nontraditional RP?

  • Okay so yeah Im gonna be honest with everyone here. So I just finished reading the book "The Great Gatsby" and watch the movie (the one with Leonardo Dicaprio) and yeah basically I feel like doing a rp that takes place in those times. you know the age of the Roaring 20s, back when stocks was at a all time high, bootleggers made their living in the illegal booze business, and all that jazz. So anyone interested?

  • Oh gosh you have no idea how sold I am on this!

  • really? thats great bro. So how you want to set this up? (you know like location and whatnot)

  • Well, that depends on what you want. Do you want a big city type setting or a smaller town one? America or Overseas? Or, something different, like a 1920's AU of Redwall and the surrounding area.

  • Okay here is goes

    Big City type (with some travel included)

    Now for the country this is where the travel can come into play. We can have a large chunk of it in the city but it can be in a more modern mossflower BUT we could make areas like the Abbey itself like a historical site in a way (For example, This is from my trip to italy not long ago but there was churches and areas that are tourist attractions BUT still in use if your understanding what i mean)

    Makes any sense, or is their something you don't like?

  • This all sounds good! I like the idea of having Redwall being a working Abbey. We have a few Catholic convents around here that still run, but also have tours and often let people stay as guests, so long as they help with light chores and aren't too disruptive. It's very peaceful.

    Are you considering Prohibition?

  • Without prohibition then where would all the bootleggers be? Of course we will include prohibition. I need to make a character for this though, what about you?

    Also we gotta come up with a name for this. Lets try and go for that Great Gatsby feel in the name. Ideas?

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