Dallno the Strong

  • Name:  Sir Dallno Brocktree

    Age: 35 seasons (if seasons are human years)

    Species: Badger

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Dallno is most likely the largest badger you will ever see, and maybe the kindest.  He is a direct descendant of the great Lord Brocktree himself, giving him a straight back and a chin help high.  Dallno resembles any other badger, aside from his size, of course, and has darkest red eyes, almost brown.  His paws are enormous, so he must have his weapons special-made.  He wears a shining breastplate, half-covered by a crimson V-neck tunic.  He wears greaves and shoulderplates to match.  Dallno's saber is an enormous length of metal with a claymore-style handle and a tiny hilt.

    Personality: Dallno has a warm demeanor torwards goodbeasts, but the slightest mention of vermin sets him on edge.  He is extremely loyal and honorable, especially torward his friends.  He would protect Redwall with his life, as well as Salamandastron.

    Bio:  Dallno was born in Southsward, having fought in the wat against Urgan Nagru at the age of 16, forging a tough demeanor.  Four years of soft living gave him the warmer demeanor he has now.  But eating and farming weren't enough to satisfy his warrior spirit, so he decided to explore the the Northlands.  When he discovered a small village on a small chain of islands, he found a young squirrel being beaten by vermin.  He gruesomely delt with these villains, befriending the squirrel (who is Darion).  They are now the best of friends.

    ((This is another of my 'classic' characters.))

  • The only real comment I can give you is that I'd advise against citing any major literary characters.  It may be that (if or when we set a timeline) your character has been dead for quite some time.

  • Heh, sorry.  He's a character I've had for a long time, just thought I'd try to get him in.  😛

  • Only a suggestion, Hon. ^__^ Unless things are completely out of whack, I'll never say 'no' to a character.

  • Sounds good. 😄

  • You could just change it to "Direct descendant of" instead.

  • Mhm…
    Good idea, I'll do that.

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