Stulta Vorax

  • Nickname: Stulta

    Full Name: Stulta Vorax

    Species: Hare

    Description: Stulta's coat is permanently halfway between his winter coat and his summer coat. He wears an old beige tunic with a worn string belt that is actually a sling. His eyes are like emeralds and his bob tail well brushed and kept in order (unlike some hares I can think of, wot wot).

    Possessions: A pouch of stones on the left side of the belt, A pouch of food (usually empty) on the right hand side of the belt, A sling-belt, A full waterskin next to the food pouch

    Strengths: Stulta is a boxing hare, he can use a sling accurately, he is very good at making up songs on the spot, he can run really fast and he has a good knowledge of what foods taste best through not so bitter experience.

    Weaknesses: Stulta is way too overtrusting, he is loud and obnoxious, he never thinks before he acts, and he isn't very good with weapons (unless it's a ballista, his fists or a sling).

    Personality: Stulta is loud and boisterous. In stressful times he is known to focus as well as he can in non stressful times (not very well either way). He makes light of a situation and really wants vermin and woodlanders to get along.

    Background: Stulta has lived in Salamandastron for most of his life. He was a born Long Patrol warrior, but he as he reached the age that he would go to the Long Patrol, things changed. The hares acted differently, a bit meaner. Stulta didn't like it one bit. He had read old tales of the long patrol, listened to them, thrived on them since he was young. He wanted to escape, to get out.

    His chance arrived one day, when a ship attacked Salamandastron. As the hares retaliated, three beasts landed on the shore Ryills, Barf and Armos. Armos told Stulta that the ballistae were going to be burned, and that he had to get away from the mountain. Stulta put two and two together, and when the time came, he ran. He carried Ryills (who was injured and wanted to escape the ship) off and hid in a cave, where Armos and Barf turned up coincidently soon afterwards.

    Armos wanted to take Ryills back, but Stulta held firm and told him he wouldn't let him. Soon, they were fighting, weapons discarded, while Ryills and Barf watched. Armos won, and took Stulta to the ship with him, where surprisingly, the hare was given the title as first mate to Captain Dominique (Ryill’s real name).

    Later while roaming around freely, Stulta stumbled upon a bounty hunter, a fox, and his bounty, a ferret. Stulta ‘entertained’ them with a song, then a snake arrived. Together they, and another fox defeated it and supposedly killed it. Stulta went on his way after freeing the ferret and watching the roof of Saint Ninians tumble down onto the snake.

    Age: About 20.

    Alignment: Goodbeast.

    Job: 1st Mate.

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