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  • I had an idea for a storyarc which might be neat. It's the classic Redwall trope of a group of corsairs/seavermin want the riches which supposedly are inside of Redwall Abbey. They could even team up with a group of land vermin in Mossflower, with promises of shares of the booty. The Long patrol could be summoned by the Abbot by sending one or two beasts on a perilous journey to the mountain stronghold. Log-a-Log and the shrews could come, wanting to visit the abbey and see it beleaguered by vermin. What do y'all think?

  • I like this idea actually. Life has been busy lately so I havnt been able to join lately in any thread 😛 but it should be easing up soon…soon ish.

    Will this story be cannon with the rest of the web site or stand alone?

  • I would love to start another story arc but the problem is that we start it and many members join but then they don't post after a few weeks and then just disappear except for a select few people who stay. Which is really hard to get any story arc going.

    Don't get me wrong, it's a great idea and plot line, it's just hard since we don't have that many commited

  • That is true. I apologize for my lengthy absence. I have now completed graduate school and am just working a nine to five job. I will have plenty of time for Redwall adventures. How can we increase our recruitment and or involvement?

  • Im not a fan of scripting but I do like goals :3

    We are aiming for a traditional old school  redwall invasion story? I would vote to make it non cannon with the rest of the web site so tbat people may bring in fresh alts and not worry about stepping on anyones toes.

    For example if redwall is invaded then we wont have to worry about who has alts currently in redwall and you have much more lee way with npcs in important positions.

    That's my opinion at least ^.^ You most likely have an idea in mind. So what ever you go with will be fine by me.

    I would aslo suggest keeping the number of players ballenced. As T.J mentioned. The more people who join the more likely people are to just…vanish from a story. It happens. People have jobs and life and other things that get in the way of forum rp. Ive vanished from a few stories myself both here and else where 😛

    Also, have you decided on who is going to lead this molty crew of vermin that will besiege poor redwall? Cause I don't mind making minions for a slaty sea captain 😄


    If we decide to keep it cannon with the forum I also have alts that could help out.

    Is anyone else interested in this idea?

  • The last siege-based story arc caused problems for Mr. Stickabee and I, in that because we were playing the other side, it was difficult for us to interact with the rest of the group. I enjoyed writing my characters, but it was difficult to really get 'into' it when the roleplay was split between the two camps.

    I suggest that if there is to be a 'story arc' thread that involves all of us, that there be no walls between our characters. Perhaps a story in which characters from all different walks are thrown into the same predicament? Say we all get enslaved, or we are all shipwrecked on the same island, or lost deep in the snowy mountains. Something that would encourage our characters to work together, even if grudgingly, so that we can actually write some interactions between us.

  • That is…a valid point! 😄 having all the players in one group and all the bad guys be controlled by the gm or gms depending on the size of the story.

    I've participated in a few stories like this, still participating in one on another site where the sword of marten gets stolen.

    But first let us pick the brain of the person who made the plot thread here. What was your origional idea?

  • my original idea was to have redwall invaded and the long patrol and the guosim show up, but I am fine with whatever. I just want to roleplay with some people! I like the idea of everyone enslaved and we have to figure out how to escape together.

  • Personally, I like the idea of us all getting shipwrecked on an island, and we have to survive on it and try to find a way off.

    Although, I'm fine with anything really.

  • I see!

    Would this story be cannon with the forum or stand alone?

  • It would probably stand alone in case people flake out, which is understandable as was mentioned people do have lives outside of this.

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