Oliver Westwood

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    Name: Oliver Tristan Westwood

    Age: 18

    Race: Human

    Parents: Jonathan Westwood (father, alive) and Maria Westwood (mother, alive)

    Friends: Jared Sandeye, Melinda Williams, Falmouth Ironsun, and Halitha Starwalker.

    Love Interest: Talia Bates.

    Description: Oliver is 5’ 7’’, and has a slender body type. He has jade-green eyes and light Caucasian skin. His short brown hair stretches only halfway down his neck. Oliver can usually be found wearing a T-shirt of some random color along with long cloth pants and thick leather shoes. But the most important attribute about Oliver is his supernatural telepathy.

    Possessions: Telepathic powers, a sharp switchblade (forged for him by Jared Sandeye), Master’s Degrees in Psychology and Mathematics, hand-to-hand combat knowledge, and a horse named Tamino who has intangibility powers (more than a friend rather than an object).

    Strengths: Oliver is a professional psychologist, behavioral profiler, and mathematician. He is employed by the Eselbrador military to do consulting in order to predict and prevent crime. He loves what he does, working to make the world a better place and cares very little about the pay; he also has some very good friends in the force. Oliver is a skilled hand-to-hand combatant, though he doesn’t use it very often. He is also very well trained in how to properly care for his chestnut horse, Tamino.

    Weaknesses: He knows absolutely nothing about magic or how it works. Zilch. Zero. Nada. Blacksmithing also goes way over his head. Oliver also knows very little on how to use any kind of weapons other than his hands, but he does know some about swords, knives, and spears.

    Personality: Oliver is a normally a laid-back and friendly person. He gets along very well with others who don't see his telepathy as a flaw. He is very down-to-earth, compassionate, sympathic, and just overall a great person. He is devout in Eselbrador polytheism. Oliver can be serious and analytical when the situation requires it, especially when he is working. But when there's nothing to do, he doesn't mind being a total goofball. He is also a devoted opera-goer.

    Background: Oliver Westwood is an extraordinary story. He was born completely mute, having lack of a voice, and being forced to communicate with his parents and other people through sign language and writing. Nevertheless, his parents loved him unconditionally. He developed an intense love of learning and spent the first 11 years of his life going to school.

    On his 12th birthday, his entire life changed.

    Oliver woke up on the morning of said birthday hearing a voice in his head. At first, he thought he was going insane, but when he consulted with his parents, they all came to one conclusion: the Gods of Eselbrador had blessed Oliver with the powers of telepathy.

    His powers were a pain in the neck to learn at first, but eventually he learned to control it and has been able to do a vast number of things with his own special voice. This voice gives him a sense of identity, a sense of being, self-awareness, and consciousness. Since that day, Oliver has not been considered a freak, rather than someone chosen by the Gods to do great things, and his telepathy is what he will use to do said things.

    Oliver spent the next six years living his life as usual but making use of his telepathic powers for good purposes. At 16, he left high school and began studying at the university. 18 years old saw him graduating from the university with a Major in Psychology and a minor in Mathematics, both Master’s Degrees. He also met and fell in love with a girl named Talia Bates, who was fascinated by his abilities and encouraged Oliver to discover his full potential. Talia in particular is special in the fact that she has heterochromia (one green eye and one blue eye), and she and Oliver have been on many dates together. They have no marriage plans at present.

    Oliver’s telepathic powers include:

    •  Psychic Communication: the ability to open up secret conversations and relay covert information. This includes implanting images and ideas in others’ minds.

    •  Mind Reading: he can read and sense the thoughts of others.

    •  Telepathic Speaking: he can also speak telepathically by connecting his mind with theirs. Oliver can do this with multiple people at once, but it is so far unknown if there is a limit to how many people he can communicate with simultaneously. It is known that he can do this over great distances, as seen when he talked with Jared who was all the way over in Shae’Elen with Melinda, as well as Kath'een Mrae'Elen Starwalker.

    •  Mental Inducement: he can force the minds of his targets into a wanted state, such as when he manipulated multiple soldiers at once to extreme drunkenness, and in doing so, they passed out.

    •  Telepathic Language Instruction: By reading the language patterns of another’s brain, Oliver can easily learn foreign languages such as Elvish.

    •  Telepathic Illusion: Oliver was able to create multiple disembodied voices that shouted nonsense dialogues to assault the brain of Mulgrim Farseer.

    •  Mind Transferral: After Mulgrim disabled Oliver’s main body with dark magic, the telepath transferred his consciousness into the one of mage’s soldiers as a temporary vessel. Using his Mental Inducement, he was able to suppress the drunken state of this soldier and make him appear sober and combat-ready. This power does involve temporary passage through the astral plane.

    •  It’s also possible that Oliver can communicate with and understand animals. He and Tamino have an unbreakable bond of friendship, and each of them can understand the other. The Human can also precisely mark the location of someone just by connecting his mind with theirs without intent to neither communicate nor read.

    (More powers to be added as revealed in future RPs.)

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