Early Morning Patrol

  • Darion rubbed the sleep out of his eyes as he stumbled sleepily onto the battlements.  He wrapped a thick quilt around himself and colapsed in a heap.  His eyelids started drooping, and closed for a quick moment, then he was wide awake.  He dropped the quilt and took in a long, deep breath of the crisp morning air.  As his keen eyes swept the forest, he saw a rustle in the bushes, then the flash of steel.  At first he dismissed it as a shrew, but his excuses were instantly dashed when a band of twenty or so foxes popped out of the treeline.
    "Chaaaarrggggee!!" the tallest one shouted with a voice like a rock grinding on a sword.
    "Sound the alarm!  Sound the alarm!" Darion drew his sword, "Intruders!  Vermin on the front!"

  • Ensis was out for a morning swim when he heard the crys from the battlements.  He lunged himself from the water and dashed the gate house and grabed his sword, sheild, and sling.  After checking to make sure the gates were closed, he sprinted up the stairs to the battle ments and the shouting creature.

  • "HEY!" shouted Oregano.  Oregano had come up to the wall to take a peaceful nap in the warm morning sun after the generous portion of tarts, scones and October ale he enjoyed for his after breakfast snack.  He was peacefully dreaming of his favorite foreign dish of spicy halibut on pasta in white sauce when Ensis, blindly running up the stairs, stumbled over him. 
    He was about to scold Ensis and then go down to the kitchen for a small snack to sooth his nerves when he saw a number of creatures scurrying about and running to the walls with weapons drawn.  Hearing the battle cries from over the wall, he jumped to his feet grabbing his spear and shield and raced to the nearest opening.

  • Ensis, fell on his face over the large otter and gave him a stern glare, but quickly returned to the scene below.  Taking the sling from his waist and grabing a stone from his pouch, he started swinging it at a tramendis speed. "It looks like we've got a few foxes a banin' at our door, best give up a good taist of Redwall hospitality.  REDWALL."  He reliesed his stone striking a short fox near the rear to the ground.

  • OOC:I'm going to be one of the foxes so anybody who wants to be him just start posting as him and I'll stop.
    BIC:  In the bushes on the far side of the path, Hextrix the Fox cursed the stupidity of his scouting party.  They had thought that they could merely dash to the was and scare the creature atop it into submission. "Get back you fools can't you tell that you're just gonna get yourself slain by tring to fight a stone wall. Git back or not even death will save you from my wrath." They rurned and ran back into the ditch, post haist. A few in the back falling to arrows and slingstones.

  • Oregano watched as the foe retreated to a ditch just beyond sling shot.  Quickly, he loaded his sling, took careful aim and sent a stone wistling after a straggling fox.  As the fox fell to the ground, Oregano silently congratulated himself with promises of a visit to the larder when things cooled down.

  • Ensis:
    "I doen't think they are gone for good best get more help and get into the woods and take care of them before they do anything else." He told Oregano.  He turned to the few other's how had responded to the cries. "Stay up hear and watch for an attack.  I' ll go round up the crew and take care of our little problem, let's go Oregano.

  • Oregano turned and followed his friend down the stairs to the courtyard below.  A number of otters, mice and other creatures had gathered to see what the commotion was about.

    "Hey, you!" he called to a rather tall otter standing nearby, "Get your crew together and follow me, quickly now!"

  • Ensis turned to the other's on the ground, "All of you go and get anything you can use as a weapon and get up on the walls.  We need you to make it look like the whole of the Abbey is up there so they won't expect an attack." All the creatures ran off to do as they were bidden.

  • Altior, suprised by the command, especially from such a stout otter, went off quickly and got his otters.  All brave and ale otters just in from the River Moss on a scouting patrol.  Word had gone out that vermin were roaming the area between the river and the Abbey.  They had found little on there patrol…too little.  Even many of the birds that normally palyed and sang among the trees were silent.  Now it seemed that a foe had finally shown itself.

    "Altior reporting with his crew, sah!" he bawled to the overstuffed otter.

  • Oregano threw out his chest feeling very important at receiving a "sah!" from the tall otter.

    "Stand by and wait for the others to return.  We're going fishing in the woods for fox!"

  • Ensis jumped down the stairs after getting those up top situated.  He looked at the score and a half before him. Most were otters but there were a few squirrels and mice. "Is everyone ready. Alright lets go.  North wall gate.  Walk fast and quiet.  Squirrels use the foliage once we get outside. Everyone else, follow Oregino and me."

  • Once under the cover of the trees, Oregano took half of the otters and mice and headed around to flank the band of foxes.

    "Quietly lads, don't want to alert the vermin to our whereabouts, now do we?"

    When they were in position, Oregano turned to the creatures under his command, "Get ready, lads, we attack when Ensis gives the signal."

    He turned back and watched the fox band.  They were a sinister group, thin and hungry.  It was apparent that their raiding had not gone well.  Surely this all out attack on the abbey was a desperate attempt to catch the creatures inside off guard and find plenty of food and shelter for the oncoming winter.  They must be new around here or they would have known the Abbey is always well guarded, Oregano thought.

  • Hextrix had lost his temper.  He was on his way back to the main body of his force.  Those dundering idiots had lost him his chance to take the abbey by supprise and they were blaming him.  The gall of the tall fox, Gentix, to say he wasn't fit for command.  There would be some serious punishments dealt out when he had those trackers back with the main force.  He walked over the hill he had been walking up and looked down at the horde of foxes before him.

  • Ensis hand made it into position with he contingent.  Unwinding his sling and grabbing a pebble form his pouch, he took aim.  His target was an older fox on the outskirts of the mob leaning against a tree.  Ensis sent the pebble fly at the fox and hit him square in the head, knocking him dead.

  • The roar of Ensis' men rose through the woods.  "REDWALLLL!" shouted Altior as he lept to his feet and raced forward at Oregano's tail.  The fox band had just turned to meat Ensis' charge and were startled by this new attack from the rear.  Altior let loose a stone and downed the nearest fox, then quickly drew his sword.  With a quick slash another fell as he turned.  Seeing the mass of dark fur and bright steel , the nearest foxes turned and fled.

  • Oregano had little problem with the thin, undernourished foxes that dared stand against him.  He often described his girth as 'healthy' but tall and broad he was and fierce in battle.  "They scare so easily," he thought as he chased another fox down.

  • The fighting didn't last long and the majority of the foxes were in full retreat.  Ensis dragged up a squirming fox and threw him into the circle of the Redwall warriors.  "What is your name and what is your purpose at Redwall.  Speak fast before I decide you are waisting to much of our Redwall air and have to remedy the waist."  He liked his blade.  As the fox, Gentix, whimpered in fear.  "Well, I'm loosing patience fox. I'll count to three and then…" the fox prevented him from saying anything else by blurting out, "I'm Gantix, a scout for a horde.  I come from the northlands with my leader Hextrix the Fox.  Please don't hurt me."

  • "Why are you so far south?" Oregano demanded of the fox.

  • Gentix spoke in haste, "Hextrix wanted the Abbey Redwall and the magic sword.  Thats all I know." He sat tears streaming down his face, not looking at all like a warrior but a pathetic excuse for a creature.  Then it his Ensis like a hammer.  "You said horde.  Where?  Speak fast." His sword was at the foxes throat.  Gentix gulped, " Only about a short walk away over yon hill." He pointed to a rise in the woods.  The direction the foxes had run in.  Ensis slammed the pommel of his sword on the foxes head, rendering him unconscious.  "Back to the Abby quick."  he yelled and pointed to the main gate.

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