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  • Hi I am a returning role player. I was super active in the days of old, when the R.O.C. was at it's peak, but I was much younger then and my writing was atrocious. I am still unsure how to roleplay fights though. I was wondering if anyone would be willing to assist me.

  • Howdy, and welcome back.^^ I'd be fine helping you out. Were you thinking of accomplishing this in an RP format or just more of an explanation, or both?

  • I suppose I was thinking about a role playing session with someone pointing out mistakes I was making in my posts and demonstrating good fighting etiquette (which I think is an oxymoron, but I think you get my drift.) I just made a hare character and before he gets up to adventures I would like to be sure in my posting ability.

  • Yeah I'd be fine with that. 😃 Wanna do it in this topic?

  • Sure! I'll let you go first and jump in as a reply to your post.

  • Reverrek readied his wooden training sword and adopted a fighting stance. He grinned, though in a more friendly manner than most of his enemies would see. "Alright, let's see what you've got!" Rev announced as he swung his wooden sword at Basil.

  • Basil enjoying little sparring sessions like this. It was a good chance to ensure he was still in fighting shape. He had his paws up in a ready position. His left close to his face ready to strike and his right out a little hoping to block. Basil has a frown of consternation on his face. He heard Reverrek announce his intention as he swung his sword. Basil dipped to the left and let out a lightning quick jab with his left hand at Reverrek's right shoulder. It was a hard punch, but not overly so and his paws were covered by his special training gloves.

  • Rev didn't have time to dodge, and the punch connected with his shoulder. He stumbled back a step before resuming his stance. "Hey, good job! Now try this!" he replied as he took another swing, this time aimed for the hare's side and with a much quicker motion.

  • Basil grinned inwardly as the punch connected. He sneered as his opponent said good job. Basil knew it was a friendly sparring, but still the attitude of this blighter. He saw Rev swing his sword, but he was still thinking about the comment. He jumped as high as he could, but it was too late. The blow caught him on his legs when he was in mid- jump. He felt his momentum shifting to the left and he put down a forepaw to catch himself. He put his weight on the paw and twisted his body around to land on his feet. He was upset with himself for letting such a stike in and for letting an innocent comment get inside his head. He steadied himself and saluted the other combatant "Good shot sah!" He then took up his ready pose again and began to circle the other beast, looking for an opening to strike.

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