look like. Feel free to drop their description in the OOC chat as well.

    You can play a tourist, staff, and...even security member. I decided to lift the ban on security as yes, its a cool job and people might want to play it :3 just so long as you don't start the game witb a bazooka xD

    The other restriction is no command staff. Basically people giving orders.

    I will be GMing and running npcs. All the characters (unless posted otherwise) are dynamic npcs. They will show up when needed and you may interact with them in any way possible.

    I also, purposly, left the park's description blank for the moment. Feel free to spoof your alts into the story anywhere. Feel free to let your imagination go wild.

    Each player has two or three poses before the first event starts 😄 have fun and thanks for joining!)

  • Holter grinned and waved at Shari and the others as he entered the restaurant. "Nice weather we're having, eh?" The thylacine had been employed at the park as a security guard for some months now. He'd been involved in some mercenary work in the past, and had been contacted for employment at the park because of this. He couldn't complain, the place paid him very well. For appearance reasons, he was only armed with an M9 handgun, though he was allowed to keep his old survival knife in a belt sheath for peace of mind. He sat down at the table where Shari and the others were sat and called to the server for a soda."So, don't hear too much more than we need to know at my post, what's the deal with this storm headin' our way?"

    OOC: bit ironic using an extinct animal for my character for this, I know. ^^; (Though in this world I'd doubt the thylacine would've become extinct, seeing as it was done in by human hunting)

  • OOC: And quick description since coyote mentioned it in the other chat: my guy, Holter, is 5'8" and a fairly muscular fella. His right ear is torn and he has a few scars here and there, nothing too bad though. Currently he's wearing a pair of black pants tucked into a pair of combat boots, grey knee pads and elbow pads, black fingerless gloves, a kevlar vest, and a black short-sleeved shirt underneath with the logo of the park embroidered on the left sleeve. The back of his vest has 'SECURITY' written on it in yellow lettering.

  • Oscar sat in the monorail watching the News talk about the recent Redwall Environmentalist protests related to the Usean and Mossflower military training exercises claiming that they are damaging a environment by using decommissioned ships as training targets and even went so far to stall a training exercise by boarding one of the training targets in order to prevent them from firing.  The otter shook his head at this and looked at his dogtags around his neck resting on his shirt.  He was dressed rather simple with his jeans and white v-neck which sleeves just partially covered a larget tattoo on his arm. He sighed to himself as the news anchor rambled on about a incident he already new about. He looked at his little brother who was also watchimg and smiled. He may be a Usean fighter pilot but he was off duty on a month leave so his priority was to spend some well needed time with his little brother, Emilo."So Emmy, how has you first year in high school been?" The younger otther shrugged. "Its alright, kinda wish the teachers didnt drown us in projects…" Oscar laughed. "Aw dont worry, you'll get used to it. It is just how the teachers show they care." Emilo look at his older brother. "Yeah I guess, still sucks though. "  Oscar sat there for a moment at looked out the window of the moving monorail before looking at his little brother. "You know Emmy, I never finished that story about how I earned the nickname lucky." He said with a smile as Emilo looked up at him.

    (Ok certian things. If you dont realize it, Oscar is  fighter pilot for a diffrent country and actually was apart of the training exercise that was being protested hence his reaction. Also I did decide to make the Redwall Environmental protesters pretty much be crazy radicals just to tie them with Oscar. Hope this isnt a bother. Also if you guys have a character on the monorail with him feel free to ask to listen to the story or whatever. He has stories and also if your sharp you might be able to get the refrence I am constantly making with him)

    (Also quick description for Emilo since I didnt mentioned that. He stands at 5'6 while Oscar is 5'11. He is wearing a light blue hoodie, a black beanie, black skinny jeans and  blue high tops. He is pretty much a 16 year old skater while Oscar is a 21 year old fighter pilot)

  • "Storm? What storm?" The fat bellied fox replies as he drinks from his soda,  "The term you are looking for is extreme tropical weather. Those are attractions to the island. Storms deter visitors."

    "Don't worry. You'll get used to the lingo eventually." Shari comments

    "Or management will feed you to the dinosaurs." Cal interjects

    "You mean 'assesset'."

    "Oh silly me. How could I forget. Management really is going to feed me to the T rex now." A heavy slurping sound fills the table as the soda is finished. "I'm afraid you are asking the wrong creature about the storm. I've been behind a cashier machine since 9 this morning."

    "Last I heard we will catch the tip of the storm before it hits the U.S. What ever that means." Shari waves her paw in the air as she talks. To her comment Cal adds, "I keep forgetting that you two are new here. You have yet to experiance the joy of our heavy storm season! Perhaps you would like to stay a bit Holter and hear some good old fashioned tales from the dark days of the park? I just finished dinner and Shari is soacking off anyeays…"

    "WAS slacking off. I really should get going." The plump cheetah grabbed her belongings and threw a coat over her shoulders. "But don't think you're off the hook Cal. You are going to tell me all about how you can go from working construction to working in fast food next time, ok?"

    With out further disctraction the cheetah gave her good byes and walked out the door into the rain.

    Despite the less than steller weather conditions, the mono rail hardly saw a dent in passengers. Beasts of all kinds sat or stood where they could.

    With the rain soacked jungle going by outside a lone hare leaned his head against the glass behind him. He was a scrawny fellow dresses in a white T shirt and a hawaiian themed dress shirt over that. The brown furred beast twitchs an ear towards the otter  as he began telling his story but says nothing as of the moment. He does get a smile out of seeing family taking care of each other.

    He crosses his arms and half listens to the story, keeping his eyes on the front of the train to not miss the gate. It was in a way a right of passage. You havnt really ented the park until you pass through the large wooded gate doors , preferably with magestic music blaring in the back ground.

  • "Hey, I got nothin' better to do, may as well stick around for a few stories." Holter replied as he took a sip of his soda. He chuckled at Shari's reply to being told she was slacking off and waved goodbye as she headed out into the rain. He looked out the window over the field below, looking at the resting dinosaurs. He still wasn't completely used to seeing the dinos every day, he wasnt sure he'd ever be to be honest.

  • On the same monorail sat a greying ferret who wore a dark, brown button jacket, light brown pants and a white shirt underneath as he adjusted his glasses. Sitting beside him was a younger ferret in a security uniform, looking extremely bored as he kept a eye around the crowd for any trouble that could happen….which he doubted. "I can't believe your even here dad, you should be at home."

    The older ferret gave a small smile as he turned to him, "Oh come now Danny, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity here and besides...I never see you that much." Danny, or Dan as he liked to be called, just sighed knowing his father was technically right and it annoyed him greatly because of it. Hes changed a lot ever since he retired a couple of years back...discharged with a medal and thats it, so much for an old soldier's last hoorah. The older ferret noticed the longing look in Dans eyes, "Something on your mind?"

    This surprised him slightly, "Oh, thats all." He half lied to his father. The lie being his thoughts about his father, the truth being part of his job as he did hear about the Redwall Environmentalists who docked at Dock 9. So much for an easy job watching over tourists and maybe breaking up a bar brawl or so.

    (Just for added extra, the older ferrets name is Jean, 60 years old, and the younger ferret is Danny, 30 years old, Jean is 5'11, Danny is 5'12.)

  • Emilo looked up at his brother eagerly when he mentioned that story. "Come on man, tell it from the beginning.  I havent heard the start in a long time." Oscar smiled,  ithas been quite some time since he has managed to spend quality time with his brother like this. "Alrighty then, so it  was back at basic when it first started to flow around due to the fact I had feel asleep in one of my classes and still made the highest score but that was nothing really special.  The real thing that got me the nickname was  during the war back in Operation Rough Sea when we had to cripple the enemy fleet a enemy squadron of 5 ace pilots joined they fray and man those guys was giving us a run for our money." Oscar said said as he starts to position his hands (er paws?) as a representation. "So eventually I had a ace right on my tail and he wasn't lighting up on me so I did what any sensible pilot would do, I flew like hell.  Okay to at one point when it became clear I wasn't going down easily another pilot started to fly straight at me, now this guy wasn't a ace at least Suddenly the guy in front of my fires a missle right at me so I am about to make a turn to get away but get this." He says pausing for a moment trying not to laugh oddly. "The enemy missle  flies right over my cockpit and in between the tails of my fighter so close I can see every detail of the dang thing and nails the ace right behind causing serious damage to his plane and pride before he broke from the chase. Turns out the guy in front of me accidentally fired his missle to early so it wasnt lock on to anything and just happened to barely miss me. As for the ace, well I think that he is still trying to live that down, especially since we all saw that. Since then I was considered the luckiest guy in the Squad thus giving me the name." Oscar said shaking his head as his brother looked at him with disbelief.  "Bro I still have a hard time believing my luck that day. Looks like the big guy upstairs was riding with me that day."

    (So what you guys think? Is he lucky or what?)

  • The pot bellied fox throse an arm over his chair as he picks his teeth clean with a chop stick.

    "You want to know a story huh? Well let's nust say that you newbies have got it easy. Back in the day, 'bout four years ago when the park was still small, realitivly speaking, there were…a lot of mistakes made. You know that big fancy security manual you had to take a test on before working here? Every rule in that book was added after an injury or fatal accident."

    The fox pauses to take a breath before continuing,  "We had our share of scares in the past...I used to work on the containment walls for new dinosaurs myself until a raptor pulled me into the pen. It...scaled the wall and grabbed onto my shoulder and pulled me into the pen. If security hadn't been paying attention the raptors would have got me." The fox lets out a chuckle, "Ever since then I havn't been able to set foot even near the walls. I could have left the island but..." Cal shrugs, "I like it here. So they put me to work here in the food service."

    The fox twirls his chop stick, "Other's were not so lucky though. We had this really bad containment breach once and..."

    Call pauses as his cell phone goes off. As it does, the cell phone of all staff employees goes off. "Always a good sign." Call says as he reads the alert on his phone.

    Notice: due to dangerous weather conditions the park is now closed. All non essential duties are to be suspended. All secutity and Class B staff members are on stand by and report to your Stage One Evacuation areas. Please be ready to recieve more instructions soon

    "Well, Shari will be happy to hear that at least. Looks like you got called back to duty though." Call said with a smile. "Don't let the word evacuation scare you though. They just want you ready to lead people to shelters if they call for it."


    The monorail takes a gental turn around the bend and nearly all the passengers paused to look at the gate. A relic left from the origional park site the three story tall wooden gate was decorated to a tropical theme as if King Kong awaits them on the other side.

    The gates open wide go the jungle behind before turning for the station at the main park. A collective aw resounds the train as guests scramble to look out the windows. An electric voice calls out in a majestic tone. " Prehistoric Park."

    A second electronic voice chimes in over the speakers. "Attention all guests. Due to unforseen weather the park is now closed." There was a collective moan as the voice continues. "Prehistoric park appologizes for the inconvinience and hopes that you enjoy the rest of your stay. Please follow staff upon exiting the train. They will guide you to your hotel..."

    "Well...that sucks." The hare across from the otters voices the opinion of all present. The monorail turns towards the sun sinking in the distance and comes to a stop in the station ahead.

    (Each player has 1 or two posts before the next event, and a possible time gap. The park thanks you for your patience and assures you that everything is under control...for the moment. :3 )

  • Holter listened intently as Cal spoke. He'd heard that there were some incidents in the past, though he wasn't told much about them. He was right about that manual being thick… Holter felt his flip-phone buzz and checked the message. He sighed and finished off his soda. "Yeah, I'd better be off. See ya later!" he said with a wave as he hurried out the door and to his post. This was another thing he was trained well on, at the least. In the event of an evacuation, Holter and two other guards were to go to the Prehistoric Expedition guided car tour to tell the cars to return and direct the guests back to their hotels. Holter waved to his fellow guards as he arrived. "What've we got?" he asked. A badger guard sighed and answered. "Two of the cars that were out are almost back, but we can't reach the third and it looks like its still going along its original tour path. Explorer 07." Holter sighed "Dammit, I told them they needed to fix the comms on that one a week ago." He checked his watch. He'd be cutting it close, but... "I'll go out and get 'em," Holter said as he walked towards the parked Explorer 02, one of three with an actual steering mechanism rather than being electrically guided along a path, and grabbed the keys. "I'll be back soon." He started the car and quickly drove off into the Park to search for Explorer 07...

  • Just as Jean was about to question Danny some more, the younger ferrets phone goes off. "Hold on a second dad." He said before taking it out and flipping it open to view the message. He had a blank face as he read it and closed the phone, putting it away, "Something wrong junior?" The older ferret asked with concern in his voice.

    "Sorry dad," he got up and adjusted his uniform, "But it seems your stay just got shorter." He then heard the moans as the announcement went off through the monorail. Hearing the hare voice his opinion near him, he ignored it as the monorail stopped at the station. Jean just sighed deeply at this, knowing his planning was just ruined by mother nature of all things, go figure.

  • Oscar shook his head as he saw his brother sigh." Relax Emmy the storm is gonna pass. Tomorrow we can get in besides, we still need to unpack our bags at the hotel." Emilo looked over at his brother and shrugged. "Alright fine…" Oscar then goes in his small backpack and pulls out a pamphlet about the hotel. "Well at least the hotel has an indoor pool and a resturant, we can grab a bite and go for a swim once we check out the room." He said closing the pamphlet. "Its is just the first day of our vacation Emmy, things will get better. I promise." Emilo gave a nod and wemt back to his phone. Oscar sighs as looks around the monorail as it movies towards the hotels. This wasn't how he wanted his first day at the park to go but it looks like they will just have to make do.

  • Rain batters against the windows. By now the sun has been completely replaced by darkness. Even through the storm the sound of baying dinosaurs can be heard. It was a most…unatural sound. One that left a feeling of uneasyness for even most staff members.

    To know that here there be monsters and all that kept them at bay was a 30 foot tall electric fence.

    It was a thought that drove sleep away from Mike. A thought that kept him awake most nights. Knowing, knowing that the monsters were always plotting, plotting to get you. The dinosaurs were smarter than people gave them credit. They prove it in the way they test the defense, in finding ways around their precious technology.

    The raccoon idly rubs at the ring on his finger. He knows the price people pay for when they underestimate nature.

    He takes a staggered breath and sighs deeply, looking out the window. If he went through with this, this would be the last time he looked through it.

    But something had to change. The park was on its way to disaster. Something has to be done to prevent that.

    The racoon glances at the picture of two raccoons, himself and a brown furred raccoon. Both look happy in that picture with the brown raccoon making bunny ears behind Mikes head.

    Mike turned the picture on his desk over as he sat down to his laptop. This wasn't about revenge. He tells himself over and over again as if that would make it true.

    A map of the park is shown on the laptop. With the click of a mouse and the stroke of an administrative password a program is brought up. Another passworded is asked for. The raccoon doesnt hesitate this time as he presses enter.

    And Prehistoric Park is brought to its knees.

    They wont realize it until tomarrow of course. But by then Mike would be long gone.

    Grabbing the walkid talkie at his side he says flattly, "Green Light." Then Mike get's up to grab a bottle of wine. Over the next ten minutes he glances occasionally at the screen. What he sees is now starkly different from what control sees. Where doors are shown to be unlocked and opening through the complex some poor fool pulling night shift at controll will see a normal screen.

    The raccoon double checks to make sure his little program hasnt dissengaged any locks on the animal pens. He is thankfull to see they are still in place. The doors made for people though...

    Mike smiles when he sees the doors open and close at the power station. Administrative privalages will only carry this plan so far. The lab runs on its own system. The only way to get in would be to cut the power.

    It should also provide a nice little distraction as well when the park goes dark...

    Then, out of the corner of his eye he catches the notification that appears to his computer now anx his alone. His smile fades, replaced with stunned terror.

    "Oh no. No no no no!" The raccoon grabs the walkie talkie and practically shouts into it. "Abort. Abort the mission. Recall the second team. Don't waste time asking why just bleeding abort the mission! We need to-"

    The explosion is mostly muffled from this distance. Like a firework exploding on the mountain side. Its sound is like distant thunder.

    Systematically the park lights blink out one by one.  Mono rails stop. Attractions cease. Night falls on the park. The lights in the staff appartment towers are last.

    There is a click as emergancy power takes over, casting the inside of buildings in a dim red light.

    Mike almost cried as the walkie talkie slips from his paws. "We...we have to....warn them..." he sys weakly.

    On his laptop the screen flashes.


    The message continues to report itself for all the good that it will do. The warning siren was attatched to main power…

  • The windshield wipers of Explorer 02 beat furiously against the rain pounding the windshield. Even then it was difficult to see, and the blue ERROR message displayed on the GPS monitor didn't help Holter any. He couldn't wait to get these guests and himself to a nice warm hotel. He was just thankful that he'd taken the tour enough times on his days off to remember the path well enough. He snaked as carefully as he could between groups of sleeping dinosaurs; even asleep the creatures were quite majestic. He turned the fog lamps on as it grew increasingly harder to see, it was as dark as night out there. Before too much longer, he'd finally reached Explorer 07. He hopped out of the car and ran to open the door, only to discover that the thing was devoid of any passengers. He smacked his face as he realized this one had just been sent out because it was next in the sequence, and had probably left not too long before the initial evacuation warning. He cursed and kicked one of its tires with his foot before heading back to his car and slamming the door. He turned the heat dial on the A/C and sat for a bit to dry off. A few minutes passed before he noticed something odd: Explorer 07 was stopped when he'd pulled up to it, and was still stopped now. He looked at the still-present ERROR message on the GPS and back up at Explorer 07, an awful feeling growing in his stomach as he realized that both these systems were connected to the main power. He hurriedly cranked the ignition and began driving down the tour path back to the park…

  • Oscar sat there looking out at the poor weather when suddenly- the powers goes out. Oscar places a paw on his brothers shoulder while the sudden turn of events starts startle passengers. "Just a power outage Emmy, its not like a war is going on out there." Oscar chuckled a bit, he was a bit worried about the power but the momorail stopped on bridge ment to give riders a overview of the park. It was a lovely view even with poor weather. The otter looked out around the railway as much as he could, he could make out a small platform and ladder about 20 feet away from the monorail possibly for maintenance. Suddenly Oscar caught something out of his eye that made his blood run cold. "HOLY SHIT! There is a explosion on the mountianside! That building is on fire!!"

  • Danny got ready to do his job when they would reach the station, but then the power went out and the monorail stopped. The ferret managed to catch himself from falling down and looked around confused. "What the hell?" He pulled out his phone and saw he no longer had reception anymore, even more terrific. Just a slight power outage, nothing too serious as he was sure someone would get to work up at the power-

    "HOLY SHIT! There is a explosion on the mountianside! That building is on fire!!"

    He turned to look and his blood ran cold at the sight of the fire on the mountainside…right where the power station is supposed to be. In him trying to figure out how this could happen, he realized something else. The POWER was completely out which meant, "....Shit." Jean was just too stunned to even process what was going on around the old ferret, things were happening too fast for him to keep up.

  • Flori always dreamed of sailing the ocean. Traveling the world and seeing all the exotic locations along the sea.

    After this trip she swore never to step foot on a boat again.

    Despite the heavy rain the little mouse found herself outside on the edge of the barge, stomach pressed up against the railing, head over board emptying her lunch into the sea.

    Like the barge she was on the Redwaller had changed the color of her fur, dying herself purple with blue tattoos across her her neck and arm. The clothing she wore was frayed and left more fur on her stomach exposed than was probibly practical for a sea voyage.

    She certainly looked different from the badger that appeared in the door behind her. He was a lanky beast with his head fur tied into dreads and wore a very bright yellow hawaiin shirt.

    "Well…that looks pleasent." The badger chuckled darkly as he stepped out onto the walkway, barely protected from the rain from the over hang above them. Flori replied by losing the rest of her lunch. "Better out here I guess then inside."

    "Ya think? You barely have enough room to stand let alone..." Clutching her snout the mouse began to turn green under her purple fur. "Ugh...why do we even bother?"

    The badger let out a laugh. "Because its the right thing to do." A glazed, far away look over came the badger, "Because nature was not made to be contained and sold for park tickets. These are exotic creatures from an era long past, not a commodity for our ammusement. And one day, our efforts will pay off. Not everyone may notice, but the right people who can make change may one day see the wrongs being committed here and do something to make it right. Well, that's why I'm here at least."

    The badger saw the look Flori was giving him. Slight annoyance with a raised eyebrow. "What?"

    "In all honesty, I joined just because it made my parrents angry." Flori said with a wiry smile while clutching her sickly stomach. She turned back to the sea. A concerned look crossed her face as she watched the water drain away from under the boat, depositing the barge and its crew on the sandy sea floor of the docks.

    She leaned forward over the railing to watch the sea drain back into the ocean. In the distance lightning struck, lighting up the bay area and the titanic wall of water progressing towards the island, like a fast moving glacier charging towards them.

    Flori's mouth hung open and quivered, knowing that in the end, it was about all she could do before thetsunami over came the boat.

    Anyone caught out on the ground around the beach, was doomed. They barely had time to even register the danger before the wall of water swept them away. It oicked up boats, it picked up cars, it picked up dinosaurs from their pens.

    Emergancy power caused the fences to pop and crackle before they were knocked over. The smaller buildings, decorative huts and vender stalls were picked up in the mess of debris that was carried in land, covering the majority of the park facilities around the extremity of the island.

    The Redwaller barge found itself crashing once into the staff residential building. The ship over turned and was swept away again, one more debris being swept inland.

    The mono rail, being close to the rim of the island, was high enough to avoid the majority of the water that flooded the valley bellow it. The bridges supports groaned as debris was thrown into it. But it held firm.

    The train itself may not prove so fortunate with the Redwallers capsized barge being swept towards them...

  • Holter was completely unaware of the tsunami at the time, and continued driving down the muddy tour path in the heavy rain. With a view of the park in front of him now, there was no more doubt that the main power was off. The cages should still hold, they were designed with several backup generators in an event like this, but still… He shook the thought out of his head and kept driving. His walkie-talkie buzzed and a harsh voice came out of it. "H--ter! D---t com----------tsu--m----SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" and then the walkie talkie shut off. "Don't come back? Why w-" He perked his ears up as he heard what sounded like several loud crashing noises that carried on for a minute or so before settling or at least become inaudible at this distance. He didn't have too long to ponder what the noises could have been before his Explorer was suddenly hit by a mudslide caused by the tsunami, sweeping his car down the plains. Eventually the Explorer collided with the local foliage and stopped, the water and mud battering the side of the car until it settled. Holter had hit his head when the car hit the trees, and sat dazed for a few minutes. He groaned as he slowly regained his senses, gripping the steering wheel tightly. He put the car in park and turned it off, letting out a sigh as he leaned back in his chair. It was definitely gonna be awhile until he got to that nice warm hotel...

  • Oscar looked out the window as the water crashed into the bridge. 'I come back from that training exercise with those idiot protesters and now this?!?! I just can get a break' he thought to himself as he saw the barge. Turn towards everyone who is now in the midst of panic he started to raise his voice to draw attention.  "Hey! We got to get this train moving and get out off the bridge! Look for a fuse box or something, there has to be some back up power for this. Its either that or we take out chances and get out of the train!" Oscar shouted. He knew they was running out of time and if this train or passengers get moving then the bridge could be destroyed right under them if that barge hits them. ' Hope my luck comes into play right about now.' Oscar thought to himself as he glanced at his little brother .

  • –------------------
    Name: Trinity Darkhollow (Trinity)
    Gender: Female
    Age: 28
    Species: Black Fox
    Occupation: Medic - Detached with security complements.
    Time In Occupation: 1.5 Months
    Description: With eyes equally dark in color as her fur Trinity stands at a modest 5'7".

    Besides her midnight blue uniform and black boots she has a set of HSLA Steel body armor colored to match her fur. This protects her torso though it leaves the shoulders exposed to allow maximum maneuverability for her arms. The body armor is easy to clean off unlike a set of Kevlar which could potentially become soaked and thus less sterile while working on an injured patient in the field.

    Besides the medical satchels on her belt she carries a blue tinted flashlight made from titanium allowing it to be used like a baton if the situation requires.

    Personality: Might seem all bold in dangerous situations though danger actually scares the living daylights out of her, this is particularly obvious when there is the possibility of danger but it is not immediately present. May or may not be selfish depending on the beasts being dealt with. Her panic attacks can be quite demoralizing to her and those around her. Seeing some of the things that have happened to beasts attacked by the prehistoric creatures has NOT helped her mindset.

    Other: Likely the only reason she's still employed as a field medical specialist is because nobody else wanted to take the job and see what's to be seen of the injured.

    "Think we can rig the generator to the gate to power the train? I mean there are still people on it." Darkhollow stood to the side of the badger security chief holding a lamp light to illuminate the circuit panel in the side of the column that supported the gates of the train station.

    "Maybe but something's keeping the generator powered down to keep it from shutting." the badger grunted as he hammered the keys on his smartphone that was linked to the panel by a USB wire. Trinity shifted impatiently making the badger growl lightly as the light moved on the panel "What is? It's obviously not being done manually and the only place it's networked to is the control center. I mean why would any of those eggheads want to jam the gates open."

    The badger mumbled to himself as he flipped the breaker again to no effect "The gates log every time their opened or closed, if you didn't want to be noticed you'd just jam them open and make it look like a technical glitch... Until someone inspected a breaker unit like we are."

    "Why would you want to go around unnoticed by yourself when your surrounded by a bunch of prehistoric monsters twenty times your size?" the black vixen waved her free paw in the air "I don't kn..." the badger sighed in irritation "Redwallers..."

    Keying his radio the stripedog barked "Miguel, what's the status on our uninvited guests?" he waited for a moment to nothing but static "Miguel, report?"

    Trinity started looking around half expecting to see some crazed mouse charging at them with a pointed stick instead she saw a large wall of water with a LOT of LARGE sticks that were actually trees washing towards them.
    "Ummm, Wyvern…"

    Wyvern looked up at the medic about ready to chuck his radio like it was a sling stone "What is it?"

    She pointed at the giant wall of doom, wave that was washing towards them "We're dead."

    Looking around Trinity leapt at the power pole that connected the gate to the main power grid and started climbing as Wyvern glanced around the pillar and jumped a step back. Turning to look for cover the badger switched the frequency on his radio "Holter! Don't come back! There's a tsunami coming down the valley! Shhhh…" Wyvern started to curse seeing the power pole was the only thing nearby and followed Darkhollow.

    OOC: I have more of this to post but the wave hasn't hit the actual train yet so I'm guessing it hasn't hit this station yet. Now whether the bypass Wyvern was working on succeeded or not I don't know and is another random element for the roll if that's ok?

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