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  • Hello,

    I'm new to the site and I was wondering if anyone would want to start a story with me! I'm fairly new to this format but I  very excited to try it out! I'm not quite sure on a plot for the story but I do have a charecter that I made the other day which you can find under my recent posts! (Sorry I forget how to set up a link!)

    A brief summary is that my character is a male squirrel named Jorral Redtail. He is typically a loner but I would love to have a story where he is forced into working with other players. He is trained to fight with daggers and is an excellent marksmen with his longbow. His means of survival is hiring himself as a mercenary. He will work alongside some vermin but only if the price is right. The only animal he outright hates are foxes. Recently he has been wandering through moss flower woods hunting any fox that strays in his path.

    Please let me  know if you are interested in staring this. I could see the story starting off by forcing Jorral to work with another charecter right off the bat be it because of a common goal or through necessity! I am open to ideas in the plot and really anything in general! I don't want to control every aspect of this story!

    Thank you and I can't wait to get started!

  • Lol! I think it would be fun toss poor Rascal your way. He is a thiefy fox who has icly grown fat on redwall cooking.

    Alas though I have kind of over stretched myself out thin with rp. If I were to join a story I would. Be. SLOW. Painfully slow. Turtle in a mud pit slow.

    If you dont mind that I may join sometime :3

  • Welcome to RL!!! I'm TJ your friendly Admin. 🙂

    What makes this a great rpg site is that you can make the story line up as you go along. Which is usually what happens with the RPG. Typically ppl just make a post and the title it "title here (open)" given the ability to have others players join.

    And your always open to join other RPGS. We have several going i right now.

  • Coolcoyote:
    I think that would make for some great interaction! Let me know when you want to do that! Do you have any ideas on how I should start off?

    where exactly would I post the story? Is there a specific page I need to go to so that I can start an open story for others to join?

  • Where you post depends entirely on whete you want the story to take place ICLY. (In cannon or in character)

    For example if you want the story to take in the Northlands then you would start a thread there named "story name (open)" etc etc.

    Or if you want to run an OOCLY story (out of cannon or out of character) there is a thread for that as well :3

    Rascal can be anywhere in one form or another. Where did you want your alt to start his story? Did you want him to see action? Peacefull dialog? Get eaten by canabal lizards? Etc etc :3

  • Hello and welcome to the site! Nice to have new faces around here! n.n

    For some time now I have been itching for a new character… Aaaand I just might give in to the temptation xD So if you need players/alts to your thread, Foxxx, I'd be happy to obligate.  🙂

  • Just like what cater said. I might join to perhaps i can use my pine marten character Serghei (a foreign pine marten assassin) You know what yeah I think i'll join up to.

  • Cool deal! Sounds like there is a good amount interested! I will start a story under Mossflower, titled Dark Shadows! You are all welcome to join! Can't wait to interact with your character Rodo, and Cater you are more than welcome to try out your new character!!! I'm looking forward to a great story!

  • It's up now so feel free to jump in!!!

  • Who wanted to go first? I might have a post unless you guys wanted to go next

  • I started and left it pretty open ended. Who ever wants to jump in next can continue…

  • I'll try posting here in a little bit unless someone beats me to it :3

  • Behold! A post in all its posted glory!

    I should also mention that Rascal is a dynamic character, meaning that baring death and dismemberment you are allowed to interact with him with out permission. You can pat him on the back, give him things, wound him to a slight degree etc etc with out asking my permission first :3

  • I shall join you shortly in 'Dark Shadows' ^^ I just need put some finishing touches in Tinderwick's character bios and he's ready to go.

  • Player 4 has joined the battle!

    What mischief shall we get into? :3

  • Well I'm open for any suggestions 🙂  So we have assassins, a mercenary and a thief… and my utterly useless village idiot Tinderwick -- whatever can we cook up from these? xD

    I'm an omnivore when it comes to RPing so I'm happy with any theme and settings, but I'll toss here my idea I come up just now...

    There's a small remoted village in the Mossflower woods, not far from the places where Jorral and Rascal have set their camps. Let's get our alts in that village and then break chaos loose as group of bandits attack the village. Your alt can run or hide (what Tinderwick propably is going to do) or you can fight and defend the poor villagers - which ever suits your character's personality bests.

    Curious to hear if you have any idead of your own n.n

  • not a bad idea cater i haven't introduced my characters yet but hey if you wanna read about em i have a link to their profile above

  • (pokes thread)

    I believe a player was going to enter or….something like that XD

  • (i kinda am waiting for FOXX cause trust me my guys will make a entrance)

  • nods nods so its fox's turn? 😄

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