The Life of a "Soldier" ((Open))

  • ((OOC: I changed it to fox, sorry! However, referring to him as an assassin was not part of Kane's thoughts or words, it was describing who he was facing while talking. I never implied that Kane knows they are assassins.))

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  • "My friend, I suggest next time you try a less violent entrance. Now it would also be best that you leave."

    "Alright lads an' lasses, I'm Private Kane Gilmore Collins, an' as a soldier it is my job t' keep the peace," he declared, "if any of you want to fight I'll kill yah an' use your bodies to build a lighthouse!"

    Tallan groaned. His day was going very badly. First, Seri had disappeared yet again, and he'd been commissioned to get her. Second, she'd dragged him goodness knows how far, to this old bar in the middle of Mossflower Wood. Third, when he entered, he found a pine marten who stirred up the crowd of patrons against him, threatening him. Fourth, a otter warrior apparently wanted a lighthouse somewhere, although how he would move a dead badger to the scene was more than Tallan's muddled head could understand. And last but not least, a squirrel had collided with the badger's back and was lying on the grass, looking dazed.

    Tallan groaned again and helped the squirrel up. "You should watch where you're going a bit better next time, lad." He shifted, allowing the squirrel to pass by him, inside. He caught a glimpse of Seri's frightened face from behind the otter and a fox, and groaned yet again. Tallan, it seemed, was doing a lot of groaning today.

    He stepped fully into the tavern and waved to the pine marten, still standing, weapon in paw. "I do not mean the lass any harm, sirrah. Her father sent me to find her. Until I can get her back to her family's camp, I'm to keep this senseless, idiotic, whimpering little child out of trouble!" His voice rose to a roar as he spat out the last sentence.

    Seri burst into tears and ran to the far side of the room, where she huddled in a corner and hid her face in her skirt.

    "I don't want to learn how to fight!" She sobbed into the rough fabric.

  • Serghei shook his head still bearing that "friendly" smile while slightly chuckling at the strange otter who must have a thing for lighthouses in order to say such a odd thing. "Well it appears there is a problem with what you want, my friend. You see the young maiden doesn't wish to have such a life." The pine marten gave a nod to Dimitri. Looking back at the hare, the fox whispers to her. "Miss Seri,no? I suggest you keep head down. Things might get a bit….unpleasant in a moment." Dimitri the returns the nod back to Serghei as he pulled back his vest revealing a pair hooked daggers. Suddenly when Serghei looked back at the badger his smile was no longer there but in it's place was a glare that can make a wolverine uneasy. The pine marten then spoke with a rather serious tone despite his accent. "Now I suggest you walk out of this tavern now, my friend. I do not wish to start a brawl but My associate and you say?" Pausing for a second the pine marten finds the word. "ah we do not "approve" one such as yourself hauling away a maiden against her will." At this point Dimitri then speaks up with a accent slightly thicker then Serghei's. "Da, I suggest you listen to him. It is best you leave..."

  • The ferret shook her aching head and let out a long sigh before she slipped off the chair and adjusted her equipment, taking a step forwards. "A young maiden like yourself doesn't have to learn how to fight.." She smiled with a mischievous glimmer in her eyes. "that is to say, if'n she don't want to live too long. No telling what sort of.." She glanced over at the crazy Otter, not quite sure what to make of him.

    "Dangerous beasts might be about."

    The Ferret quickly slid herself up towards Serghei and lifted one of her small blades, tapping the hilt end towards his back. "As for you two, perhap's you should listen to the badger. Maid has to learn the reality of the season, less she winds up at the dark forest gates with a blade twixt 'er ribs"

  • Veera sat in a back corner of the Leaky Keg, well away from anyone else. Her face stayed impassive as she listened to the idiotic nonsense that was going on around her. Veera was hoping that the problem would solve itself without any bloodshed, but it seemed clear that something would have to be done. Slowly, Veera stood up slowly and drew her sword, casting her gaze across the room. "Will all of you just shut up and calm down?!" she yelled, glaring at everyone. She took a deep breath, trying to calm down. "This badger clearly means you no harm," she explained, looking directly at the beast in question, "so if any of you try to harm him," she lifted her sword, "you'll have to deal with me." Veera held her sword vertically in front of her, ready to fend off any attack.

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    Adam took hold of the badger’s paws as he helped him up. After giving him a grateful “Thank You”, he entered the tavern and sat down at the first empty table he saw. It was in the corner near a window, but he didn’t care. For some strange reason, he liked the privacy.

    He paid no attention to the tense confrontation that was unfolding around him, and frankly he was really not interested. When this was all over, perhaps somebeast could explain to him just where the heck he was. That is, if it ever ended at all.

    Freaking idiots; what a load of crap they’re fighting over. Come on, just let the ottermaid go and live her life the way she wants to! If she doesn’t want to be a warrior, then don’t try to turn her into one!

    A female mouse approached him and asked him for his order; he decided on a tankard of iced water. The mousemaid hurried to bring it to him, and while Adam sat back in his chair drinking it, he watched as the strange scene slowly got worse.

    He closed his eyes as he tried to block out the suppressed memories of his childhood. He clearly remembered all those days living in fear, of his father, his unexpected rages and wasted hours spent excessively drinking that deadly alcohol. Adam reached up with his free paw and touched the scar on his left cheek, a scar that could and would never heal.

    Opening his eyes and pushing the memories away to the back of his mind, he could see that several other beasts around the tavern had stood up, and were gathered around the badger, threatening him. Adam immediately stood up, and his paws instinctively went to the twin steel shortswords on his belt.

    OK, this is getting WAY out of control.

    Adam didn’t want to get involved in this, but if it got ugly, he could at least help out and prevent a riot if need be. But who was really to blame? The ottermaid who was trying to escape a crusader’s lifestyle, or the badger who wanted to take her back home and make her embrace her so-called destiny?

  • (Jared I think the only person who told Tallen (the badger) to leave was Serghei. But yes things are escalating rather fast. Time for plan B!)

    Serghei looked at the wildcat for a moment. "Miss, put the blade down. Your not helping anyone unless your trying to force this brawl to happen. Now as for you," He said as he looked at the ferret slightly nodding as he turned as if slightly agreeing. "Perhaps your right, but there are places where she can be safe. It isn't like the whole world is….how you say, uncivilized if you understand my meaning, no?" The pine marten then shrugged as proceeds to walk to his table to grab the travel gear there and walks towards the door. "Ah but very well, I have spoken so I shall depart before another beast decided to draw their blade but first," Serghei then turns as he pulls out a mid sized pouched that makes metallic clinking sounds as it is moved. Undoing the knot, the pine marten then tosses the bag into the air causing gold coins to fly. As the money flew the feeling of the tavern went from tense to a full out madness as many idle beast suddenly threw themselves from their seats to grab the gold the is now spilled about. Serghei walking out chuckling. 'Zhadnyye duraki,Greedy fools.' He thought to himself as the door closed behind him. 

    Dimitri saw Serghei nod and he knew the message that was being delivered to him. The fox then taps Seri and whispers to her. "There is door right next to you wait for signal to run. I shall be right behind you" Dimitri then eyes Serhei as he grabs both bags and heads to the door. Suddenly the pine marten turn and pull out a pouch that he can tells is a money pouch.'Well that is one way to use money' Dimitri thought to himself as he instantly realized what is about to happen. He then drops a pouch of gold at the otters feet and whispers to him. "Keep the badger distracted, do what you must." Suddenly, gold was in the air along with the madness of greed with it. Grabbing the maiden's paw Dimitri heads out the back door using the sudden scramble as cover for the escape. "Come now run into the woods so we can regroup. Unless you want badger to get you." He says to Seri.

    (Woo now then time for this to get interesting! Now we have a bunch of crazy greedy drunks fighting each other for money! Lets see how this turns out. >8D)

  • "Come now, run into the woods so we can regroup. Unless you want your badger friend to get you."

    Seri found herself being pulled through the woods at a mad pace. A giggle rose up in her throat. For the first time in her life she was having fun running away.

    Tallen looked around above the scramble for gold and groaned. Seri had disappeared. He turned to leave, and yelped lightly when he walked into the door beam. A sword point in his lower back made him freeze.

    "Did ya mean what ya said about the otter maid? Do ya swear ya mean her no harm?" He turned cautiously and looked down at at a tiny mouse, dressed in a shabby tunic and carrying a sword nearly as large as himself. The mouse's arms were heavily muscled, and although Tallen had to stifle the impulse to laugh at his first glance, he decided that even he would do well to not anger this mouse unnecessarily.

    "I wouldn't hurt Seri for the world. I'm trying to protect her. She needs to learn how to defend herself if nothing else, but he stubborn whelp is set against it. She's always been stubborn, almost enough to match her brother Skor."

    The mouse nodded and lowered his sword. "Lift me up onto the table." He stamped his foot impatiently as Tallen blinked at him in surprise. "The table, badger, the table!"

    "Would ya beasts all just stop movin', yellin', bickerin', and I don't know what all else, and listen ta me!?!

    A surprised silence fell over the room. The mouse drew a deep breath. "Thank ya. Now, supposin' someone tells me what's goin' on here? A disinterested observer, iffen ya please."

    ((Our little mouse friend, who is quite small even for a mouse, is somewhat of a great debater.))

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    Well, that escalated quickly.

    Adam took a few minutes to register what the heck had just happened. When he finally got his head around everything, he burst out laughing, and some of the bar patrons turned on their stools and glared at him menacingly.

    When Serghei started scattering gold coins all over the place, the chaos grew to an astonishing extent. A single gold coin fell near Adam’s feet, and he bent down to pick it up. Just one coin, but he didn’t care. Maybe he could find some use for it. The warrior squirrel sneakily hid the coin in one of his pant pockets.

    I think I’ll stay here for a little while longer. This is just plain weird and funny at the same time.

    And just when he thought it couldn’t get any funnier…

    "Would ya beasts all just stop movin', yellin', bickerin', and I don't know what all else, and listen ta me!?!"

    Adam was really laughing now, but he laughed behind his vest pulled up to his mouth to avoid annoying anybeast again. He nearly bust a gut rolling around in his seat, but then he composed himself and sat up straight to listen to what the mouse had to say, an amused smile still on his face.

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