Dark Shadows ((Open))

  • It was on a dark and silent night that Jorral Redtail arrive in Mossflower woods. The only sound in the thick summer air was the timid chirp of the occasional cricket. This was the type of night Jorral lived for. Surveying the forest floor below, he scampered from tree to tree with the carefree ease of a natural. Being a squirrel, Jorral felt more comfortable in the trees than on the ground. Unlike other squirrels, Jorral had no tribe to call home. He was the line survivor of the ill fated Redtail clan.

    It was a beautiful night but Jorral paid no mind. He had only one thing on his mind, vengeance. This thought filled his mind and blocked out almost all other feelings. He did not seek vengeance on any certain animal but instead his hatered was focused on a whole species. Jorrals clan had been captured by a large group of fox slavers and due to their carelessness, were killed by a group of adders. This goal of revenge was his main thought at almost ever waking moment of his life.

    Jorral had traveled far that day and decided to find a good tree to spend the night. "Looks like this spot is as good as any" he mumbled to himself as he tightened the hood of his cloak and crawled into a tiny hollow in the trunk of a tree. It was a tight fit even for a squirrel as thin as Jorral but he made it through. Once inside, Jorral found himself in a dry but cozy room just big enough for him to stand in.

    Sitting down, he removed his belt and opened the small pouch attatched. It contained a small assortment of nuts and tubers he had foraged,a flask of water, and a worn whetstone. While chewing thoughtfully on a tuber, Jorral deftly sharpened his two daggers with the whetstone. The stone and daggers once belonged to his father, Krata Redtail, who had been killed on that terrible night.

    While he worked, Jorral hummed an old tune his father had taught him long ago. He didn't remember the words but he did remember the tune. It was a slow but cheerful song meant to help focus his attention on the task at hand. When he had finished, Jorral lay down on a small pile of leaves and fell into a deep, but dreamless sleep.

    When the morning came Jorral wearily climbed out of the hollow. The sunlight nearly blinded him but he welcomed the warmth it brought to his chilled bones. Suddenly he heard a sound in a patch of bushes near the base of his tree. "Who's there!?" Jorral demanded in an impatient voice….

  • Despite the squirrels tone of voice his demands go unheeded. The rustling noise only continues to grow stronger and louder.

    What manner of vile creature lurks so close to the squirrels resting place? Could it be a dreaded vermin? A hated fox? Or even…even a snake!?

    The answer is none of the above!

    Startled by the beast, a small brown feathered wood pidgeon bursts free from the bush, flapping maddly about as it first charges at Jorrel before trying to flee into the open sky.

    A enemy doesn't lurk behind every creeping noise of the forrest, but little did the squirrel know that a potential enemy did lurk near by.

    A fox, one with a bright red coat of fur mixed with orange. Some distance away from the squirrels hiding place a vulpine had set up camp in these woods. He lay sleeping, bundled tightly in blankets next to the smouldering remains of a camp fire.

    The fox awakens from his slumber with a wide toothed yawn and stretches ou his paws until his back pops.

    Standing up the fox takes his meager garments and begins to dress himself. Rascal may be young but the seasons have been kind to him. Maybe a bit too kind.

    A steady diet has fattened the fox's flesh. He wears the weight well but his pear shape body is still obese, a fact rather evident in the way that his spotted mouse hide vest can no longer button and is left to hang open, exposing his chest.

    The fox picks up his belt, a lizard hide garment with many pouches on it, and tries to buckle it around his waist. After a few moments of struggling the fox gives up and slings it over one shoulder and across his chest. It fits snuggly, causing Rascal to sigh.

    He picks up his short sword and looks for a place to buckle it it into his belt and sighs again. It looks like he will just need to carry it for now until he can afford a new belt.

    In retrospect the thief should focus on stealing more gold than food...

  • ((OOC)) Should the two characters meet now? I'm not sure how the interaction would turn out but I feel like it wouldn't end well for Rascal…. How would you feel if rascal follows Jorral until night fall and steals something from him. I feel like that would spark a hot pursuit that could last for awhile! Let me know what you think

  • ((OOC)) sorry it took me so long to post!!!

  • (that would certainly be in his personality to do so :3 Also i will post oocly things in the other thread :D)

  • (well if you guys don't want to meet up i can introduce Serghei and Dimitri–> http://www.redwallslegacy.com/forum/index.php?topic=2498.msg45202#msg45202 )

  • (Im cool with that)

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  • I'm still eager bring my new alt in this game (as soon as I get his bios done) but is this thread's creator still around? O.O Can this tale continue without him?#

  • (i guess we are gonna have to…lets just say he was eaten by a flower for now....don't question how just accept it)

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    No one has met him yet icly so…i guess he can make a dramatic enterence down the line somewhere if he comes back.)

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