Prehistoric Park OOC

  • Yes…you read correctly., Prehistoric Park!

    I had the crazy idea to start a non traditional rp (loosely) based on the Jurassic Park theme.

    To clarify this would be an rp about survival. Out witting primal dinosaurs until the cast is rescued or manage to rescue themselves.

    This will have plenty of action but it wont be about just shooting dinosaurs nor is it simply fleeing dinosaurs. So the only recuirement for the game is that your character is a TOURIST visiting the park, NOT staff or security.

    Characters: It would be best if you have one character to begin with but you may have npcs. Friends, Family, all tourists as well. There is no limit to what skills or history your character has as long as it fits the pg rating of the site.

    If your character is killed off you are more than welcome to spoof another to take their place, or perhaps you want to play a dinosaur and terrorize the other survivors >:3

    Characters can be any exisiting animal, dinosaurs are non sentient beasts.

    Equipment / gear / supplies: characters start with no weapons but they can get weapons later on. Instead of running a character I will be GMing npcs and usefull equipment that characters might find. Such things will be selected randomly from a list each time you enter a building. There is no limitation on how you use the items. That is up to your imagination 😄

    In an effort to keep the story well paced I will also be spoofing randomly selected events. Adding the preseence of more enemies, causing a natural disaster, meeting new survivors etc etc.

    This is at least my idea and I am more than welcome to others sugestions 😄

  • This is actually a really good idea but let me guess what inspired you….you recently watch Jurassic World didn't you?

    Anyways mind if I ask why nobody can be a staff member or security? I can understand the security so nobody can start with a weapon but what about the scientists, or tour guides?

    Now with that I'm off to go make myself a character for this.

  • Oh dont get me wrong.  You are all more than welcome to bring tourists with a military background. Etc etc

    They can even be expert dino hunters if you so wish ^.^

    Mostly I am just trying to make it so that we are not flooded by ten security guards all with easy acess and knowage to the where abouts of machine guns and etc. Etc

    Remember how in the plot where the beasts traveled northward, and everyone brought  warriors to guard the carivan? That…wouldn't really work for this story XD. (Mosfly I fear this becoming a Jurrassic Safari Hunt instead of a desperate survival story :3  but we can certainly do that too if we want :D)

    Plus it makes this easier to manage. n.n

    But this isnt just my story either, it belongs to all and all suggestions are welcome. If we all want access to staff members or security then I'm open to the idea.

    I actually plan to be rolling dice off of a premade list of possiboe events, dinos that appear, things people might find, and people they might rescue. When you find another survivor you get to spoof them in and they become your second or third etc character. And thier is a possibility of them being staff 😄

    Edit: fixed some typoes.

    Also there is no reason that we cant also run a story about invading the island after it was over run, like in the second movie 🙂 If we so wish XD

  • Come to think of it. This would make a decent game too :3

    But not every likes to use dice rolls to determine their success or failure 😉

    Speaking of which…how do we want to handle that...when the dinos come marching in after you characters made delicious by over price concession stand food, how should we determine who escapes and who becomes lunch?

  • Well that can be determined by a vote or maybe the classic pick a number, roll the dice and whoever gets the closest wins. Or we can just simply wing it a make a decision when it is absolutely necessary for a player controlled character to die(i preferred the last one for obvious reasons)

    And yeah I remember all the bloody warriors (technically i was the only one who wasn't, my guy was more of a capable musician) in the last rp. So yeah I have to agree with you on that but what about this. What if instead of banning all staff why not allow jobs like customer services and the concessions be allowed? You know people who don't have such access.

    Anyways I just made my guy (;topicseen#new)

    A off duty soldier who is spending the visit with his little brother for vacation. tell me what ya think

  • Sound slike a plan 😄 yes. That sounds reasonable.

    And if I remember right your character wasnt a sword fighter because he was armed with a gun XD. In mid evil europ XD

    Lol I digress. Yeah sure the otter works.

    So basically to keep things simple all you really neex is a description here in ooc and a brief summery of who they are so that people can see them at a moments notice.

    Im not quite ready to start the stoey yet as my comouter decided to just DIE on me.

    But when the story DOES start I will create a scenery post. Then all players have one or two posts before the first event begins. They can show us who they are, maybe touch on their back story etc etc where they are in the park. What ever they wish :3

    I'll be running things in the background, monsters, npcs as needed.

    Also, thank you for joining Rodo!

  • Are we humans or animals?

  • Characters can be any exisiting animal, dinosaurs are non sentient beasts.


  • So humans count! 😄

  • Im ok with that :3

  • Sounds like fun, count me in! 😃

  • Okay now there is one thing I would personally want to ask to EVERYONE who is currently wanting this rp and it is kinda important.

    Here it goes ahem….

    I am a artist in deviantart and this plot sounds like a great idea to make into a comic and I think it would be awesome to do. BUT before i even bother to pick up that pencil I want your permission to make a comic based off this role play. I have some reasons why I decided to ask and that primarily goes on the fact that

    1. I don't own your characters

    2. Everyone is making the story itself

    So with that said the only thing I'd be doing is creating a visual depiction of the story but it would be all of us coming together to create the story. So yeah If you guys are cool with this happening  then that be great. if you guys don't want that to happen I'll be fine with that. If you have any questions you want to ask me before you provide a answer please feel free to ask them.

  • Sounds good to me, I haven't got any issues with it. ^^

  • I did not know you were a deviant artist 😄

    Now I wanna ask you to make me avatars and stuff 😧

    I feel there is no greater honor than an rp being captured as a web comic! I shall endevor to make it worthy of such a feat!

    Its still going to be a couple of days before I get on my feet to get this ready though. Had to fix my computer this week <.<

    Now I will give you all fair warning. I have a tendency to over complicated stories sometimes so at anytime  if you guys have an idea or suggestion by all means let me know 🙂

    The story itself is going to be mostly 'get to point B from Point A with out being eaten. But there will be some twists to keep it interesting.

    As I said before I plan to use dice to randomize the story a bit, basically because to keep you on your toes. 🙂

    I will have several lists to choose from based on what the scene is like.

    First and formost I will roll a dice to see how many rounds go by before the next event hits you (and who it hits if you are seperated from the group)

    I usually spend too much time on build up to plot points, that while in a novel or book would be fine, get to be rather taxing on role play. So this should help me keep pacing ballenced in the story. 😄

    Second I'll roll for which event happens. This list can change a bit depending on what is going on in the story. Other lists are for when you come to a new location, what do you find? Items, survivors, dino's? What kind, how many?

    dont worry. Its not as complicated as it sounds and I've done it before. And its mostly there for my benefit and help me keep the story organized. All the players need to do is focus on what they do best. Have fun and make a story 😄

    Ill get the list polished off soon enough. But if we find that running the stoey like a naturual rp and not a combination rp / game is better, there is no reason we can not to switch to that 🙂

    I'm pretty reasonable and open to ideas.

    Also thank you all for joining the story!

  • So I've never seen Jurassic Park… Will that be a problem if I decide I'd like to play?

  • Not at all! I havnt seen the latest movie myself either.

    Basically all you need to know is that is a park on a tropical island filled with genetically bred dinosaurs.

    Beyond that qll the characters and npcs I'm pulling in are origional characters.

    Oh and there is a slight chance that you may be eaten by raptors. O.O

  • I'll think about it, it sounds like fun.

    What if I don't want to be eaten by raptors? What if I'd rather be eaten by a cheetah? 😛

  • Lol! Im sure we can find a way to make that happen 🙂

  • Seriously? I was just being difficult… 😛 Sweet!

  • Wow I guess I am one of the few that has seen the latest movie. kewl. Also Cool, consider yourself lucky because I am more then willing to draw you avatars and I haven't set up commissions yet but I take requests :D. just msg me here ( Same thing to all of you guys just let me know if ya want stuff drawn. Anyways so how are we going to set up the dinos? Are we gonna depict them accurately or how the Jurassic Series did? ( For example, After the first Jurassic movies came out we Discovered that Raptors actually had feathers so in the Movie they look like how we all thought they was until we learned about the feathers.) So how we going to deal with that?

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