Basil Fformelo Clary Miggory

  • Nickname: Bas

    Full Name: Basil Fformelo Clary Miggory

    Species: Hare wot wot!

    Age: 45 Seasons/ years

    Alignment: Goodbeast to a fault

    Job: Long Patroller: Scout- Sergeant

    Description: Basil is a typical scouting hare. He is tall with lean muscles. He has tawny fun with a creamy underbelly. This helps him to hide in the brush. He has greenish-brown eyes, almost hazel, but not. He has three scars on his face, which are puncture wounds from a boxing opponent who put a sharpened nail in his gloves (he was immedietly disqualified to shouts of bad form sah! The miscreant was sent on a fizzer!) He has several scars on his back from when he was captured by searats and they flogged him for information.  He is always wearing his regulation uniform around the mountain. He wears his dress uniform if the occasion calls for it. His uniform is immaculately clean and alway in order. He prides himself on his neatness and his attention to details. He does not carry a weapon, except for a small sling and a pouch of stones. He prefers to face his enemies with his paws. He always claims that weapons would slow him down and make a clatter while he was running, but really he enjoyed the satisfying thud when his paw made contact with a foebeast's face.

    Possessions: Two day to day uniforms, one dress uniform, one pace stick (like a swagger stick, but for non commissioned officers), One standard issue campaign kit, an old cadet pawring, one sling with a small pouch of carefully selected stones, and a pair of training gloves.

        - Boxing
        - cooking

        - Swimming: He has a phobia of lakes/ponds and rivers.
        - Cruelty to vermin: He hates vermin that want to harm goodbeasts and is overly cruel and prejudiced.
        - Clumsy with weapons
        - Leadership: He has always been more of a follower

        Basil is a fairly severe beast. He wants things to be in order and has a hard time joking around. He is very critical of others, unless you are a dear friend (very few). He is extremely loyal to his friends, his job, and his badger lord/lady. He will go out of his way to do something nice if you are in his inner circle. He expects a lot from his fellow longpatrollers. He is prejudiced against vermin and opts for the harshest treatment of all of them. He is especially critical of himself and takes it hard when he makes a mistake.

        Basil Fformelo Clary Miggory was born the fourth son out of six to Major Fformelo Nubbs Miggory and Lieutenant Rosemary Clary Miggory. He was born at Salamandastron and was instructed in the art of war from the time he could listen. His father loved his children and the long patrol. He wanted them all to serve and to command troops. Basil was regaled with stories of his father's exploits. His brothers all listened enraptured with the stories of blood and gore. Basil always preferred his mother's stories of being a runner in the service of Salamandastron. He had loved running from the earliest age. He could outrun his brothers six ways to Sunday.

    He and his brothers were always competing, and it seemed like they were competing for their father's love. One day they were having a footrace, which was futile because they knew Basil was going to win. The other brothers had hatched a secret plan. The route was going to take them by a pond and Basil's next oldest brother was hiding behind some bushes and as Basil came by he grabbed him and held him under the water until his other brothers had passed by, but before they could get by Basil let out a left hook which incapacitated his brother and allowed Basil to come up for needed air. He didn't speak to his brother for half a season after that. From that day on Basil knew he was to be a boxing hare.

    Eventually the older brothers enrolled with the long patrol. They excelled at weapons training and all the necessary skills. They were shipped off to units patrolling Mossflower and did well and eventually accepted commissions as officers. Basil also was selected for the patrol, but he had seen his brothers becoming officers and wanted nothing to do with leadership, much to his father's chagrin. He just wanted to run and escape from his brothers' shadows. He poured himself into his unit and his duty. He loved it. He loved the adventures and being a scout.

    One trip is worth mentioning. There had been reports of searats raiding the coast. Basil's unit was dispatched along with two others, one of which was led by one of his brothers. They caught up to the searats and Basil provided the units with reports of how many rats were there and what sort of weapons they had. They were going to accost the raiders and give them glorious battle the next day. They set up camp and lit a small fire for each unit. They posted sentries, one of whom was a private newly minted. He fell asleep at his post and the rat's scouts had seen the smoke of the campfires and led the rats to their camp. They killed the remaining sentries and rounded up all the weapons. Eventually the hares were awakened by the captain ordering them to the ship. He killed the leaders, Basil's brother included immediately. He then "questioned" the other as to where they came from and what they were doing. Basil was beaten to within an inch of his life when six long patrol units stormed aboard and rescued him and the twelve or so survivors. This cemented Basil's hatred of vermin, especially searats. He has served faithfully, hunting down vermin. Now he is mostly training the next generation of long patrolers. He wants to get back into combat.

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