Oscar Santos

  • Nickname: "Lucky"

    Callsign: Dreamcaster-7

    Name: Oscar Quincy Santos

    Age: 21

    Family: -Sebastian Santos (father, deceased)

    -Veronica Santos (mother)

    -Emillo Santos (little brother)

    Species: Sea Otter

    Description: A tall well built beast with light brown and tan fur.  He also has a tattoo on his shoulder that says "In order to have peace, prepare for war."One of the things he typically wears is a old woodland camo jacket  and a hat with AIR FORCE written on it along. Most of the time prefers jeans and a average v-neck shirt(when off duty)

    Oscar always carries a picture of his family with him everywhere.


    -military trained
    -Can quickly assess the situation
    -Very Intelligent


    • reckless in some situations
    • Can miss occasional details that could effected the outcome
    • Bit to trusting


    Oscar is a focused and respectful individual with a soft spot for family things. He is also a kind beast at times but when the situation arises he can take charge and control most situations.


    Oscar  hails from a major city of Los Canas in the western nation of Usea. Oscar had a normal childhood for the most part. He lived in a nice home in the neighborhoods just outside of the city and  was a very good student. His father was a Pilot in the Usean Air Force (UAF) and his mother was the owned of a bakery within the city.  Yet on one day when Oscar was only 16 he family had received terrible news. Oscar's father was killed in action during the overseas war giving his life  in order to save his fellow squadmates. Due to this sacrifice, his father was awarded the  Usean Star, the highest award a soldier can earn (compare it with the medal of honor). After this Oscar had to become the man of the house and help his mother take care of his 12 year old brother Emillo. Then when Oscar reached age 18 he decision of his life, he enlisted into the Air Force like his father and become a fighter pilot. It wasn't long for him to be noticed due to his rather high scores in the exams during training and he qualified to become a fighter pilot. He was then assigned to the Dreamcaster Squadron and it was here Oscar had to go through several close calls that could had ended his chances and was quickly given the nickname by his squadmates of "Lucky". He has been on many operations  such as "Operation Rough Sea", "Operation Countdown", "Operation Bunkershot" and the famous "Operation Judgement Day".

    –------------------------Trivia Facts!------------------------------

    -Oscar is a lefty and plays the guitar

    -He likes to call his little brother "Emmy"

    • Oscar is what is also known as a "Ribbon" , This name signifies pilots who have achieved Ace status and is shown with a blue ribbon painted on the tail of his fighter jet

    -The entire Dreamcaster squadron flies the F-22a Raptor

    -(okay Im going to be straightforward with everyone who is reading this profile and hasn't realized this yet. Oscar is in fact just one HUGE reference to the Ps2 game Ace Combat 04: Shattered skies which happens to be one of my all time favorite games. Lets see who can point out the references)

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