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    Nickname: Hide

    Full Name: Margorr

    Species: Stoat

    Age: 28

    Alignment: Vermin

    Job: Assassin or spy.

    Description: Hide is a little short for a stoat, but otherwise of average build. His fur is a light brown color, with a creamy underbelly. His eyes are a striking blue color, which is what most beasts remember of him, because his eyes are the most of him they usually get to see. He dresses in a nondescript tunic and trousers, with a heavy, dark blue cape. Hide is a skilled maskmaker, often skinning his fallen enemies and using their fur to create costumes for himself, using their head fur to make a mask, and wearing the paws and tails to give the impression he is another beast. He wears a different skin every day and has quite a collection.

    Possessions: His primary weapons are a dirk which he uses for assassinations, and a short sword. He also always carries a skinning knife and a sewing kit.

    Light on his feet, he’s fairly sneaky and makes little to no noise.
    Experienced with disguises.
    Good memory, you never need to write down directions for him.

        - He has no sense of smell.
        - Not the best fighter, he struggles if attacked head on.
        - The mouths on his masks don’t have great movement, he can’t talk in disguise if confronted by an enemy.
        - Scared to death of birds.

    Hide is fairly reclusive and quiet, but is courteous when spoken to. He’s timely with anything you ask him to do, and hates it when other beasts are late. He doesn’t take well to being double crossed, if you do that, he’ll get you back. You just won’t know when. He enjoys cards and drinking in his spare time, and will often buy a fellow he finds pleasant a drink. He keeps his sentences short and to the point when speaking.

    Margorr was born near what used to be Loamhedge. His family moved around a lot throughout his lifetime, so there’s not one place he called home. He had two older brothers, both stronger and bigger than him. His father took a shine to his brothers, not so much to Margorr, because of his small stature and average strength. Instead he spent a lot of time with his mother, and picked up some more domestic skills. He can make his own clothes, clean, and cook far better than most vermin seem to be able to.
    When he was fifteen, a fox wearing a cloak made of a squirrels hide came to their camp. Margorr and the fox instantly took a shine to each other, and when the fox left the next day, Margorr went with him. The fox was an assassin, and taught Margorr everything he knew about the assassin’s trade.
    When he was twenty, Margorr made his first real kill, an otter. The fox showed him how to skin and preserve the hide, so Margorr could keep it as a trophy, much like the fox wore his first kill as a cloak. Margorr didn’t want to keep his as a cloak though. The otter was bigger than him, and so he made the beast into more of a headdress than a cloak. Margorr loved feeling the otters silky fur, and decided he wanted to get more furs for himself.
    At twenty one, Margorr set out on his own. The fox helped establish Margorr as an assassin, and he got quite a bit of work. This is where he taught himself maskmaking and gave himself the name Hide, for the hides he wears and his skills in sneaking. Now he just waits around for beasts to give him some work.

  • Now I wonder what it would be like if he met my assassins Serghei and Dimitri…

  • We can arrange that. I haven't done a starter yet.

  • awesome let me know when you want to do it

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