Veera Tellanis

  • Name: Veera Tellanis

    Nicknames: None, and if you try to give her one, make sure she doesn't hear.

    Species: Wildcat (female)

    Appearance: Veera is tall and has all black fur except for her paws, which are white. Her eyes are a bright, shining green that can put some people on edge. She has a few small scars around her body that she tries to keep covered. She normally wears a simple long brown travel coat, as well as a pair of faded tan trousers and vest. She always keeps a simple leather scabbard at her waist, making sure that it is hidden by her coat. She always has an old silver ring on her, strange writing cover the outside of it.

    Possessions: The old ring mentioned above that appears to hold incredible sentimental value to her. She also carries a longsword, and although the scabbard makes it seem rather plain, it is clear that the blade was forged by a master smith. Veera keeps a journal and some charcoal with her, as she believes that it is important to keep track of what has happened to her.

    Personality: Stoic, she doesn't want other people to see her feelings, she finds them distracting. Quiet, she doesn't feel like she has a lot to say most of the time. It is rather difficult to make friends with her. Very serious and does not like dealing with people that are not serious, but she tries her best.

    Strengths: Skilled swordsbeast, rather agile, pays close attention to details, rarely feels fear, versatile fighter though not nearly as good as with a blade.

    Weakness’: Hopeless hunter, has trouble determining who to help or hinder, no idea where her loyalties lie, cannot use a bow or similar ranged weapon, can’t leave things unfinished, has pretty much no useful skills other than fighting.

    Background: Veera's father left her mother and older sister before she was even born, and her mother died soon after giving birth to her. Just a week later, a pair of hares from the Long Patrol found the two sisters and decided, against all reason, to take them to Salamandastron and raise them. At first, the badger lord and most everyone else there was opposed to the idea, but they soon learned to accept the cats. Veera learned how to fight along with the other apprentices’ of the Long Patrol, while her sister, Laia, learned how to read and write and other artistic talents. One day, Veera went on a patrol with some other members of the Long Patrol. They found a small band of vermin led by a wildcat and easily dispersed it, but Veera was torn. Here was one of her own kind, and the patrol attacked them without a second thought, it didn't seem right. She didn't want to seem like a coward or a traitor, but she didn't want to hurt her own kind or their companions. So, she did the only thing she could think of, she ran away and has been running for some time now.

    (please tell me if there is anything contradicting in the background and/or if there is anything I could do to make this better, thank you)

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